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SecondaryPale: #ffc
SecondaryLight: #fe8
SecondaryMid: #db4
SecondaryDark: #841
TertiaryPale: #eee
TertiaryLight: #ccc
TertiaryMid: #999
TertiaryDark: #666
Error: #f88
<div class='toolbar' macro='toolbar [[ToolbarCommands::EditToolbar]]'></div>
<div class='title' macro='view title'></div>
<div class='editor' macro='edit title'></div>
<div macro='annotations'></div>
<div class='editor' macro='edit text'></div>
<div class='editor' macro='edit tags'></div><div class='editorFooter'><span macro='message views.editor.tagPrompt'></span><span macro='tagChooser excludeLists'></span></div>
To get started with this blank [[TiddlyWiki]], you'll need to modify the following tiddlers:
* [[SiteTitle]] & [[SiteSubtitle]]: The title and subtitle of the site, as shown above (after saving, they will also appear in the browser title bar)
* [[MainMenu]]: The menu (usually on the left)
* [[DefaultTiddlers]]: Contains the names of the tiddlers that you want to appear when the TiddlyWiki is opened
You'll also need to enter your username for signing your edits: <<option txtUserName>>
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These [[InterfaceOptions]] for customising [[TiddlyWiki]] are saved in your browser

Your username for signing your edits. Write it as a [[WikiWord]] (eg [[JoeBloggs]])

<<option txtUserName>>
<<option chkSaveBackups>> [[SaveBackups]]
<<option chkAutoSave>> [[AutoSave]]
<<option chkRegExpSearch>> [[RegExpSearch]]
<<option chkCaseSensitiveSearch>> [[CaseSensitiveSearch]]
<<option chkAnimate>> [[EnableAnimations]]

Also see [[AdvancedOptions]]
<div class='header' role='banner' macro='gradient vert [[ColorPalette::PrimaryLight]] [[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]]'>
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<div class='headerForeground'>
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<span class='siteSubtitle' refresh='content' tiddler='SiteSubtitle'></span>
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<div id='displayArea' role='main'>
<div id='messageArea'></div>
<div id='tiddlerDisplay'></div>
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.wizard .gotFromServer {background:#80ffff;}

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#sidebarTabs .tabContents {width:15em; overflow:hidden;}

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.wizardStep {padding:1em 1em 1em 1em;}
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.wizardFooter {padding:0.8em 0.4em 0.8em 0;}
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StyleSheet for use when a translation requires any css style changes.
This StyleSheet can be used directly by languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean which need larger font sizes.
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It is my opinion that books neither have the answer, nor are the answer.
In my experience, books are a form of 'thinking aloud', idea development: "Essays".
Hence this essay/handbook is merely a "version ZERO", an invite, to think together.
Please join in.

The book is intended as an invitation to think for yourself, and think along.
On this present web site this is difficult: it is a presentation system, only.
Another web site is in preparation for group collaboration; please join in.
There you you can read and write; not to react, but to co-create.

Evolution demonstrates that every major step forward is based on symbiosis.
Hence the proposal: let's use synergy to bring cancer research a big step forward.
Let us bring together all resources with information about cancer, from all angles.
But let us also conclude that such information is incomplete; there is (as yet) no cure for cancer.

The goal of this project is simple: to show which treatments cure cancer.
It has long been known that cancer can heal quickly and easily; inexpensively.
Part of this project serves to point out that those cures are ignored or denied.
The reason for this is as simple as obvious: cancer is very profitable; Big Business.

Hence the core concept of this manual and this web site: prevent and cure cancer.
Those people who now get rich off cancer wil find something else to enrich them.
Certainly, this behaviour must be cured, of people parasitising on people for money.
However for now here we have one aim only: know that you can cure cancer, and prevent it.
[[Oncologists forget this:]]
[[Understand this:]]
[[Question this:]]
[[Cancer: 4 parts]]

''Cancer Concepts'':

[[Introduction (1)]]
[[What is Cancer?]]
[[Cancer Scares]]
[[Cancer is NOT as Advertised]]
[[Cancer = Information Disintegration]]
[[Disease (or) Business]]
[[Medicine (or) Business]]
[[Shifting Explanations]]

''Developmental Stages'':

[[Evolutionary Development]]
[[Metabolic Cell Cycles]]

''Self-maintenance systems'':

[[Charge Discharge]]

''Fall-back Mechanisms'':

[[Sleep Cycle]]
[[Reflex Creation]]

''Coping Failure'':

[[Cancer States]]

''Cancer is a symptom of "coping-failure" in/of body cells''.
Cell stress causes a relapse onto cell survival functioning.
Cancers cells survive via fermentation, instead of oxygenation.
This is based on a change in (local) body electric charge-discharge.

There is always a consciousness component in the stress experience.
The stress is always, fundamentally, electromagnetic in nature.
The stress always leads to a shift in cell physiology cycles.
The result is a local isolation of cells, trying to survive.

Blocked-realisation is at the core of cancer formation.
Lack of electric charge-discharge sustains a cancer.
Local-physiological compensation/isolation maintains it.
Local cell-replication (in isolation) manifests a cancer.

For medical doctors however cancer is 'an incurable disease'.
Instead of curing the cause, doctors opt to kill 'the cancer cells'.
For this they use three approaches, each of which can cause cancer.
These are surgery, chemo'therapy' (toxins) and radio'therapy' (radiation).

In this essay/book we will look beyond the regulated medical perspective:
Medical regulation (and licensing) pertains to financial and legal regulation.
Thereby financial interests dominate/determine the decisions that are taken.
In case of health care, patients must lean to decide on their life, instead of doctors.

Patients need to learn to inform themselves; thus must study health care.
Patients must learn that what doctors know is limited (as must do doctors also).
Patients (and doctors alike) must learn that there is more knowledge available.
And that this other knowledge does NOT regard cancer as a 'deadly disease'.

These other views stand central in this essay/book/treatise.
Evidently, it is useless to consult doctor who say they have no cure.
But it is useless also to believe others who only pretend to cure.
You must find out for yourself to find out which cures exist, and which work.

That is the purpose of this book/essay: a systematic exploration.
All information is included; even what is so-called 'anecdotal'.
I am more interested in 1 cure that works for one patient, than a trial of thousands that is inconclusive.
Because i try to understand the causes and the corrections; not the (marketing) statistics.

This book/essay is NOT written to treat any body; it is written to inform.
It is a demonstration that useful information CAN be found, if you but seek.
It is also intended to show that claims cannot be believed; you must know for yourself.
And it demonstrates that what doctors know is incomplete; doctors too must study further.

I am a doctor; i learned what doctors learn:
I know that what doctors learn is incomplete.
And i know that doctors learn that 'cancer kills'.
What i want to find out is what cures, and prevents, cancer.

Therefor this story starts with the question "what is cancer?".
The next chapter will explore the question "what causes cancer?".
Then it is possible to question&answer "what cures cancers?".
With, finally, the conclusion "who cures cancer?"; do it yourself.

For me this is an exploration into the unknown; "cancer".
What doctors know does not help, and should not be used.
Medical doctors lack real understanding; and should not be consulted.
We need useful/workable information; i started to collect - please join in.

What i seek is an overview of understanding:
Complete with treatments that are effective.
Plus specifically understanding for prevention.
As a general handbook, for anybody to write and use.

The topics in this section explore what cancer is, and is not.
It addresses the shortcomings in the knowledge of doctors.
It points out that you must learn (to) inform yourself; reliably.
And invites you to (start to) think in a different manner; yourself.
In this section we look at causes for cancer; and how our body responds to those ... by creating Cancer.
You will find that cancer is part of a normal natural dynamic of cell repair and cell survival.
You will also find that cell integrity relies on ("Systemic") cellular symbiosis.
And you will find that Curing cancer requires YOU to heal your environment; the ecology (thus the politics).

Also you will learn that doctors cause cancers; especially by so-called cancer cures.
Dentists cause cancers; by titanium implants, root canal treatments, extractions, fluor, amalgam, ...
The agriculture/food industry causes cancer by artificial food production.
Science (politics) causes cancers via military interest$ and active radio/radiation/toxicity ploys.

All of these factors and influences can be summarised as one cause only: CELL STRESS.
Cancer development can be simplified in one understanding only: cell function REGRESSION.
Cell/Body physiology is in part bio-chemical; and in part electro-physical; both are decisive.
Therefore cancer physiology IS also cancer psychology; BOTH aspects must be addressed.

This section of the Essay/Handbook "Cancer Cures" brings together many insights.
Please research these topic further yourself; make up your own mind.
One of the characteristics of 'cancer' is that people let others decide/choose for them.
The first cure for cancer is that you (always) can (learn to) make up your own mind.

''Starting point is the understanding of Cancer as Disease of Cell Regression'':

[[Introduction (2)]]

[[Cancer Politics]]
[[Otto Warburg]] Acidity and lack of Oxygen causes Cancer
[[Tullio Simoncini ]] Acidity and Fungi cause cancer
[[Gaston Naessens]] Evolutionary development cycle (regression) 
[[Royal Raymond Rife]]
[[Max Gerson]]
[[Rosalyn Bruyere]]
[[René Broekhuyse]]
[[Lynn Margulis]]

''Relevant here is also the research on Biological Electromagetic Fields'':

[[Herbert Fröhlich]]
[[Björn Nordenström]]
[[Robert Becker]]
[[Cyril Smith]]

''Compare this to Deficient Nutrition in the creation of Cancer'':

[[Eating Meat ; Cancer]] (The China Study, the largest study on Nutrition, links eating animals to onset of cancer)
[[Drinking Milk ; Cancer]] 
[[Hot Food ; Cancer]]
[[Smegma ; Cancer]]
[[Abortion ; Cancer]]
[[Tobacco ; Cancer]]
[[Sun Screen ; Cancer]]
[[Cancer Therapies ; Cancer]]

[[Hulda Regehr Clake]] Isopropyl alcohol => Fluke worm = trigger for cancer
[[Leuren Morett]] Active Radio = Radio Active = trigger for cancer
[[Ryker Geerd Hamer]] Life Shock triggers cancer
[[Hans von Reckeweg]] Life Shock triggers DNA deformation
[[Bruce Lipton]] Coping Ability determines DNA Health
[[René Broekhuyse]] DNA Methylation causes cancers
[[Introduction (3)]]
[[Information In formation]]
[[Cancer Cures - Nutrition]]

''These 4 effective remedies teach us more about the nature of cancer'':

[[Spontaneous Healing]]

''These effective remedies teach us more about the cell survival stress'':

[[Repairing Reflexes]]
[[Repairing Memories]]
[[Memory Charge Discharge]]
[[Hydrogen Peroxide]]
[[Blue Light Device]]
[[Hugo Nilsen - Acupuncture]]
[[Vegetable Diet]]
[[Essiac = Caisse]]

''This is the question to be answered:''

[[With So Many Solutions, What is the Problem?]]

Cancer is part of the natural normal system of cell self-healing.
Inescapable stress causes the cell to 'hibernate', awaiting better conditions.
The 'cancer' cells need a signal to reconnect to the body they form part of.
'Eradicating' the cells does NOT cure the stress/'hibernation'/disease/cancer.

Cancers can be easily cured; as many (non) doctors already have shown.
Healing of cancer cells takes as little time as that cell's physiology determines.
Healing requires NO surgery/'chemotherapy'/'radiation-therapy' (cell death).
Healing requires information for cell resynchronisation, and cell nutrition.

There are many effective cures for cancer, which are left unused.
Medical Doctors form a guild, claiming a monopoly on 'cancer treatment'.
That is because the U$A (corporate) government defends financial interests.
State (medical) politics defends/promote corporate financial interests.

The effective cures for cancer are normal natural remedies.
Essentially, usually, it simply involves proper (cell) nutrition.
Humanity, as do all life forms, forms part of the food chains of Earth.
What is needed most is access to natural (non-artificial) food.

The most well-known/effective cancer remedies are 'food supplements'.
Artificial food industry farming left food incomplete, lacking nutrients.
As a result the body cannot feed the cells well enough ('artificial starvation').
This can cause cell-miscommunication and cell-division errors: 'cancer'.

The first need for effective cancer cure is the abolition of state corporate control/'laws'.
It is all too evident that corporate financial interests profiteer off cancer 'research'.
It is as clear that this research systematically denies/ignores effective cures.
As it involves YOUR body, YOU must learn to care for it and be able to cure it.

In this section of this essay/handbook you find many different cure.
As before, look beyond the differences of the many cures.
Seek the common denominator; the common cure.
And realise that all effective cures restore natural normal functioning.

Starting point of this section of this essay/handbook is: reference material.
Study the listed books and documentaries yourself.
Realise that cancer is a disease of dependency ('lack of own soul/will').
To get rid of cancer, you must (learn to) make up your own mind.

Realise that Vitamin_C reduces Free Radicals by alkalising the body.
Realise that Cannabis restores natural balance for the body's cannabinoid receptors.
Realise that injections with bicarbonate of soda reduces local acidity.
Realise that stress release reduces bio-electric circulation conflicts.

In other words: read section 2 before reading section 3.
Understand what cancer is (section 1) before YOU treat it (section 4).
This essay/book starts with the logical question: ''"What is Cancer?"'' (derailed cell division).
The second section addresses the question: ''"Why, Cancer?"'' (stress blocks cell decisions).
The third section asks the logical next question: ''"What Cures Cancer?"'' (hundred+ methods).
The fourth section is then very simple: ''"Who can cure Cancer?"'' (The answer is: you can.)

''Summary of PART [[1) What IS Cancer?]]''

Of the 75,000,000,000,000 cells in your body, each day 3,000,000,000 cells divide.
Your body knows how to precisely co-ordinate that; this is done in/by/from/as "the Regulatory System".
Which itself is regulated by the "Information Integration System" (which includes the immune system).
If this information integration/regulation system is exhausted/disturbed, then disturbed cell division can not be corrected.

"Cancer" is a part of the healthy body's normal process: cell division.
If the normal healthy process is disrupted, then the cell division can be disrupted.
That is ALWAYS due to disruption of cell cycle balance, ALWAYS due to disturbed body balance.
Curing cancer IS restoring the membrane/cell/body balance in our environment.

Cancer can normally be cured within a few WEEKS, if the underlying cause is understood.
The cause is' always' (UNCONSCIOUS) wrong lifestyle, causing integration system ("identity/integrity ') exhaustion.
Healthy relaxation/exercise and good nutrition/hygiene is the foundation for any kind of healing.
Cancer is one of many 'degenerative diseases', which rapidly heal by hygiene and healthy natural diet.

This Handbook provides background and explanations to understand cancer, and insights for solutions to cure cancer.
It ALWAYS involved a need to change lifestyle; any chronic illness reflects chronically unhealthy lifestyle.
Crucial is that YOU live/learn/think/act in a different manner; that YOU lead a different life.
No doctor can help you with that, no doctor can do that for you.

A doctor who says you have 'incurable' cancer is ... you should NOT use.
Look elsewhere!
Find out for yourself, and discover what millions of people already discovered.
Discover that cancer is curable, and preventable.

''Summary of PART [[2) What CREATES Cancer?]]''

Cancer is caused by unavoidable prolonged "stress" for the body cells (physical chemical, radiation, psychic).
This leads to charge/tension in the body, causing cells to 'live' a situation of 'hell'; "loss of choice" (isolated).
The respective cells 'shut themselves off' (hibernate), and fall back on earlier development phase, in order to survive.
They lose touch with the rhythm of the rest of the body, by loss of information communication.

The cells try to survive 'best as they can', in the circumstances.
They "fall back" on earlier developmental stages (often 2 steps back) to do so.
Their physical condition (chemical, and electrical) is determined by those earlier 'phases'.
But this means that they loose contact/communication with/in/within their environment.

Doctors still know too little about the origin and structure of our body to understand this.
Our body's anatomy is built by our physiology, as determined by the regulatory systeem.
This means that the physical form arises from chemical processes via electrical regulation.
At the deepest level, however, the consistency/integrity of our body is determined by information.

If the information integration/integrity is disrupted, then the body's regulation disrupts .
System Theory described this as a "4th Order Process of System Stability/Coherence"; phase-integration.
1) Structure is formed by 2) the process in 3) Interaction with 4) the environment.
Cancer is a typical example of ensuing disruption of integrity in "The 3rd Order System"; electro-regulation.

''Summary of PART [[3) What CURES Cancer?]]''

Choose what you wish/want to believe:

* "Cancer is caused by virus."
* "Cancer is caused by fungus"
* "Cancer is caused by solvents".
* "Cancer is caused by radiation."

You name it, you can find as many opinions as you find people; and everyone has an opinion about cancer.
However, the opinion of doctors is largely formed by the big pharmaceutical interests, which profit off disease.
Hence the suggestion here: do your own research, form your own opinion, come to your own conclusion, because after all it is - before all - YOUR body and YOUR health and YOUR life.

This handbook lists some visions and perspectives.
In my medical training, I learned a lot, also about cancer.
In learning a lot, i learned that doctors do NOT know everything.
And i learned that doctors want to become rich by treating DISEASE.

I learned to trust more in people who do NOT desire money for "their" treatment.
This means I have little faith in the statements of doctors (I'm trained as a doctor).
I've found that doctors who find solutions for cancer are put out of their profession.
Why? Because cancer is a major source of income, but a cure for cancer ... is not.

''Summary of PART [[4) WHO Cures Cancer?]] : Cure (It) Yourself''

Doctors know too little of the electrical control system ("the software in computer') and how it is disturbed.
Other (traditional) therapies are much more knowledgeable about this, and may offer better solutions.
As the problem arises "from the 4th Order System" (psyche / environment) you can do a lot yourself.
This website shows what information YOU can find, and how YOU can work with.

It is important to realise that cancer cells are not sick, but "lost the plot" - they seek HELP, not murder.
The cells were disrupted by impaired contact with the environment - it is necessary to restore their communication.
The disruption takes place in the electromagnetic signal system: homeopathy and acupuncture help.
As soon as the integration-into-context (and the cell-body self-image) is restored, healing follows.

Cancer can in that sense best be described as a 'disease of miscalculation'.
The cells demonstrate that they can not cope with the strange/unnatural information.
They are in this sense the "thermometer" for our unhealthy/unnatural interaction with our environment.
People who die from cancer, die from loss of integrition/balance with/in their environment.

Characteristic is the homeopathic remedy for cancer, which has to do with loss of individuality.
The remedy is called "Carcinosin", and it is a life-lesson 'for people let others live their life'.
They have a tendency to try to please others, to thereby avoid conflict with others.
As a result they loose their own capacity to determine/express their own identity.

''The aim of this handbook''

This manual is intended to invite you to do your your own research.
Do not wait until you are sick, because PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE.
Learn what you should (not) do or what should (not) happen, to prevent cancer.

* Did you know that breast cancer particularly prevalent in countries where dairy products are used?
* Do you know that all medical cancer cures cause cancer?
* Research for yourself how much money is made off cancer treatment.
* Find out which corporations profit most from the occurrence of cancer

The superstition of Money is a much bigger problem than the disease of cancer.
People will (not) do almost anything "to earn" "money" (a symbol).
You've probably already realised that this is the case for corporations.
They all want to get YOUR money; learn to invest in health instead.

The (best) cure for cancer medicine are readily available; outside of regulated medicine..
"As long as doctors/corporations can get rich off disease, diseases will continue to exist".
If you wish to prevent diseases, you must invest your money in disease prevention yourself.
Learn what this requires; learn to understand health and learn to live your own life, yourself.
4) Who Cures Cancer? - DIY DIT

[[Introduction (4)]]
[[Trust Your Own Experience]]
[[Avoid Oncologists]]
[[Cancer Researchers]]
[[Cancer Websites]]

Do It Yourself - Do It Together. "DIY DIT".
THAT is the best answer to cancer.
//YOU// 'created it'.
"//YOU// undo it"

No one consciously creates cancer; we all always create cancer unconsciously.
Most people are not aware of the stressors that cause cancer creation in/by our body.
We therefore (often) cannot (consciously) avoid it; our body thus cannot avoid it..
But cancer is a body response, of YOUR body, you can learn to mediate that response.

This section of this book presents information of different cancer researchers.
You will see that all of them found effective cures for cancer.
You will also see how different all those cancer cures are.
It means you must look deeper, for the underlying principle of cancer healing.

Look within, in the levels of reflex behaviour of (y)our body functioning.
Come to understand and mediate the sub-/un-conscious (cellular) processes.
Understand how cells form organs forming our body in humanity (on Earth).
And learn to work with the organic principles ('the classic gods') for healing.

Our organs, together, form a Möbius Loop/Circle/Cycle, connecting inside & outside.
The cycles between the cells, between the organs, link us (in)to Nature.
Disease, including cancer, interrupts these communication cycles/links.
Healing requires the (unconscious) cellular communication cycle circuits.

Indian Mythology calls these organ(ic) processes the "generative principles".
Indeed, as our organs, they generate how we interact with/in our context.
In classic Greek and Roman cultures these "deities' were called 'gods'.
As a result people 'forgot' that these 'gods' are their own inner organs.

Healing requires understanding these 12 deities/gods/apostles/knights.
You must realise that YOU are their integrative factor; "King Arthur", "Krishna".
But you can realise that ONLY if/when you learn to address your unconsciousness.
Because that is where "health" operates; and where you can moderate it.
The Cancer Report - Abortion causes cancer
Breast cancer is 50% higher in women who have had an abortion
{The Cancer Report}

[[Inescapable Irritation]]
In scientific publications it is customary give credits;
thanking those who made the research possible, such as the sponsors of the publication.
In medical publications this is also the case;
There, it is important to know who funded the study, because they also determines the desired findings.

This handbook and this web site have no sponsors; no outsiders determine the outcome.
The reverse is the case: here Accountability is explicitly defined:
''Cancer Cures - Avoid Oncologists''

I cannot trust the cancer doctors.
Because they say i cannot trust the patients.

The patients say that they can heal themselves.
The cancer doctors say that they cannot.
The cancer doctors say that they canNOT cure cancer.
In fact, indeed, they do not.

They try to kill the cancer cells.
But often they fail therein.

The patients used no lethal weapons.
The patients did not kill any cells.
Yet their cancers disappeared.
And they were again healthy.

Whom to trust?

*The doctors who say they can not cure cancer.
*And indeed they don't; they just kill cells.

*Or the patients who no longer have cancer?
Cancer is Big Business.
//Let me repeat that//:

''Cancer is BIG Busine$$''
Profiteering OFF disease.

This Business //Needs// Disease.
It will therefor //Create// the Fisease

This is NOT a book on cancer.
This is a book on autonomy.

You MUST do your own research.
You WILL find helpful information.

I found "cancer" confusing.
What med-school taught does not work.

No success, in spite of immense efforts.
Yet ... many people are healed by themselves.

I learned that i needed to make distinctions.
Cancer as industry, versus cancer as disease.

Information from the industry; or from elsewhere.
Huge research trials for profit; or natural healing.
//Beware, all readers, beware//!

''Beware, o Reader!'' Be aware!
People are confronted with cancer find that they face the unknown.
Cancer is a meeting place of superstition, ignorance, anecdotes and profiteering.
How do you know what is true or what is real? How can you know if those advising you actually know?

It is said that cancer is not yet understood, but much more research is needed.
It is said that there is no real cure for cancer; also called cures are still being developed.
It is said that cancer survival can only be gauged by statistics; there is no certainty of any cure.
It is said that when you are sick that doctors can help you; but in this case this is not the case...

What we are dealing with here is a war of beliefs.
Doctors believe that they know what they are doing, when they follow protocol...
Patients believe that the doctor has studied, at being licensed, so should know what he or she is doing...
Politicians believe that the academicians and the corporations that pay them are knowledgeable and can be trusted...

And so we end up in a vicious cycle in which corporations tell politicians telling doctors what to tell patients.
The cycle is a vicious because the underlying belief is that of money.
By law, corporations have only one legal function: producing money.
It does not matter how they do it, as long as they do it.

In this essay/handbook you will find many different perspectives.
There are many different approaches to cancer, and to its cure.
Many people appear to be very knowledgeable in what they present.
Yet others can be found who are just as adamant, with a different story.

In engineering there is a simple statement that if something is understood that is only one solution.
If there are very many different ways to deal with the problem, then it is evident that is the essence has not yet been fully understood.
When we apply that engineering insight to medicine we can conclude that cancer is ill understood.
Because there appeared to be very many different solutions, most of which are said to work.

In my approach I consider them all as pieces of the puzzle.
In this essay/handbook I tried to put the pieces on the table.
But understand that the puzzle pieces do not fit the table.
You will need to put the pieces together in such a way that they fit our body.

Here however it must be clear that what we are dealing with our beliefs.
Every author and study that is cited: the authors believe what they write.
Yet it is evident that they cannot all be right, because many of them contradict each other.
So there is only one test which can be used: does what they describe cure cancer?

As it turned out: yes, most of them do/did effectively cure cancers.
That being the case we can see that there are many ways by which cancers can be cured.
This essay/handbook is an attempt to bring all those insights together.
Which requires that we look beyond the form of the treatments, and beyond the common understanding of cancer.

You are free to believe what you will.
That also applies to all the authors whose work is cited.
That also applies to the opinions but authors have about the work of others.
What we try to do it here is sidestep all those opinions, and all those beliefs, and see if/how we can come to the understanding of the essence of cancer.

Realise that health care is a war of beliefs.
The only way to get out of that the war is to realise that these are all beliefs.
Everybody is entitled to their own belief, but so are you.
Beware, by your beliefs you create your reality, even if this might destroy your body...
[[Tullio Simoncini]] treats cancer with bicarbonate of soda.
This immediately changes the acidic environment into alkaline.
That eliminates the foundation for the existence of the cancer state.
Because cancer cells live in oxygen-deprived acidic environment, only.
[[Royal Raymond Rife]] saw virus in the cores of cancers.
That makes cancers the equivalent of warts, inside the body.
Attuned radio frequency 'explodes the virus', by resonance.
After which, as R R Rife showed, the cancer simply 'ungrows'.

The Blue Light Device is a plasma lamp with a radio wave power source.
The frequency of different pathogens can e programmed into the device.
That makes it possible to 'explode' the pathogens, just as did R R Rife.
4 minutes treatment (passing the light outside of the body) suffices.

The Blue Light Device resolves pathogens
//See also//:
[[Royal Raymond Rife]]
[[Rosalyn Bruyere]]
Cancer can easily be prevented (Part 4).
Many (cheap) cures for cancer exist (Part 3).
It is clear what causes cancer: Stress (Part 2).
Cancer, is at this moment, especially Business $ $ ... (Part 1).

It is up to you to find and use the existing solutions yourself.
It's YOUR body, and YOUR life: no one can choose/decide for you.
IF you consult a doctor, (s)he can only offer what (s)he did (not) learn.
But keep well in mind that doctors and hospitals profit off diseases.

That is why large corporations and groups of doctors wish to prevent ... preventive health care.
There are many examples of collusion of government and corporations against cancer ... healers.
Once doctors say that they found/use a solution against cancer they are threatened or/and reviled.
Let that be a lesson: inform yourself, and learn to prevent and cure cancer yourself.

In the U$A only three cancer treatments are allowed: knofe, poison and radiation.
Each of these "treatments" is in itself carcinogenic (as is described in a U.S. government patent).
But vaccinations are carcinogenic too, just as is the case for many artificial plastics and toxins.
The solution is obvious: form a buying-cooperative ©, and only use resources that are healthy.
Type the text for 'Books'
''Bruce Lipton - Coping ability determines DNA health''

In our body we compare our world image (cotrtex) with our body image (cerebellum).
Differences in experience are processed/digested/assimilated/integrated by four cell proteins.
The DNA Mantle Protein trabnscribes the activity of the Linking Protein; which records teh combined action of the Sensor Protein and the Portal Pritein.
The DNA Mantle Protein writes the new/different information into DNA (and can therein damage it; see also Hans vor Reckeweg, René Broekhuyse, James Oshmann, and others).
There are two types of diseases.''
1) Diseases of excess (hypertrophy).
2) Diseases of deficiency (hypotrophy)''.
Both can lead to death.

__Bert Verveen has shown the principle of health, and disease__.
Health is based on system-integration, with/in context.
Disease result from intercellular dis-communication.
In that case, "feedforward" and "feedback" mismatch.

Intracellular communication cycles form circuits.
Like computer circuits, they are 'the software'.
The cell-communications form the 'code".
The same molecules are also radio-signals.

Every molecule is an electromagnetic spectrum.
Our body is NOT physical, NOR chemical.
It is an information process in formation.
It is based on Atomolecular interchanges.

The principle is always the same; as described by Bert Verveen.
''When feedforward-feedback cycles mismatch, disease arises''.
This applies to the cycles within/between/beyond our body AND environment.
The feedforward/feedback matching takes places in the "System Singularities".

"System Singularities" are places where a system turns inside-out.
Our navel, mouth/anus and blind spot in our eyes, are examples.
Every cell division exemplifies the principles of Turning inside-out.
Like batteries, these singularities 'must connect complementary poles'.

Mathematically, every "singularity" has a "+"-pole and "-"-pole.
Likewise all cell-divisions in our body are thereby connected.
Our body as a whole is a (Time) Fractal of cell divisions.
(Suzie Vrobel has described the principle of the Time Fractal).

In health, the cell divisions are properly timed and aligned.
In disease, timing and spatial alignment fails, breaks down.
As a result, cells can no longer synchronise, nor synergise.
Disease originates from "lacunation"/con'fusion in cell cycles.

Cell cycles are circuits of computational code: software.
Molecules are electromagnetic spectra: radio signals.
Our whole body is an ongoing computation; a supercomputer.
The information processing between our bodies are linked by radio waves.

Physical stress of the cell can distort this compunication process.
Chemical disbalance can disturb with organic compunication.
Radio/Electromagnetism can interfere with our body compunication.
False information can cause miscomputation in cell communication.
Physical stress can cause cancer.
Chemical stress can cause cancer.
Electromagnetic stress can cause cancer.
Information stress can cause cancer.

Stress distorts/warps the feedforward/feedback cycles.
As a result, intracellular communication cycles distort.
As a result, cells can no longer properly synergise/synchronise.
As a result, cells fall back on primary survival mode: "cancer".
__Cancer cells are NOT sick; the communication problem is NOT a disease__.
The communication failure is symptomatic for system regulation errors.
The system regulation failure is due to information-disinformation.
The information integrity was compromised; and needs to be healed.

1) Information Integration is our most basic body process.
2) System (boundary) regulation is the second process(ing) level.
3) Feedforward/feedback is the third form of body cell processing.
4) Loop Closure is the result/outcome of dynamic 'cell cycle closure'.

Information Medicine is the 1st aspect of Integral health Care.
System Regulation is the 2nd aspect of Integral Health Care.
Physiology calibration is the 3rd aspect of Integral Health Care.
Anatomy reparation is the 4th aspect of Integral Health Care.

Cancer is symptom of loss of identity/integrity/integration in context.
This causes systemic stress, causing cell cycle isolation/lacunation.
The insulated cells try to survive as best they can, by function-fallback.
As soon as their information integrity is restored, they can heal.

AIDS (immune diseases) are examples of the complement.
In that case, there is exhaustion of the information integrity.
As a result the cells become undefined, and decay from within.
Their processing/functions thereby become erratic. undefined.

Cancer and aids are merely examples of the underlying concept.
''Cancer is a disease of feedforward/feedback excess.
AIDS is a disease of feedforward-feedback deficit''.
Understand Bert Verveen's System Patho Physiology for their cure.

The work of Bert Verveen can be found at [1].
"Catanker": ... PLEASE make an end to lamenting about cancer ...
'Cancer' is presented as if a death threat, "incurable".
Other health care therapies show that cancer is curable!
Cancer prevention likewise is very feasible. Do It Yourself.
Published on Integral Health Care - Info (
Home > Cancer Cures
This essay/book is a uniquely individual personal quest:
You may chose to make it your individual personal quest also.
"What is cancer; what causes it, what cures it, who can cure it?".
With - as overall conclusion - that this is a DIY (Do It Yourself) project.

[[The Principle]] presents the Core Hypothesis:
''"Cancer is a disease of loss of Integrity of Identity".
This results in a loss of Cell Communication, resulting in a loss of Cell Synchronisation.''
This is not a physical disease, but an affliction of communication (which also exists in Humanity).

//See the// [[Overview]] for the Outline of this Essay.
Cancer Cure - Food/Nutrition

Vitamineral deficiency causes cancer
Genetically modified starches create cancer
Artificial fats create cancers
Proteins: animal protein creates cancer

Cancer Cures - BEWARE of these 'cures'

1) surgery disturbs body tissue integrity/coherence and can cause cancer.
As surgeons learn in their training: "The surgeon cannot go where the surgeon has been".
Surgery leaves a wake ok cellular disorganisation.
After surgery, use acupuncture to restore cell communication channels where possible.

2) 'chemotherapy' poisons the body and can cause cancer.
Effectivity of 'chemotherapy' is 3%, which is BELOW chance level.
'Chemotherapy' originates from the war-gas industry.
After 'chemotherapy' thoroughly clean out the body (see e.g. [7])

3) 'radiotherapy' (a.k.a 'non-invasive surgery') is toxic radiation and can cause cancer.
As in a microwave, body cells are 'cooked' and 'destroyed'.
Radiation (e.g. mammography!) is a well-known cause of cancer.
Radiation exposure always requires treatment; in this case also.

Natural cancer (self) healing potential can be harmed by the above 'treatments'.
Before subjecting yourself/anyone to such therapy, demand to know the cure rate.
Realise that each of these 'treatments' is modelled on 'war on disease'.
They ' combat' the symptom only; never the causes; they ARE causes.
Cancer is a political/social disease.
Cancer in the body reflects a pathology in our politics.
In our body, cancer represents an area of non-communication.
In social politics, denial of freedom-of-thought is a causative factor.

Many people are not aware that cancer is a big financial business interest.
Most people, even doctors, are unaware that laws serve corporate interests.
These people are 'offered' medical (cancer) treatment, which is not a cure.
Eradicating cancer cells, in NO way cures the cause; it offer NO prevention.
''Cancer Cures - Researchers''

Below is an overview of cancer researchers and their findings.
This list will be added to, whenever new insights emerge.
All these researchers show what cancer is and how it can be healed.
Together they offer very many methods to cure cancer.

They methods are very different; yet all are effective.
This makes it possible to look for their common concepts.
"Cancer results from systemic stress; restoring system integrity resolves cancer".
Our body operates at 4 levels: cell, organ, bod and humanity.

Each of these 4 levels used different communication code.
Each form of code represents a different level of consciousness.
We operate this in identity in relationship in groups in humanity.
Cancer, as any disease, is symptomatic for system boundary instability.

Healing cancer/disease requires restoration of the system boundary dynamic.
This requires restoration of information integrity with/in/within context.
Keeping this in mind; the solutions of these researchers make sense.
''Cancer (Curing) Researchers'':

[[René Broekhuyse]]

Many cancers are microbial clusters, mistakenly called cancer, but easily haled.
DNA methylation can be a factor for cancer growth; homeopathy can cure this.

[[Björn Nordenström]]

Cancers are regions of electrical polarisation; easily healed by short-circuiting the potential difference boundary

[[Charles Rowlatt]]

Cancers are systemic diseases (Not cellular/molecular/genetical)

[[Bert Verveen]]

System Pathology originates from feedforward/feedback cycle break-down.

[[Royal Raymond Rife]]

At the basis of cancers there are virus micro organisms.
Resonance frequency attuned radiation eliminates this cancer cause.

[[Hulda Regehr Clarke]]

Industrial artificial molecules create disarray/cancer in living beings.

[[Ed Heft]]

Cancers can heal within weeks if not treated by 'surgery'/'chemotherapy'/'radiation'.

[[Tullio Simoncini]]

Cancer clusters emerge in areas of body-acidification and heal by alkalisation.

[[Max Gerson]]

Fresh fruits and vegetables diet heals cancers, tuberculosis and diabetes.

[[Simonton & Simonton]]

Especially in Children, visualisation can be used very well to discharge the charge of Old Trauma.
Imagination can also be used (as in Hypnosis) to suggest the body to do self-healing (also of Cancer).
''Scary image''

Please do this exercise in order to get to understand cancer.
On the internet, search for “cancer tumour image”.
(First of all, realise that these images are … censored!)
Collect the images that you find, and carefully look at them.

Look at the different forms of cancer, their different shapes.
See how cancers are different from their surrounding cells.
See how cancer cells have ‘strange’, ‘weird’, ‘different’ shapes.
You can intuitively grasp that cancer cells ‘tell a different story’.

Look at the images, look at the sizes of the ‘cancer’.
See the forms of the cancer, try to understand how they formed.
See how the cancers grew, how they were shaped into a form.
Imagine, visualise, the flow process which formed the cancer.

For some people these images of cancer can instil fear.
It is evident that it is ‘inhuman’, ‘gross’, ‘threatening’.
Yet cancer is still a natural process; of our own body.
It is a fall-back on a more primitive (‘survival’) process.

''Scared cells''

There is (always) a reason why that happens.
Cancer cells try to ‘digest’ an indigestible experience.
It is a turmoil, trying to contain/resolve a conflict.
The physical turbulence reflects a psychic conflict.

It ‘breaks through’ the normal natural constrains.
The body needs to digest what the mind could not.
The cells respond to this information flow/disarray.
This becomes visible as the physical disarray: cancer.

This is why cancer cures require healing in MIND and body.
The overflow needs to be resolved, physiology needs to be restored.
The electron level (acidity) needs to be in balance, calm.
Then no spurious thought formation/cancer growth can occur.

As soon as the underlying psychic conflict is resolved, the cause is gone.
However, external electrical energy fields may be the primary cause.
Then too, the internal information circulation comes into disarray.
Then, too, the electrical flow deformation can cause physiology deformation: cancer.

''Ignorant doctors''

Doctors do NOT know this, doctors do NOT learn this.
They learn that there is no cure for cancer.
They are taught that they must eliminate the cancer.
Because, in their (mistaken) mind, “the cancer kills”.

Doctors cannot see that the cancer is only a symptom.
As a symptom, it is ‘a consequence without consequence’.
Yes, it is the result of the cause (that remains hidden).
But eliminating the symptom does not remove the cause.

Doctors learn nothing about that.
Instead they learn that ‘medication’ is needed.
Blindly, they buy into the idea of eliminating the cancer.
But never ask the question: what caused it?

Instead their training teaches that there is ‘no known cause’.
As a result doctors stop questioning, and do not investigate.
As a result they fail to discover the many cause for cancer.
Thus they also fail to see how industries are the main cases.

''Scary politics''

Medical doctors are executives/operatives for corporatism.
Corporations (by law) function to generate shareholder profit.
It does not matter how they do this; they are “irresponsible”.
In this manner big pharma corporations profits from disease.

The big pharma profit policy became state education politics.
Universities therefor teach mainly/merely “pharmacracy”.
Pharmacracy is the political economic politics of Big Pharma.
It is the (irresponsible) profit-driven profiteering off disease.

It is a form of rape, in which the weak is raped by the strong.
The poor are forced to pay for the lifestyle of the (very) rich.
Ignorance is abused to impose false ideas via deception.
In this case doctors and patients, both, are deceived.

Doctors are led to believe that they are well informed.
Patients are led to believe that they can trust doctors.
Yet both are victims of deceptive advertising slogans.
Both simply cater to, and pay for, the corporate profits

''Scared Doctors''

For a doctor a small cancer becomes a large cancer
They don’t know about any cure, they see no alternative.
So they become scared, and want to get rid of ‘the cancer’.
So they want to treat the symptom, because they have no cure.

Understand that this fear drives the doctors to symptom treatment.
For them, eliminating the cancers is the same as removing the disease.
Because in their eyes, a large cancer is seen as a direct cause of death.
They have no other vision, because they have no other information.

Medical doctors do not learn about alternative cancer cures.
Because, if they would study that, they would learn much more.
They would learn that there are alternative cures for other diseases.
In fact: for all diseases there are other, better, and cheaper cures.

Doctors are educated by professors in universities of nations.
Politicians determine (via budgets) what is taught and how.
Corporations lobby/bribe politicians to do as they want.
Thus pharma corporations determine the medical curriculum.

''Scaring Advertising''

Big pharma advertising manipulates the mind of consumers
They use the same techniques for convincing/manipulating doctors.
Like the patients, the doctors are uninformed, but seduced.
Like the patients the doctors are persuaded, and misinformed.

It is known that women can to doctors asking for ‘Viagra’.
They had no notion what they were asking, ‘what they wanted’.
They simply followed the suggestion of the TV advertising.
They blindly followed the imprinted emotional desire: “want”.

With the same blindness doctors follow what big pharma wants.
Big pharma wants no cures for cancer, they instead want profits.
Big pharma thus does not want the cause of cancer to be known.
Cancers are caused by (toxic/profiteering/irresponsible) corporations.

Advertising changes how people feel, influencing the behaviour of patients.
Education changes how people think, influencing the behaviour of doctors.
Too few people realise that the same budgets determine advertising and education.
Fewer people seem to be aware that the patients pay doctors to pay into corporations budgets.

''Scared Patients''

Just as Cancers have a 'fall back scenario', likewise do all patients=people.
Cells develop over a series of evolutionary stages: a sequence of steps.
These evolutionary development stages are in-built within our (living) body.
Superimposed of that we experience our own life development.

People develop from baby to child to adolescent to adult.
At the same time they develop as Individual in Relationship in Groups in Humanity.
It is a development in Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit.
And develops from Out-of-conscious to Unconscious to Subconscious to Conscious awareness.

Each step forward is based on the previous step, on which it can fall-back if needed.
Hurt animals can fall back on a 'vegetative' 'hibernation' programme.
Plants can fall back on the 'bare bone' cellular survival.
Cells can fall back on their 'in-built' previous development stages

Humans combine all these evolutionary stages, thus fall-back scenario's.
Thus sick adults can behave like adolescents, children and even babies.
It is 'the same shift' as from awake to a dream to sleep into coma.
It is 'the same' shift as occurs when people become uncertain, and scared.
Cancer Cures - BEWARE of these 'cures'

1) surgery disturbs body tissue integrity/coherence and can cause cancer.
As surgeons learn in their training: "The surgeon cannot go where the surgeon has been".
Surgery leaves a wake ok cellular disorganisation.
After surgery, use acupuncture to restore cell communication channels where possible.

2) 'chemotherapy' poisons the body and can cause cancer.
Effectivity of 'chemotherapy' is 3%, which is BELOW chance level.
'Chemotherapy' originates from the war-gas industry.
After 'chemotherapy' thoroughly clean out the body (see e.g. [7])

3) 'radiotherapy' (a.k.a 'non-invasive surgery') is toxic radiation and can cause cancer.
As in a microwave, body cells are 'cooked' and 'destroyed'.
Radiation (e.g. mammography!) is a well-known cause of cancer.
Radiation exposure always requires treatment; in this case also.

Natural cancer (self) healing potential can be harmed by the above 'treatments'.
Before subjecting yourself/anyone to such therapy, demand to know the cure rate.
Realise that each of these 'treatments' is modeled on 'war on disease'.
They ' combat' the symptom only; never the causes; they ARE causes.
''Cancer Cures - Information Websites''

BEWARE! Cancer is [[BIG Busine$$]] ...
Look for advice which does NOT want you to pay for cures.
Look for advisers who have direct personal cancer experience.
There is an increasing number of web sites offering advice.

Be aware, some of these are people out for your money.
Also, the Industry is creating fake (!!) clubs and websites.
Do not trust what you see; learn to make up your own mind! [11] [12] [13]
Cancer is NOT as advertised
Cancer is NOT a cell disease.
Cancer is NOT a genetic disease.
Cancer is a System Disease.

Cancer results from stagnation in system information circulation.
'Cancer' is a disturbance in cell replication information.
Cell division decisions are synchronised in the cell cycle Pause Phase.
Whenever the synchronisation signal pulse falls away, cells cannot synchronise their symbiosis.

This results in the activation of a underlying survival program: autonomous cellular functioning.
Technically speaking this means that a cell 'lives in hell'; in "information isolation".
In falling back on itself it effectively lives, operates, functions as any kind of microbe.
It operates as a single cellular organism, trying to survive in its surroundings; 'blindly replicates'.

As soon as the information signal system is restored, the cell resumes its co-ordinated live style; the cancer UNGROWS.

Cell symbiosis information circulation takes place in the form of electromagnetic signals.
This is part of the bio-electrical information circulation system of our body.
This system was described by Björn Nordenström and many others.
Therein ERGONARS (electric circuits) and INFONARS (radio waves) are always dual/paired/related.

Cancer originates in areas of electromagnetic information communication STASIS.
Usually, these are areas of information circulation stress: domains of none-decisions formed by wrong-decisions.
As soon as the decisions (life choices; life shocks) are released, the information information circulation (Qi) is restored.
That results in the un-growing of the cancer.

Surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy are all known to cause cancer.

Surgery creates scar tissues, which stagnates the circulation.
Chemotherapy poisons the cell system, creating toxic waste areas.
Radio therapy 'blinds the information communication, causing electromagnetic wastelands.
Be aware that these cancer 'treatments' all thrive off disease.

Cancer therapy starts with the discharge of the blocked emotions.
Cancer therapy continues with stress/waste elimination.
Cancer therapy then requires appropriate (cell) nutrition.
Cancer therapy then simply ungrows the cancer.

Spiritual therapies are most suited for the emotional change discharge.
Meridian therapies are most suited for the stress release.
Naturopathy is best suited for providing optimal cell nutrition.
Somatic medicine is best suited for monitoring the progress.
Cancer? - What (is) Cancer?
Part 1 - Why the cantanker about Cancer?
Part 2 - Cancer is (not) a disease
Part 3 - Cancer is curable
Part 4 - Prevent Cancer''
''Carcinosin - Do not let others determine your life''

"Carcinosin" is a standard classification homeopathy remedy used in curing cancer.
It is also used in all cases where people live their lives by letting others live their life for them.
They are called the "pleaser type"; they try to avoid conflict/confrontation by pleasing others.
In that way they need to pre-empt everything the other is doing; like a mother with an infant.

As a result of leading this 'double-life' they are 'worn-aut'; they become exhausted.
Their immune system becomes exhausted, because they live in/under chronic stress.
Then some life-catastrophe comes their way; as usually may be the case.
As a result their most used organ system starts to fail; and 'grows a cancer'.

Ryker Geerd Hamer has described how this happens and why this happens.
The emotional shock exhausts, 'vacates' the already exhausted organ system.
The cells in that system are suddenly 'on their own', needing to 'fill the void'.
Thence a cancer grows; until they discharge the emotional charge/shock/memory.

We now know more about how environment-perception is programmed in our body.
Let's recapapitulate the basics:
# The Reckeweg Model, 
# The Lipton mechanism.
# The Oshmann principle and 
# The phenomenon Miasma.
They all relate to each other.

Miasm is the term used in the Homeopathy traditionally been used, and nowadays Methylation of DNA is described. By diseases or life stress, DNA can be damaged. DNA is not a reliable crystal film on TV what the police would have us believe. DNA is crystalline, liquid, and can be stressed by life experiences and damaged.
Bruce Lipton has shown that changes in the membrane of a cell will be credited in the DNA. Our DNA is not fixed but is still created.
James Oshmann has shown that the membrane of a cell is one with the connective tissues, the body hair and the skin.
Changes to the skin can thus be written into the DNA. Von Reckeweg has shown that problems with interactions with our environment so at different levels of the body are completed, and supporting dissolves or otherwise passed on to a deeper layer system in our body. First in the area. Then the skin. Then the organs. Then the cells. Then the DNA. And, if that does not work, it bounces back from there: it disrupts DNA, which disrupts cell growth which disrupts organ function, allowing the body is disrupted: cancer. In other words, a problem which can not be dissolved in the body, it dissolves in the body. It is a 'zelfeliminerend problem.
Reckeweg, Oschman, and Lipton put together well how cancer arises. But in the same way to understand a problem from the environment our bodies, our bodies, our cells and our DNA can enter without the DNA disrupts cell growth (cancer). Instead, it creates a Miasma: del one of the DNA is turned off, by the chemical process of methylation. I think if we look beneath the surface to regard that through what Reckeweg, Oshmann and Lipton explain in detail to understand. Perhaps we have the exact details of the insights Fröhlich, Nordenström, Beckers and Smith needed, for which all show how that, in our body the software determines the hardware: the electromagnetic fields determine the form (ing) of matter.
This is also the mechanism by which homeopathy and acupuncture can cure cancer: both are electromagnetic information control methods. Acupuncture is in interaction with the electric information jobs in our body. (It does not interest me that "doctors" who are not studying sake / understand.) Homeopathy provides frequency information which the electromagnetic signal currents' gaps in their knowledge "can fill. Compare it to a computer program which is another rule, code, need to get back to work properly. Why does every general practitioner a PC on his desk, but do still like our body is an object and not a (super) computer? Our body is an information processor, it is sometimes necessary information, the program or code update. Homeopathy, acupuncture and shamanism do that. That is useful.
One of these codes is Carcinosin.
It is an information what material the body submits that problems arise when you let others decide your life. You can no longer cope with Free Choice, and all what you experience is 'credited' in DNA, instead of the previously already 'digested' was.
Homeopathy is able to ancient DNA damage (Methylation = Miasma) to recover.
In the same way to undo the damage DNA.
When Methylation is as it were to paralysis of the DNA, a portion does not count, so the body can be susceptible to disease (Diabetes is one example, says René Broekhuyse).
When cancer involves a short in the DNA; 'it backfires', it is counterproductive.
Instead, the DNA of the life experience of the cell stores and displays, the wrong way of life and the division of the cell determine independently of the wider area - the rest of the body.
Carcinosin informs the body 'that it has let herself go "and thus restores the intended function of the filter Reckeweg System. Instead of the environment determines what happens in your body, you determine which itself. Hey again sets boundaries, and thus determines weather choices. Exactly as it Reckeweg System explains: know what happens around you, do what you allow them into your body, know what makes you consume through your organs, and knows what goes into your cells. Then you know what is / is not credited in your DNA (the Lipton Mechanism).
There are hundreds of effective, safe, and fast methods to cure cancer, yourself.
Prevention of cancer is more useful (pesticides, plastics, radio radiation, stress, ...)
The institutions intended to help do this however often don't; or even oppose this.
It does not matter: It is YOUR body, and YOUR life: the point is that YOU __do it YOURSELF__.
I find it difficult to remain neutral, unemotional, uninvolved, with what I know now.
For 20 years already a friend tells me that he helps heal cancers in a few weeks or months.
He can not do this in the U.S., where he lives; like others, he thus does it in Mexico.
Initially i found it very difficult to believe: are effective cancer treatments contested?

But now, many years later, I simply assume that this is indeed the case, I hear it too often and too much.
Indeed, others discovered this also; "Cancer Conspiracy/Mafia" already is a "normal" topic on the internet.
"Cancer" seems to have become simply yet another unhealthy medical means to make money; lots of it.
But also is also part of, symptom of, a massive 'sick' industry: the "Military Industrial Banking Complex".

Regulated medicine offers symptom treatment 'only': surgical, chemical, radiation.
Radiation-, chemical- and physical stress ... each causes cancer; as is well known.
The immense medical cancer research industry seemingly/apparently has 'no' results.
Yet, those who research this themselves, find that many effective treatments do exist.

The main cause of cancer is stress: physical, chemical, radiation, (ele)mental.
Thus, many cancer doctors are co-guilty of causing cancer; by 'treating' cancer (symptoms).
Many dentist likewise cause cancers; by root canal treatment, implants, amalgam and fluor.
But the main problem is the (state) business financial interests, profiteering off disease.
Most people are led to believe that cancer is 'incurable', a 'death sentence'.
The regulated medical doctors offers a huge bill for ... treating symptoms.
Even doctors believe the myth that cancer is a 'war' that you should dogmatically 'fight'.
Cancer patients get not much more than a stigma, contact club, hair loss, and a big bill.
Most people presently do not die from cancer, but from ... cancer treatment.
Most people who heal from cancer were NOT cured by medical treatment.
In fact, medical cancer treatments cause death more than do the cancers.
And medical cancer treatment also increase the risk of ... 'getting cancer'.

MEDICAL STATISTICS show that untreated people live longer and better.
Medical statistics shows that diseases go down when doctors go on strike.
Medical statistics should show, do show, that cancer cures are ineffective.
Medical Statistics must show that/which other treatments ARE effective.
Cancer - 01 - "Cancer is a Business" versus "Cancer is Curable"
There seem to main streams in cancer-land:
1) the regulated medical view: cancer is incurable; but can be treated>
2) cancer is best cured by a change of life style; "do it yourself".
Below the two perspectives are brought in perspective...

''Cancer is a Business''

In order to understand cancer (remedies) it is necessary to understand who/what controls 'information'.
"The Media", and "academic institutions" determine what is presented/published, thus what you can know.
However, the (free) flow of (medical) information is regulated/controlled by/via the flow of 'money'.
Therefore financial interests determine what you can know; and thereby also what you can do.

The MIC (Military Industrial Complex) determines the knowledge about cancer and cancer 'treatment'.
The MIC wants to profit off war, including the 'war' of disease, including 'the war on cancer'.
For example, the Top Ten of the Forbes Top 500 richest companies are the pharmaceutical corporations.
The American 'government' (with its 'agencies') is a company, a corporation, operating for interest: profit.

(Find the documentaries which show this; such as "The Money Masters" and "The Ring of Power".)

The U$A Corporation is an independent enterprise; with corporate head office outside of the US.
Washington DC (The District of Colombia) is (like the Vatican and London City) outside of the country.
The IRS likewise has its head office outside of the US; it is a debt collection agency for the FRB.
The larger the 'national' debt, the more the (private) Federal Reserve Money Bank'sters become rich.

This happens because the voters of the various countries allow this to happen.
This a typical "Cancer characteristic" (see the homeopathic remedy, "Carcinosin").
One of the traits of cancer patients is is that they let their environment, others, determine their life.
Therefore cancer can be defined as a symptom of weakened/diseased identity/will.

''Cancer is Curable''

In our body we integrate information (thinking) with matter (body); mistakes then can cause disease.
Most mistakes/miscalculations/miscomputations take place when your self/realisation is weak/depleted .
In such cases the (electromagnetic) system boundary (self-) Regulatory System is con-fused; unstable.
This leads to systemic disruption in the connective tissues, cell membranes, cell structure and cell division.

This thus can lead to - local - disruption of cell division and the corresponding loss of cell self-recovery.
Cells division decisions are then no longer synchronised in harmony with the environment: "Cancer".
This is because the cell was 'isolated', and falls back on underlying (more basic/primary) levels of functioning.
This fall-back does not originate in the cell, but results from (local) disruption of the system boundary (identity).

1. The onset of cancer is in lack of self-image (in the body) in the experience of the world (the environment).
2. This leads to chronic stress, within the body: with local disruption of the information integrity/integration.
3. In that area of information-interference the normal cell divisions 'derail' and body formation deforms {'cancer'}.
4. Locally-isolated Cells (and their symbionts) relapse to an earlier development phase, "trying to survive, to stay alive".

'Cancer' cells (and their symbionts) are normal cells, trying to survive in a changed environment; in the body.
The local environmental change is electromagnetic (as is the case for the whole Milieu Interne of our body).
The changes (Information Stasis) in the local ambient electromagnetic field block pause-phase cell-cycle synchronisation.
The local 'stasis field' is the result of systemic electromagnetic 'miscalculation', due to 'information interference'.

Every cell in the cody is in continuous interaction/communication with all other body cells.
This communication is 'chemical' (metabolomes); which in fact means "electromagnetic".
Every molecule has an electromagnetic "Spectrum"; it is a FORM of information, in formation.

The body growth/shape/form/anatomy is the RESULT of the regulation of cell division decisions.
When the time/timing of cell divisions is changed, so likewise is the cell/organ/body growth.
It is the information exchange between the cells which determines their synchronisation (timing).
When the synchronisation pulse/signal is not received, the cells cannot synchronise and 'go on on their own".

Cancer is a 'software error', by which cells 'get stuck in a do-loop' (computerese for 'doing endless repetition").
Cell interaction determines cell growth and therefor determines the output: the body anatomy: the Hardware.
The body anatomy is a consequence, not a cause, of the cell dynamics (see the work of Bert Verveen; [1]).
'Cancer Treatment' aimed at eradicating the local cancer growth, is no therapy; it is symptom treatment; Palliation.

Cancer can be easily cured by restoring information integrity between the local cells and the rest of the body.
Normally this requires the prior elimination of the electric signal interference field which caused the communication-isolation.
As soon as the local charge field is dis-charged, and the cells are properly nourished, the cancer simply un-grows.
There are many (effective) therapies proving that this is the case; the cell type determines the rate for self-healing.

Royal Raymond Rife used attuned resonance to collapse the viral frequencies in the core of the cancer.
Björn Nordenström used electric needles for to discharge the electric gradient between the core/context of a cancer.
Tullio Simoncini uses soda to locally change the acidity (thus the free electron potential (= charge field)).
Max Gershon used a change in diet to affect the body acidity/alkalinity and intermolecular communication.

''The Principle''

Cancer is a local 'survival' cell growth in a region where the information flow field has become 'frozen'.
This is the equivalent of a local functional 'indecisiveness'; an electromagnetic information-flow STASIS.
Thereby the system boundary has effectively dynamically relocated itself in a region within the body.
As a result, the local cell area has become functionally "Helled Off" (isolated); 'leaving the cells on their own'.

Hans Reckeweg has described how the distortions of perception affects the body, up to the DNA.
James Oshmann has described how these distortions are transferred via/into the electromagnetic body system.
Herbert Fröhlich has described how electromagnetic forces form (the charge field around/within) the cell.
Bruce Lipton has described how thereby the cell proteins define structure of the DNA (and its disruption).

Robert Becker has described how the electrical system determines the health of our body.
Phil Callahan has been described that the body molecules function as electromagnetic antennas.
Cyril Smith has described that neurons and hormones together regulate the electrical system.
Björn Nordendtröm has reported how/that the electrical system and body determines our lives.

Bert Verveen described how the cell cycles form (verb) our ecological/social/psychological/physical health.
Jan van der Greef has described how the (electric) molecular cell cycle circuits are all interdependent.
Erich Blechschmidt has described how those cell cycle circuit systems are (embryo-logically) formed.
Charles Rowlatt described that in the event of disruption, cells revert to their previous development phases.

''The Insight''

Ryker Geerd Hamer has described how it all comes together in the development of cancer.
Perceived Stress leads to disruption of the electromagnetic cell communication regulation.
This disrupts the balance in the system boundary (compensated for by nervous system changes).
This leads to a local cell regression, but also a regression of their para-symbionts (micro-organisms).

That explains the finding of Tullio Simocini who discovered fungi growth inside and around cancer.
Indeed, the local electric = acid-base balance changes, causing a change in local micro cell electro-climate.
Restoring the 'alcaline' electrical conductivity suppresses the local 'acid' electrical charge interference field.
Björn Nordenström showed: suppression of interference restores cell communication and normal cell growth (healing).

This likewise explains the finding of René Broekhuyse, that many 'cancers' are in fact colonies of 'microbes'.
The changed electrical charge field forces both the cells and their symbionts (microbes) into regression.
The disruption of the system boundary causes distorsion of the electric information circulation field, distorting cells growth.
"Cancer" forms in areas of information lacunation (signal-interference areas; synchronisation Blind Spots).

Royal Raymond Rife long ago came to the same conclusion: local interference causes cancer.
At the core of each cancer he saw (with his special microscope) a virus; of which he determined the size.
By using attuned resonance (a radio frequency) he 'imploded' that virus in the core of the cancer.
This allowed the cancer to cure naturally; 116 + patients were thereby successfully treated.

Jewel Pookrum emphasises the psychological side of the story of the origin of cancer.
The electric body circulation is also our psychological (environment/self) perception
Our Emotions (assumptions/projections), can interfere with that circulation and thereby disrupt/block it.
Ryker Hamer (who had cancer) realised that healing cancer requites dis-charging our emotions.

''The Concept''

This gives a basis for understanding carcinogenesis: a disturbed experience of the environment/self.
This leads to disrupted/blocked emotions - a purely psychological phenomenon.
Because each molecule is also an antenna, this leads to disturbed electromagnetic regulation.
The regulatory systen of our body is an electromagnetic information regulation system.

This explains the direct interplay between our self-image and our body-image.
That explains why we can describe cancer as an electric regulation disturbance/disease.
That explains why around cancer there is a disturbance of electric field (an acid-base disbalance).
That explains why cell division is disturbed: because cell communication is disrupted.

It all comes down to the loss of integrity, loss of integration, in a specific area.
This takes place at the level of loss of identity (integration in/with the environment).
It is primarily an electric information field effect, hence both psychological AND somatic.
Because it operates on the electromagnetic level, it concerns cell communication AND cell division.

Hence Charles Rowlatt states that cancer is a systemic disease.
Hence we can say that it is an identity/identification distortion/dis'ease.
Hence electro-therapies (electro-regulation and acid-base regulation) can help directly.
Hence emotion-discharge, acupuncture, homeopathy, and natural foods help heal quickly.

''The Conclusion''

Cancer is a system disease, which is caused by (psychological = physiological) experience stress.
Healing begins with the discharge of the psycho-electric physio-emotional charge.
By healthy cellular nutrition the electro-psychic experience/balance can be restored.
After the discharging of the interference/stasis field, the 'cancer' spontaneously ungrows itself.

Our body is designed to deal with different environments/experiences.
By projecting expectations on our environment we (can) interfere with the natural adaptation.
This leads to internal conflicts, causing internal electro-psychic tension; 'fixations'.
By letting go of those emotional 'fixations' natural cell communication/growth is restored.

The Military Industrial Complex and "Big Pharma" Cartel wish to get rich off disease.
To that end, they 'tempt the world' with unhealthy food, and oppose healthy solutions.
For hundred+ years they have deceived the world - and others just let it happen.
All those who did their own research long ago discovered that cancer is easy to cure.

Cancer can be prevented through proper nutrition and a natural healthy relaxing lifestyle.
Cancer is caused by discontent with, and opposition to, an undesirable environment/situation.
It therefore makes no sense to 'combat' the MIC; instead make sure that you live life as you desire.
Cancer is a lesson to stop lamenting, and your live your own Response Able identity/self/wants/life
Starting point, and probably a prerequisite, is the movie "What the Bleep".
"What the fuck do we know" was the standard expression in quantum physics.
It had become clear that the models of classical mechanical physics are incomplete.
We MUST account for our own involvement - our participation in creation - in science.
- - -

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Dr Kelley's Book, ch4 Detox
Pancreatic Enzymes and Depletion
Dr Kelley - Triggers of Cancer
Enzyme Supplementation & Benefits
Enzymes and Scar Tissue Removal
Enzymes role in Dissolving Cancer Masses
Enzymes ability to increase Killer Cells
Enzymes and Auto Immune Diseases
Enzymes and Viruses
Enzymes Lower Blood Pressure & Cholesterol
Dr Wong Enzyme Activation Dosages
Enzyme Dosage for Cancer
Side Effects of Enzymes
Dr Kelley's Metabolic Therapy
The Budwig Diet
Cell Damage from Commercially Processed Fats
DNA Damage to Cells
New Life and Cell Production
Formation of Tumors & Cell Division
Reversal of Tumor Formation
Greg's Story Lung Cancer
Tumors & Oncologists
Needle Biopsies & Tumors
Budwig Protocol
Sick & Only Days to Live
Flax Oil Enemas
Budwig Patients and Sunlight
Ingredients for Budwig Protocol
Amount of Flax Oil to Consume
Maintenance Dose & Reoccurance
Caution with Supplements & Drugs
Budwig and Feeding Tubes
Items to Avoid When Using the Budwig Protocol
Dr Budwig's Diet Plan
Sunshine and Relaxation
Is The Budwig Diet the Magic Bullet
Why Doesn't the Budwig Protocol Work in Some Cases
Cellect Research of Fred Eichorn
Nutrional Protocol For Rebalancing the Body
Shocking the Autonomoc Nervous System
Purchasing Cellect & Correct Dosages
Children & Cellect
Combining Cellect & Budwig Protocols
Joyce's Cancer Story
Bill's Cancer Story Lymphoma
Coffee Enemas
Bonnie's Ovarian Cancer Story
Dr Kelley's Use of Coffee Enemas
How to Take a Coffee Enema
Reducing Pain - Coffee Enemas
Reducing Pain - Caster Oil Pack
Reducing Pain - Gerson's Pain Triad
Reducing Pain - Laetrille
Peppermint Tea Recipe for Nausea & Spasms
Joe's Lung Cancer Story
Garlands Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia Story
Detoxing the Body
Melissa's Story Severe Type 2 Diabetes
Melissa's Results with Kefir & Flax Oil
Melissa's Nutirional Protocol
Michael Vrentas - CD4_Blood Sugar Levels
Richard's Story Type 2 Diabetes Remission
Richard's Cholesteral & Triglycerides
Richard's Refusal of Insulin Pump
Insulin Resistance Cellect Budwig Protocol
Insulin Resistance,Receptors, & Cell Voltage
Type1 Diabetes
Dan's Scleroderma Story
Dan's Remission & Scleroderma Protocol
David Brownstein's Book on Iodine
Iodine's Necessary for Thyroid Hormone
Iodine Deficiency & Glandular Cancers
Iodine Deficiency & Breast Cancer
Iodine & Breast Tumors
Health issues of Iodine Deficiency
Iodine & Fibrocystic Breast Disease
Elevating pH with Iodine Supplementation
Iodine Supplementation & Side Effects
Laetrile,Amygdalin, Vitamin B-17
Dr Richardson's Thoughts on Laetrile
Arrest of Dr Richardson for using Laetrile
Dr Richardson's Protocol on Laetrile
Dr Contreras Laetrile Protocol
Dr Contreras using Laetrile to Fight Cancer
Is Laetrile Safe to Take
Apricot Seeds with Laetrile
Purchasing Laetrile & Apricot Seeds
Dr Matthias Rath's Research
Tumors & Metastasis
Bill Henderson's Book Cancer Free
Obtaining Nutrients in Dr Rath's Research
Fred Eichorn Comments on Amino Acids & others
Vitamin B & Accelerating Cancer
Navarro Urine Cancer Test
For Successful Healing, Cancer Must Be Treated as a Multi-System Disease.pdf
Food As Medicine 2007.PDF
Budwig Center Cancer Guide.pdf
Budwig Center Wellness Cancer Guide.PDF
Budwig Center Wellness Cancer Report.pdf
Budwig Recipes.pdf
Cottage Cheese & Flaxseed Oil Diet.pdf
Essiac Tea is a Cancer Cure Big Pharma Does Not Want You to Know About.pdf
A Cancer Therapy - Results of Fifty Cases.pdf
Censured for Curing Cancer.pdf
Gerson Therapy Handbook.pdf
Healing Colon Liver and Pancreas Cancer.pdf
Healing the Hopeless.pdf
The Gerson Therapy.pdf
The Little Enema Book.pdf
The Little Juicing Book.pdf
Get Well At Home.pdf
Constituents of the Hoxsey Formula.pdf
Hoxsey Formula.pdf
The Longwood Herbal Task Force - Hoxsey Formula.pdf
The Story of Harry Hoxsey.pdf
Unproven Methods Of Cancer Management.PDF
11-12-08 20:36 2548128 Save Your Life.pdf
1 File(s) 2548128 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Cancer\pdf\Tobacco
11-12-14 14:49 13338 Herbs To Help You Quit Smoking.pdf
11-12-10 18:08 3810347 NIDA Tobacco Addiction.PDF
2 File(s) 3823685 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Cancer\pdf\UC San Diego
11-12-10 19:11 439213 Integrating Complementary and Alternative Therapies.pdf
1 File(s) 439213 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Cancer\pdf\World Without Cancer
11-12-10 19:12 400326 The Ultimate Guide To Vitamin B-17.PDF
1 File(s) 400326 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Cancer\video
12-12-13 13:26 About Cigarettes
12-12-13 13:26 Anti Cancer A New Way Of Life
12-12-13 13:26 Burzynski the Movie
12-12-13 13:27 Cancer - The Forbidden Cures
12-12-13 13:27 Cancer Is Curable Now
12-12-13 13:28 Cottage Cheese and Flax Seed Oil
12-12-13 13:28 Diseases Don't Just Happen
12-12-13 13:28 Dying To Have Known
12-12-13 13:30 Food As Medicine
12-12-13 13:30 Healing Cancer From Inside Out
12-12-13 13:31 Natural Healing Crusade
12-12-13 13:31 Quit Smoking Motivation
12-12-13 13:33 Save Your Life
12-12-13 13:33 The Beautiful Truth
12-12-13 13:33 The Gerson Miracle
12-12-13 13:37 The Gerson Therapy
12-12-13 13:38 The Science and Politics of Cancer
12-12-13 13:38 The Tobacco Conspiracy
12-12-13 13:38 Tobacco - Modern Marvels
12-12-13 13:39 Tobacco And The Human Body
12-12-13 13:39 Tobacco Collage
12-12-13 13:39 When Healing Becomes A Crime
12-12-13 13:40 World Without Cancer
12-12-13 13:40 You Cant Improve On God
96 File(s) 16403645289 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Cancer\video\About Cigarettes
11-12-13 23:40 21164926 About Cigarettes - Animated.flv
1 File(s) 21164926 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Cancer\video\Anti Cancer A New Way Of Life
11-12-23 12:22 33595117 Anti Cancer A New Way Of Life.mp4
11-12-14 14:49 14219 Author of - Anti Cancer A New Way Of Life.jpg
11-12-23 03:42 19360220 David Schreiber - CBS.flv
3 File(s) 52969556 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Cancer\video\Burzynski the Movie
11-12-14 14:34 44175 Burzynski the Movie Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 3058 Burzynski the Movie Readme.txt
11-12-23 11:25 943886040 Burzynski the Movie.mp4
3 File(s) 943933273 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Cancer\video\Cancer - The Forbidden Cures
11-12-14 14:49 22288 Cancer - The Forbidden Cures Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 664 Cancer - The Forbidden Cures Readme.txt
11-12-23 11:34 734734336 Cancer - The Forbidden Cures.avi
3 File(s) 734757288 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Cancer\video\Cancer Is Curable Now
11-12-10 18:49 176746 Cancer Is Curable Now Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 516 Cancer Is Curable Now Readme.txt
11-12-23 11:38 1004294779 Cancer Is Curable Now.mp4
3 File(s) 1004472041 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Cancer\video\Cottage Cheese and Flax Seed Oil
11-12-14 14:49 331 Cottage Cheese and Flax Seed Oil Readme.txt
11-12-22 10:40 46048793 Cottage Cheese and Flax Seed Oil.mp4
2 File(s) 46049124 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Cancer\video\Diseases Don't Just Happen
11-12-14 14:49 13905 Diseases Don't Just Happen Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 565 Diseases Don't Just Happen Readme.txt
11-12-23 07:27 392614418 Diseases Don't Just Happen.flv
3 File(s) 392628888 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Cancer\video\Dying To Have Known
11-12-10 18:49 136784 Dying To Have Known Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 1255 Dying To Have Known Readme.txt
11-12-23 11:26 732653568 Dying To Have Known.avi
3 File(s) 732791607 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Cancer\video\Food As Medicine
11-12-23 11:21 366958592 Food As Medicine 1.avi
11-12-23 10:51 366655488 Food As Medicine 2.avi
11-12-14 14:49 395 Food As Medicine Readme.txt
3 File(s) 733614475 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Cancer\video\Healing Cancer From Inside Out
11-12-14 14:49 16961 Healing Cancer From Inside Out Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 813 Healing Cancer From Inside Out Readme.txt
11-12-23 11:28 732473344 Healing Cancer From Inside Out.avi
3 File(s) 732491118 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Cancer\video\Natural Healing Crusade
11-12-23 11:20 108967464 1-1 Natural Healing Crusade.mp4
11-12-23 07:59 108779875 1-2 Natural Healing Crusade.mp4
11-12-23 06:25 108708540 1-3 Natural Healing Crusade.mp4
11-12-23 07:18 65045045 2-1 Natural Healing Crusade.mp4
11-12-23 11:36 151243251 3-1 Natural Healing Crusade.mp4
11-12-23 11:09 151668775 3-2 Natural Healing Crusade.mp4
11-12-23 11:51 143857084 4-1 Natural Healing Crusade.mp4
11-12-23 09:15 227698419 5-1 Natural Healing Crusade.mp4
11-12-14 14:49 19881 Natural Healing Crusade Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 1635 Natural Healing Crusade Readme.txt
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Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Cancer\video\Quit Smoking Motivation
11-12-19 11:01 17964958 Quit Smoking Motivation.avi
1 File(s) 17964958 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Cancer\video\Save Your Life
11-12-23 12:02 131930790 Save Your Life 01.flv
11-12-23 07:31 139433922 Save Your Life 02.flv
11-12-23 08:12 140782563 Save Your Life 03.flv
11-12-23 11:35 162107963 Save Your Life 04.flv
11-12-23 10:23 149748268 Save Your Life 05.flv
11-12-23 10:40 160721861 Save Your Life 06.flv
11-12-23 11:58 135382140 Save Your Life 07.flv
11-12-23 11:29 78037754 Save Your Life 08.flv
11-12-23 09:41 89449726 Save Your Life 09.flv
11-12-23 11:36 153955646 Save Your Life 10.flv
11-12-23 09:14 163391226 Save Your Life 11.flv
11-12-23 11:23 90138648 Save Your Life 12.flv
11-12-10 18:53 84468 Save Your Life Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 748 Save Your Life Readme.txt
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Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Cancer\video\The Beautiful Truth
11-12-14 14:49 14925 The Beautiful Truth Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 628 The Beautiful Truth Readme.txt
11-12-23 07:07 540028562 The Beautiful Truth.mp4
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Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Cancer\video\The Gerson Miracle
11-12-14 14:49 26279 The Gerson Miracle Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 945 The Gerson Miracle Readme.txt
11-12-23 09:18 910180164 The Gerson Miracle.avi
3 File(s) 910207388 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Cancer\video\The Gerson Therapy
11-12-14 14:49 2860 The Gerson Therapy Readme.txt
11-12-14 14:34 41410 The Gerson Therapy Vol 1 Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:46 39065 The Gerson Therapy Vol 2 Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:46 38774 The Gerson Therapy Vol 3 Cover.jpg
11-12-23 11:37 1015165150 The Gerson Therapy Vol. 1 - Overview and Patient Testimonials.avi
11-12-23 11:37 1099151978 The Gerson Therapy Vol. 2-1 - At Home.avi
11-12-23 11:40 1226262386 The Gerson Therapy Vol. 2-2 - At Home.avi
11-12-23 11:41 1046101982 The Gerson Therapy Vol. 3 - Food Preparation.avi
8 File(s) 4386803605 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Cancer\video\The Science and Politics of Cancer
11-12-14 12:43 60034 The Science and Politics of Cancer Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 510 The Science and Politics of Cancer Readme.txt
11-12-23 11:34 122193132 The Science and Politics of Cancer.avi
3 File(s) 122253676 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Cancer\video\The Tobacco Conspiracy
11-12-14 14:49 23179 The Tobacco Conspiracy Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 1479 The Tobacco Conspiracy Readme.txt
11-12-23 11:38 228929775 The Tobacco Conspiracy.flv
3 File(s) 228954433 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Cancer\video\Tobacco - Modern Marvels
11-12-14 14:49 15275 Tobacco - Modern Marvels Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 523 Tobacco - Modern Marvels Readme.txt
11-12-23 11:25 171545115 Tobacco - Modern Marvels.flv
3 File(s) 171560913 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Cancer\video\Tobacco And The Human Body
11-12-14 14:49 26361 Tobacco And The Human Body Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 621 Tobacco And The Human Body Readme.txt
11-12-19 11:23 63074878 Tobacco And The Human Body.avi
3 File(s) 63101860 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Cancer\video\Tobacco Collage
11-12-23 10:21 50392214 1 Tobacco Collage.avi
11-12-23 11:31 41222928 2 Tobacco Collage.avi
11-12-23 10:11 39791006 3 Tobacco Collage.avi
11-12-23 09:32 47597542 4 Tobacco Collage.avi
11-12-23 06:27 59824296 5 Tobacco Collage.avi
11-12-23 11:29 42724902 6 Tobacco Collage.avi
11-12-23 12:03 42162304 7 Tobacco Collage.avi
11-12-23 08:21 46009064 8 Tobacco Collage.avi
8 File(s) 369724256 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Cancer\video\When Healing Becomes A Crime
11-12-23 12:07 73248768 Interview with director Ken Ausubel.avi
11-12-10 19:09 915312 When Healing Becomes A Crime Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 943 When Healing Becomes A Crime Readme.txt
11-12-23 11:01 733394944 When Healing Becomes A Crime.avi
4 File(s) 807559967 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Cancer\video\World Without Cancer
11-12-14 14:49 23437 World Without Cancer Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 793 World Without Cancer Readme.txt
11-12-23 10:23 418000896 World Without Cancer.avi
3 File(s) 418025126 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Cancer\video\You Cant Improve On God
11-12-14 14:49 6575 You Cant Improve On God Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 457 You Cant Improve On God Readme.txt
11-12-23 03:17 311409972 You Cant Improve On God.flv
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Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Diabetes
12-12-13 13:40 video
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Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Diabetes\video
12-12-13 13:40 Simply Raw - Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days
3 File(s) 734968746 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Diabetes\video\Simply Raw - Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days
11-12-14 14:28 52968 Simply Raw - Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 706 Simply Raw - Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days Readme.txt
11-12-23 12:06 734915072 Simply Raw - Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days.avi
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Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Exercise
12-12-13 13:50 video
48 File(s) 10882716286 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Exercise\video
12-12-13 13:42 10 Minute Trainer
12-12-13 13:50 P90X
12-12-13 13:51 Tai Chi for Beginners
48 File(s) 10882716286 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Exercise\video\10 Minute Trainer
11-12-14 14:28 51496 10 Minute Trainer Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 960 10 Minute Trainer Readme.txt
11-12-20 03:48 149779774 Abs.avi
11-12-23 08:09 139020314 Cardio.avi
11-12-20 03:53 123937086 Core Cardio.avi
12-12-13 13:41 docs
11-12-23 11:18 119113824 Lower Body.avi
11-12-20 03:54 139344952 Total Body - 1.avi
11-12-20 03:53 146511518 Total Body - 2.avi
11-12-23 11:46 144668586 Upper Body.avi
11-12-23 10:22 148104832 Yoga Flex.avi
16 File(s) 1175097505 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Exercise\video\10 Minute Trainer\docs
11-12-19 11:47 11490336 Accelerated Results.png
11-12-11 21:33 11135541 Getting Started.png
11-12-21 06:41 10775307 Lean Jean - Back.png
11-12-21 10:52 23034002 Lean Jean - Front.png
11-12-10 18:01 4033171 Measurement Tracker - Female.png
11-12-10 18:01 4095806 Measurement Tracker - Male.png
6 File(s) 64564163 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Exercise\video\P90X
11-12-23 06:14 183357440 00 How To Bring It.avi
11-12-23 08:27 733134848 01 Chest and Back.avi
11-12-23 10:45 733272064 02 Plyometrics.avi
11-12-23 11:11 733044736 03 Shoulders and Arms.avi
11-12-23 10:41 732882944 04 Yoga X.avi
11-12-23 09:26 732844032 05 Legs and Back.avi
11-12-23 08:12 733278208 06 Kenpo X.avi
11-12-23 07:48 733288448 07 X Stretch.avi
11-12-23 10:48 733298688 08 Core Synergistics.avi
11-12-23 10:53 732844032 09 Chest - Shoulders - Triceps.avi
11-12-23 10:38 732909568 10 Back and Biceps.avi
11-12-23 10:33 733485056 11 Cardio X.avi
11-12-23 10:46 183314432 12 Ab Ripper X.avi
12-12-13 13:43 docs
11-12-14 14:28 47390 P90X Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 996 P90X Readme.txt
23 File(s) 8848541610 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Exercise\video\P90X\docs
11-12-10 18:49 159920 Alternative Hybrid Workouts.pdf
11-12-10 19:10 608711 Calendar.pdf
11-12-10 18:49 146944 Classic Routine Workout.xls
11-12-12 08:01 8504622 Fitness Guide.pdf
11-12-23 10:25 406484689 Nutrition Plan.pdf
11-12-10 19:10 788099 Step-By-Step Diet Guide.pdf
11-12-10 19:10 726329 The Fit Test.pdf
11-12-10 18:49 119414 WorkSheet.pdf
8 File(s) 417538728 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Exercise\video\Tai Chi for Beginners
11-12-23 09:04 36157440 1 Tai Chi For Beginners.avi
11-12-23 12:05 134889618 2 Tai Chi For Beginners.avi
11-12-23 08:45 199435400 3 Tai Chi For Beginners.avi
11-12-23 11:06 145001304 4 Tai Chi For Beginners.avi
11-12-23 12:13 92076600 5 Tai Chi For Beginners.avi
11-12-23 11:18 184028984 6 Tai Chi For Beginners.avi
11-12-23 12:04 67446784 7 24 Forms Demonstration.avi
11-12-14 14:46 40877 Tai Chi For Beginners Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 164 Tai Chi for Beginners Readme.txt
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Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Food
12-12-13 13:51 other
12-12-13 13:51 pdf
12-12-13 14:00 video
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Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Food\other
12-12-13 13:51 USDA National Nutrient Database
2 File(s) 15876103 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Food\other\USDA National Nutrient Database
11-12-10 18:53 89840 USDA National Nutrient Database User's Guide.PDF
11-12-22 21:59 15786263 USDA National Nutrient Database.exe
2 File(s) 15876103 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Food\pdf
12-12-13 13:51 12 Steps to Raw Foods
12-12-13 13:51 A Complete Handbook Of Nature Cure
12-12-13 13:51 Alkaline Acid Food Chart
12-12-13 13:51 Healthy Herbs
12-12-13 13:51 Raw Foods Bible
12-12-13 13:51 Raw Foods for Busy People
12-12-13 13:51 Sprouting Seeds for Food
12-12-13 13:51 The 200 SuperFoods That Will Save Your Life
12-12-13 13:51 Wild Foods Cookbook
17 File(s) 57557525 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Food\pdf\12 Steps to Raw Foods
11-12-14 14:49 14495 12 Steps to Raw Foods Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 762 12 Steps to Raw Foods Readme.txt
11-12-20 04:38 15445081 12 Steps to Raw Foods.pdf
3 File(s) 15460338 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Food\pdf\A Complete Handbook Of Nature Cure
11-12-10 19:09 1324690 A Complete Handbook Of Nature Cure.pdf
1 File(s) 1324690 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Food\pdf\Alkaline Acid Food Chart
11-12-10 18:49 157739 Alkaline Acid Food Chart.pdf
1 File(s) 157739 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Food\pdf\Healthy Herbs
11-12-10 19:09 998926 Healthy Herbs.pdf
1 File(s) 998926 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Food\pdf\Raw Foods Bible
11-12-10 18:53 77157 Raw Foods Bible Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 526 Raw Foods Bible Readme.txt
11-12-16 23:41 13878473 Raw Foods Bible.pdf
3 File(s) 13956156 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Food\pdf\Raw Foods for Busy People
11-12-14 14:49 19769 Raw Foods for Busy People Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 494 Raw Foods for Busy People Readme.txt
11-12-19 22:09 19970820 Raw Foods for Busy People.pdf
3 File(s) 19991083 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Food\pdf\Sprouting Seeds for Food
11-12-10 18:49 221786 Sprouting Seeds for Food.pdf
1 File(s) 221786 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Food\pdf\The 200 SuperFoods That Will Save Your Life
11-12-14 14:46 30717 The 200 SuperFoods That Will Save Your Life Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 770 The 200 SuperFoods That Will Save Your Life Readme.txt
11-12-08 20:21 3335571 The 200 SuperFoods That Will Save Your Life.pdf
3 File(s) 3367058 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Food\pdf\Wild Foods Cookbook
11-12-08 20:47 2079749 Wild Foods Cookbook.pdf
1 File(s) 2079749 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Food\video
12-12-13 13:51 12 Steps to Raw Foods
12-12-13 13:51 45 Days The Life and Death of a Broiler Chicken
12-12-13 13:51 A Diet For All Reasons
12-12-13 13:52 Agri Processors
12-12-13 13:52 Click and Clone
12-12-13 13:52 Contaminated The New Science Of Food
12-12-13 13:52 Deconstructing Supper
12-12-13 13:53 Diet for a New America
12-12-13 13:53 Eating 2nd Edition
12-12-13 13:54 Eating 3rd Edition
12-12-13 13:55 Factory vs Grass Fed
12-12-13 13:55 Food Inc
12-12-13 13:55 Food Matters
12-12-13 13:56 Forks over Knives
12-12-13 13:57 Genetically Krafted
12-12-13 13:57 Genetically Modified Food Panacea or Poison
12-12-13 13:57 Hog Scalding Tank
12-12-13 13:57 How To Be Healthy
12-12-13 13:58 Meet Your Meat
12-12-13 13:58 Processed People
12-12-13 13:58 Raw For Life
12-12-13 13:59 Rosebud
12-12-13 13:59 Super Size Me
12-12-13 13:59 The Future of Food
12-12-13 14:00 The Meatrix
12-12-13 14:00 The Pig Picture
12-12-13 14:00 Viva Dairy Cows
12-12-13 14:00 Water Filter - Mercola
71 File(s) 10265435714 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Food\video\12 Steps to Raw Foods
11-12-14 14:49 17651 12 Steps to Raw Foods Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 769 12 Steps to Raw Foods Readme.txt
11-12-23 11:11 250273117 12 Steps to Raw Foods.flv
3 File(s) 250291537 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Food\video\45 Days The Life and Death of a Broiler Chicken
11-12-14 14:49 1283 45 Days The Life and Death of a Broiler Chicken Readme.txt
11-12-23 06:36 28925164 45 Days The Life and Death of a Broiler Chicken.mp4
2 File(s) 28926447 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Food\video\A Diet For All Reasons
11-12-14 14:49 19716 A Diet For All Reasons Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 284 A Diet For All Reasons Readme.txt
11-12-23 11:30 749684736 A Diet For All Reasons.avi
3 File(s) 749704736 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Food\video\Agri Processors
11-12-14 14:49 1704 Agri Processors Readme.txt
11-12-23 11:21 122514634 Agri Processors.flv
2 File(s) 122516338 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Food\video\Click and Clone
11-12-10 19:12 368274 Click and Clone.swf
1 File(s) 368274 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Food\video\Contaminated The New Science Of Food
11-12-14 14:49 446 Contaminated The New Science Of Food Readme.txt
11-12-21 16:04 59630854 Contaminated The New Science Of Food.mp4
2 File(s) 59631300 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Food\video\Deconstructing Supper
11-12-14 14:34 41154 Deconstructing Supper Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 1768 Deconstructing Supper Readme.txt
11-12-23 11:00 448773287 Deconstructing Supper.mp4
3 File(s) 448816209 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Food\video\Diet for a New America
11-12-14 13:47 59980 Diet for a New America Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 1241 Diet for a New America Readme.txt
11-12-23 10:21 372643295 Diet for a New America.mp4
3 File(s) 372704516 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Food\video\Eating 2nd Edition
11-12-14 14:28 51408 Eating - 2nd Edition Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 258 Eating - 2nd Edition Readme.txt
11-12-23 11:17 732614914 Eating - 2nd Edition.avi
3 File(s) 732666580 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Food\video\Eating 3rd Edition
11-12-14 14:49 27884 Eating - 3rd Edition Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 776 Eating - 3rd Edition Readme.txt
11-12-23 11:04 1153017192 Eating - 3rd Edition.avi
3 File(s) 1153045852 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Food\video\Factory vs Grass Fed
11-12-12 07:54 8504719 Factory vs Grass Fed.flv
1 File(s) 8504719 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Food\video\Food Inc
11-12-10 19:33 333930 Food Inc Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 429 Food Inc Readme.txt
11-12-23 09:55 785394236 Food Inc.mp4
3 File(s) 785728595 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Food\video\Food Matters
11-12-10 19:10 721006 Food Matters Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 1285 Food Matters Readme.txt
11-12-17 19:30 660390249 Food Matters.mp4
3 File(s) 661112540 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Food\video\Forks over Knives
11-12-10 18:53 64120 Forks over Knives Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 3206 Forks over Knives Readme.txt
11-12-23 10:37 825318407 Forks over Knives.mp4
3 File(s) 825385733 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Food\video\Genetically Krafted
11-12-14 14:49 369 Genetically Krafted Readme.txt
11-12-10 17:12 6927907 Genetically Krafted.mp4
2 File(s) 6928276 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Food\video\Genetically Modified Food Panacea or Poison
11-12-14 14:28 56314 Genetically Modified Food Panacea or Poison Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 625 Genetically Modified Food Panacea or Poison Readme.txt
11-12-23 11:03 636983296 Genetically Modified Food Panacea or Poison.avi
3 File(s) 637040235 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Food\video\Hog Scalding Tank
11-12-14 14:49 178 Hog Scalding Tank Readme.txt
11-12-10 18:52 1542505 Hog Scalding Tank.flv
2 File(s) 1542683 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Food\video\How To Be Healthy
11-12-14 14:49 26229 How To Be Healthy - BBC Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 1071 How To Be Healthy - BBC Readme.txt
11-12-23 11:28 731787264 How To Be Healthy - BBC.avi
3 File(s) 731814564 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Food\video\Meet Your Meat
11-12-14 14:49 147 Meet Your Meat Readme.txt
11-12-20 07:52 64813759 Meet Your Meat.mp4
2 File(s) 64813906 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Food\video\Processed People
11-12-14 14:49 29774 Processed People Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 875 Processed People Readme.txt
11-12-21 01:57 571987824 Processed People.WMV
3 File(s) 572018473 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Food\video\Raw For Life
11-12-14 14:49 11126 Raw For Life Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 701 Raw For Life Readme.txt
11-12-23 11:20 335000938 Raw For Life.flv
3 File(s) 335012765 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Food\video\Rosebud
11-12-14 14:49 160 Rosebud Readme.txt
11-12-23 10:43 26862579 Rosebud.flv
2 File(s) 26862739 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Food\video\Super Size Me
11-12-14 14:34 43002 Super Size Me Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 538 Super Size Me Readme.txt
11-12-23 11:12 734142464 Super Size Me.avi
3 File(s) 734186004 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Food\video\The Future of Food
11-12-14 14:28 53685 The Future of Food Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 1221 The Future of Food Readme.txt
11-12-23 10:19 780054601 The Future of Food.mp4
3 File(s) 780109507 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Food\video\The Meatrix
11-12-10 18:09 863706 The Meatrix 1.swf
11-12-10 19:00 2355037 The Meatrix 2.5.swf
11-12-10 18:14 3453712 The Meatrix 2.swf
11-12-14 14:49 20248 The Meatrix Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 618 The Meatrix Readme.txt
5 File(s) 6693321 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Food\video\The Pig Picture
11-12-14 14:49 280 The Pig Picture Readme.txt
11-12-21 06:06 61085037 The Pig Picture.flv
2 File(s) 61085317 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Food\video\Viva Dairy Cows
11-12-14 14:46 34449 Viva Dairy Cows Cover.jpg
11-12-20 07:43 34738465 Viva Dairy Cows.mp4
2 File(s) 34772914 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Food\video\Water Filter - Mercola
11-12-23 06:18 73151634 Water Filter - Mercola.flv
1 File(s) 73151634 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Herb
12-12-13 14:00 other
12-12-13 14:03 pdf
12-12-13 14:04 video
74 File(s) 1921324087 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Herb\other
11-12-14 14:49 854 List of herbal websites.txt
12-12-13 14:00 The Herbal Pharmacy
3 File(s) 57247526 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Herb\other\The Herbal Pharmacy
11-12-14 14:49 536 Readme.txt
11-12-23 05:15 57246136 The Herbal Pharmacy.exe
2 File(s) 57246672 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Herb\pdf
12-12-13 14:00 Complete Idiot's Guide to Herbal Remedies
12-12-13 14:00 Encyclopedia of Homeopathy
12-12-13 14:00 Handbook of Medicinal Herbs
12-12-13 14:00 Healing Herbs eBook
12-12-13 14:00 Herbal Medicines Third Edition
12-12-13 14:00 Herbs and Natural Supplements - 2nd Edition
12-12-13 14:00 NIH Herbs at a Glance
12-12-13 14:01 PDR for Herbal Medicines - Second Edition
12-12-13 14:02 Pharmacodynamic Basis of Herbal Medicine - Second Edition
12-12-13 14:02 Pocket Guide to Herbal Medicine
12-12-13 14:02 The Green Pharmacy
12-12-13 14:03 The Handbook of Clinically Tested Herbal Remedies
12-12-13 14:03 WHO Monographs On Selected Medicinal Plants
38 File(s) 477591083 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Herb\pdf\Complete Idiot's Guide to Herbal Remedies
11-12-14 14:49 24777 Complete Idiot's Guide to Herbal Remedies Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 562 Complete Idiot's Guide to Herbal Remedies Readme.txt
11-12-10 17:33 5681589 Complete Idiot's Guide to Herbal Remedies.pdf
3 File(s) 5706928 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Herb\pdf\Encyclopedia of Homeopathy
11-12-10 18:53 70368 Encyclopedia of Homeopathy Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 271 Encyclopedia of Homeopathy Readme.txt
11-12-13 23:43 21142380 Encyclopedia of Homeopathy.pdf
3 File(s) 21213019 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Herb\pdf\Handbook of Medicinal Herbs
11-12-14 14:49 25273 Handbook of Medicinal Herbs Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 1871 Handbook of Medicinal Herbs Readme.txt
11-12-17 23:41 8097374 Handbook of Medicinal Herbs.pdf
3 File(s) 8124518 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Herb\pdf\Healing Herbs eBook
11-12-22 23:04 8858851 Healing Herbs eBook.PDF
1 File(s) 8858851 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Herb\pdf\Herbal Medicines Third Edition
11-12-10 18:53 72219 Herbal Medicines Third Edition Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 574 Herbal Medicines Third Edition Readme.txt
11-12-18 12:32 21296856 Herbal Medicines Third Edition.pdf
3 File(s) 21369649 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Herb\pdf\Herbs and Natural Supplements - 2nd Edition
11-12-14 14:46 34039 Herbs and Natural Supplements - 2nd Edition Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 804 Herbs and Natural Supplements - 2nd Edition Readme.txt
11-12-18 14:05 8832299 Herbs and Natural Supplements - 2nd Edition.pdf
3 File(s) 8867142 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Herb\pdf\NIH Herbs at a Glance
11-12-23 04:41 16046131 NIH Herbs at a Glance.pdf
1 File(s) 16046131 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Herb\pdf\PDR for Herbal Medicines - Second Edition
11-12-14 14:49 28847 PDR for Herbal Medicines - Second Edition Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 1339 PDR for Herbal Medicines - Second Edition Readme.txt
11-12-21 06:00 9431838 PDR for Herbal Medicines - Second Edition.pdf
3 File(s) 9462024 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Herb\pdf\Pharmacodynamic Basis of Herbal Medicine - Second Edition
11-12-14 14:49 17115 Pharmacodynamic Basis of Herbal Medicine - Second Edition Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 1519 Pharmacodynamic Basis of Herbal Medicine - Second Edition Readme.txt
11-12-23 03:42 18750770 Pharmacodynamic Basis of Herbal Medicine - Second Edition.pdf
3 File(s) 18769404 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Herb\pdf\Pocket Guide to Herbal Medicine
11-12-14 14:46 38510 Pocket Guide to Herbal Medicine Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 877 Pocket Guide to Herbal Medicine Readme.txt
11-12-10 18:05 3908429 Pocket Guide to Herbal Medicine.pdf
3 File(s) 3947816 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Herb\pdf\The Green Pharmacy
11-12-14 14:49 20184 The Green Pharmacy Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 1160 The Green Pharmacy Readme.txt
11-12-23 04:54 330517033 The Green Pharmacy.pdf
3 File(s) 330538377 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Herb\pdf\The Handbook of Clinically Tested Herbal Remedies
11-12-14 14:28 59565 The Handbook of Clinically Tested Herbal Remedies Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 678 The Handbook of Clinically Tested Herbal Remedies Readme.txt
11-12-21 23:59 13312010 The Handbook of Clinically Tested Herbal Remedies.pdf
3 File(s) 13372253 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Herb\pdf\WHO Monographs On Selected Medicinal Plants
11-12-14 14:49 19830 WHO Monographs On Selected Medicinal Plants Volume 1 Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 2671 WHO Monographs On Selected Medicinal Plants Volume 1 Readme.txt
11-12-10 18:42 1479997 WHO Monographs On Selected Medicinal Plants Volume 1.PDF
11-12-10 18:28 2678644 WHO Monographs On Selected Medicinal Plants Volume 2.PDF
11-12-08 20:34 1977010 WHO Monographs On Selected Medicinal Plants Volume 3.PDF
11-12-21 04:35 5156819 WHO Monographs On Selected Medicinal Plants Volume 4.PDF
6 File(s) 11314971 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Herb\video
12-12-13 14:03 Edible Wild Plants
12-12-13 14:04 Herbal Basics
12-12-13 14:04 Home Remedy Secrets
33 File(s) 1386485478 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Herb\video\Edible Wild Plants
11-12-14 14:46 36278 Edible Wild Plants Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 366 Edible Wild Plants Readme.txt
11-12-23 11:48 732301312 Edible Wild Plants.avi
3 File(s) 732337956 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Herb\video\Herbal Basics
11-12-22 19:52 32811024 Bath Salts.flv
11-12-23 04:10 15954320 Cone Incense.flv
11-12-17 20:26 17240080 Facial Scrub.flv
11-12-21 09:08 28792076 Herbal Capsules.flv
11-12-21 06:33 19979934 Herbal Honey.flv
11-12-23 11:45 42892704 Herbal Infused Oils.flv
11-12-10 12:44 12029767 Herbal Steams.flv
11-12-23 11:40 40139186 How To Sprout.flv
11-12-23 11:46 37692064 Liniments.flv
11-12-23 11:46 34524168 Lip Balm.flv
11-12-23 10:42 33465787 Lozenges.flv
11-12-23 11:48 42720048 Salve.flv
11-12-10 12:43 13127045 Syrup.flv
11-12-23 11:49 34664538 Tea.flv
11-12-23 11:41 38916840 Tinctures.flv
11-12-23 04:41 16779210 Tooth Powder.flv
11-12-21 05:53 30910815 Topical Applications Part 1.flv
11-12-23 11:40 24531749 Topical Applications Part 2.flv
18 File(s) 517171355 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Herb\video\Home Remedy Secrets
11-12-19 18:29 24175232 01 Introduction.flv
11-12-14 16:20 13836029 02 Making Tea.flv
11-12-19 15:40 14526878 03 Herbal.flv
11-12-10 12:43 12929201 04 Tinctures.flv
11-12-18 23:49 11406611 05 Essential Oils.flv
11-12-19 18:59 12130973 06 Salves & Oils.flv
11-12-20 04:27 15455221 07 Direct Application.flv
11-12-10 14:23 9814121 08 Toothache.flv
11-12-10 14:15 11135191 09 Ear Ache.flv
11-12-19 11:47 11535538 10 Conclusion.flv
11-12-14 14:46 31002 Home Remedy Secrets Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 170 Home Remedy Secrets Readme.txt
12 File(s) 136976167 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Images
12-12-13 14:04 Cloud
12-12-13 14:04 Flower
12-12-13 14:04 Lava
12-12-13 14:04 Lightning
12-12-13 14:04 Mountain
12-12-13 14:04 Outerspace
12-12-13 14:04 Tree
12-12-13 14:04 Water
12-12-13 14:04 Winter
73 File(s) 16103982 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Images\Cloud
11-12-10 18:49 127244 Cloud 1.jpg
11-12-10 18:49 128959 Cloud 2.jpg
2 File(s) 256203 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Images\Flower
11-12-10 18:49 242679 Flower 01.jpg
11-12-10 18:49 240395 Flower 02.jpg
11-12-10 18:53 76570 Flower 03.jpg
11-12-10 18:49 95306 Flower 04.jpg
11-12-10 18:49 161542 Flower 05.jpg
11-12-10 18:49 168185 Flower 06.jpg
11-12-10 18:49 105365 Flower 07.jpg
11-12-10 18:53 74202 Flower 08.jpg
11-12-10 18:49 161536 Flower 09.jpg
11-12-10 19:33 343885 Flower 10.jpg
11-12-10 19:33 292582 Flower 11.jpg
11-12-10 18:49 200374 Flower 12.jpg
11-12-10 19:33 333873 Flower 13.jpg
11-12-10 19:12 374080 Flower 14.jpg
11-12-10 19:33 329677 Flower 15.jpg
11-12-10 19:33 298564 Flower 16.jpg
11-12-10 19:12 389340 Flower 17.jpg
11-12-10 18:49 121290 Flower 18.jpg
11-12-10 18:53 84392 Flower 19.jpg
11-12-10 18:49 228098 Flower 20.jpg
20 File(s) 4321935 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Images\Lava
11-12-10 18:49 184834 lava 1.jpg
11-12-10 18:49 199582 lava 2.jpg
11-12-10 19:12 367262 lava 3.jpg
3 File(s) 751678 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Images\Lightning
11-12-10 18:49 111468 Lightning 1.jpg
11-12-10 18:49 104734 Lightning 2.jpg
2 File(s) 216202 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Images\Mountain
11-12-10 18:49 125263 Mountain 1.jpg
11-12-10 19:11 459405 Mountain 2.jpg
11-12-10 19:12 354951 Mountain 3.jpg
11-12-10 18:49 236932 Mountain 4.jpg
11-12-10 19:11 407185 Mountain 5.jpg
11-12-10 19:11 416790 Mountain 6.jpg
11-12-10 19:33 288090 Mountain 7.jpg
11-12-10 19:33 244371 Mountain 8.jpg
8 File(s) 2532987 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Images\Outerspace
11-12-14 14:28 48527 Outerspace 01.jpg
11-12-14 13:47 59575 Outerspace 02.jpg
11-12-10 18:53 62892 Outerspace 03.jpg
11-12-14 14:28 47950 Outerspace 04.jpg
11-12-10 18:49 128729 Outerspace 05.jpg
11-12-10 18:49 116812 Outerspace 06.jpg
11-12-10 18:49 93947 Outerspace 07.jpg
11-12-14 14:28 47664 Outerspace 08.jpg
11-12-14 14:34 42786 Outerspace 09.jpg
11-12-10 18:49 100780 Outerspace 10.jpg
11-12-10 18:49 129126 Outerspace 11.jpg
11-12-10 18:49 131991 Outerspace 12.jpg
11-12-10 18:53 64260 Outerspace 13.jpg
11-12-10 18:49 157410 Outerspace 14.jpg
11-12-10 18:53 79693 Outerspace 15.jpg
11-12-10 18:53 84029 Outerspace 16.jpg
11-12-14 14:34 45390 Outerspace 17.jpg
11-12-14 14:28 59438 Outerspace 18.jpg
11-12-14 14:28 47261 Outerspace 19.jpg
11-12-10 18:53 74772 Outerspace 20.jpg
11-12-14 14:46 39758 Outerspace 21.jpg
11-12-10 18:49 110373 Outerspace 22.jpg
11-12-10 18:53 84952 Outerspace 23.jpg
23 File(s) 1858115 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Images\Tree
11-12-10 18:49 146935 Tree 1.jpg
11-12-10 19:10 702153 Tree 2.jpg
11-12-10 19:10 736002 Tree 3.jpg
11-12-10 19:10 619045 Tree 4.jpg
4 File(s) 2204135 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Images\Water
11-12-10 19:12 395269 Water 1.jpg
11-12-10 19:33 306187 Water 2.jpg
11-12-10 19:12 346127 Water 3.jpg
11-12-10 19:11 415282 Water 4.jpg
11-12-10 18:49 166417 Water 5.jpg
11-12-10 18:49 108901 Water 6.jpg
6 File(s) 1738183 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Images\Winter
11-12-10 18:49 182008 Winter 1.jpg
11-12-10 19:10 665362 Winter 2.jpg
11-12-10 19:11 483132 Winter 3.jpg
11-12-10 19:11 465104 Winter 4.jpg
11-12-10 19:11 428938 Winter 5.jpg
5 File(s) 2224544 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Other
12-12-13 14:04 pdf
12-12-13 14:07 video
31 File(s) 3461581796 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Other\pdf
12-12-13 14:04 A Complete Handbook of Nature's Cures
12-12-13 14:04 Absolute Beginner's Guide to Alternative Medicine
12-12-13 14:04 Complementary Medicine for Dummies
12-12-13 14:04 Lessons From The Miracle Doctors
12-12-13 14:04 Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About
13 File(s) 13631097 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Other\pdf\A Complete Handbook of Nature's Cures
11-12-10 19:09 1324690 A Complete Handbook of Nature's Cures.pdf
1 File(s) 1324690 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Other\pdf\Absolute Beginner's Guide to Alternative Medicine
11-12-14 14:49 22070 Absolute Beginner's Guide to Alternative Medicine Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 1191 Absolute Beginner's Guide to Alternative Medicine Readme.txt
11-12-10 19:07 1922012 Absolute Beginner's Guide to Alternative Medicine.pdf
3 File(s) 1945273 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Other\pdf\Complementary Medicine for Dummies
11-12-10 18:49 98915 Complementary Medicine for Dummies Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 811 Complementary Medicine for Dummies Readme.txt
11-12-08 18:18 4328078 Complementary Medicine for Dummies.pdf
3 File(s) 4427804 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Other\pdf\Lessons From The Miracle Doctors
11-12-14 14:49 7942 Lessons from The Miracle Doctors Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 1804 Lessons From The Miracle Doctors Readme.txt
11-12-10 19:10 666366 Lessons From The Miracle Doctors.pdf
3 File(s) 676112 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Other\pdf\Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About
11-12-14 14:46 39973 Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 1526 Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About Readme.txt
11-12-10 17:50 5215719 Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About.pdf
3 File(s) 5257218 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Other\video
12-12-13 14:04 Big Bucks Big Pharma
12-12-13 14:05 Crapshoot - The Gamble with Our Wastes
12-12-13 14:05 Dr. Bronner's Magic Soapbox
12-12-13 14:05 Homo Toxicus
12-12-13 14:06 Sicko
12-12-13 14:07 The Science Of Healing
18 File(s) 3447950699 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Other\video\Big Bucks Big Pharma
11-12-10 18:53 84538 Big Bucks Big Pharma Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 817 Big Bucks Big Pharma Readme.txt
11-12-23 10:14 795645292 Big Bucks Big Pharma.avi
3 File(s) 795730647 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Other\video\Crapshoot - The Gamble with Our Wastes
11-12-14 14:49 7641 Crapshoot - The Gamble with Our Wastes Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 512 Crapshoot - The Gamble with Our Wastes Readme.txt
11-12-23 10:15 463924552 Crapshoot - The Gamble with Our Wastes.mp4
3 File(s) 463932705 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Other\video\Dr. Bronner's Magic Soapbox
11-12-14 14:49 13213 Dr. Bronner's Magic Soapbox Cover.jpg
11-12-23 07:21 224016587 Dr. Bronner's Magic Soapbox EDITED.mp4
11-12-14 14:49 525 Dr. Bronner's Magic Soapbox Readme.txt
3 File(s) 224030325 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Other\video\Homo Toxicus
11-12-14 14:49 7509 Homo Toxicus Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 1436 Homo Toxicus Readme.txt
11-12-23 11:04 766797172 Homo Toxicus.mp4
3 File(s) 766806117 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Other\video\Sicko
11-12-14 14:49 18557 Sicko Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 1589 Sicko Readme.txt
11-12-23 10:30 712117236 Sicko.avi
3 File(s) 712137382 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Other\video\The Science Of Healing
11-12-14 14:46 35884 The Science Of Healing Cover.jpg
11-12-14 14:49 854 The Science Of Healing Readme.txt
11-12-23 08:54 485276785 The Science Of Healing.mp4
3 File(s) 485313523 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Sounds
11-12-23 03:03 144005792 A Day in the Wilderness.mp3
11-12-21 05:40 41825153 Amazon Rainforest - Music.mp3
11-12-19 17:46 11951891 Babbling Brook - Music.mp3
11-12-23 04:11 144084115 Songbirds in a Country Garden.mp3
11-12-21 22:17 24224205 Sunrise - Music.mp3
11-12-23 11:52 144006837 Thunder & Rain Storms.mp3
11-12-20 01:15 24781150 Tropical Mystery - Music.mp3
7 File(s) 534879143 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual
12-12-13 14:08 Christian Music
12-12-13 14:08 Christian Music Video
12-12-13 14:08 Daily Bible Reading
12-12-13 14:09 eSword Bible Study
170 File(s) 1846206380 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\Christian Music
12-12-13 14:08 Audio Adrenaline
12-12-13 14:08 Audio Magazine1996
12-12-13 14:08 Bensen Music Group Collection 1996
12-12-13 14:08 Carman
12-12-13 14:08 Cathedrals & Florida Boys
12-12-13 14:08 Cedarmont Kids Classics
12-12-13 14:08 Charlie Louvin
12-12-13 14:08 Chuckwagon Gang
12-12-13 14:08 Country Inspiration - Just A Closer Walk With Thee
12-12-13 14:08 Elvis Presley
12-12-13 14:08 Gary S. Paxton
12-12-13 14:08 Gene Watson
12-12-13 14:08 George Jones
12-12-13 14:08 Golden Songs Of Inspiration
12-12-13 14:08 Greg Hoover and C.A.C.C
12-12-13 14:08 Hank Williams Jr & Sr
12-12-13 14:08 His Shining Light
12-12-13 14:08 Jake Hess
12-12-13 14:08 Jennifer Knapp
12-12-13 14:08 Jerry Jordan
12-12-13 14:08 Jim Nabors
12-12-13 14:08 Johnny Cash
12-12-13 14:08 Lewis Family
12-12-13 14:08 Mattie Moss Clark
12-12-13 14:08 Merle & Willie
12-12-13 14:08 News Boys
12-12-13 14:08 Power Pak Gospel Series
12-12-13 14:08 Randy Travis
12-12-13 14:08 Red Foley With The Jordanaires
12-12-13 14:08 Reno & Smiley
12-12-13 14:08 Southern Gospel You Better Believe It
12-12-13 14:08 Spencers
12-12-13 14:08 Stanley Brothers
12-12-13 14:08 Statler Brothers
12-12-13 14:08 Straightway Kids
12-12-13 14:08 The Best Of Black Gospel Vol 6
12-12-13 14:08 The Greatest Country Gospel Vol 4
12-12-13 14:08 Willie Nelson
12-12-13 14:08 Winans
139 File(s) 660627449 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\Christian Music\Audio Adrenaline
11-12-10 17:55 4692672 Get Down.mp3
11-12-10 17:44 5545152 Good Life.mp3
11-12-10 17:53 4944384 This Day.mp3
11-12-10 17:44 5503680 Will Not Fade.mp3
4 File(s) 20685888 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\Christian Music\Audio Magazine1996
11-12-19 15:16 6871680 Save Me.mp3
11-12-10 17:57 4424256 We Will Glorify.mp3
2 File(s) 11295936 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\Christian Music\Bensen Music Group Collection 1996
11-12-10 17:08 7091136 Real.mp3
11-12-10 17:06 7512768 This One's With Me.mp3
2 File(s) 14603904 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\Christian Music\Carman
11-12-10 17:42 5905152 Amen.mp3
11-12-21 05:59 9444672 God Is Exalted.mp3
11-12-10 18:08 3809664 Holdin On.mp3
11-12-10 18:15 3220992 Not 4 Sale.mp3
11-12-10 18:11 3598848 Radically Saved.mp3
11-12-10 17:53 5064192 Soap Song.mp3
11-12-10 17:04 7930368 Step Of Faith.mp3
11-12-10 17:44 5609664 Who's In The House.mp3
8 File(s) 44583552 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\Christian Music\Cathedrals & Florida Boys
11-12-19 16:43 6279552 Crimson River.mp3
1 File(s) 6279552 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\Christian Music\Cedarmont Kids Classics
11-12-10 18:21 2744064 He Is Lord.mp3
11-12-10 18:14 3442752 Love, Love.mp3
11-12-10 19:08 1764864 Thy Work Have I Hid In My Heart.mp3
3 File(s) 7951680 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\Christian Music\Charlie Louvin
11-12-10 16:54 8223846 Sweet Beulah Land.mp3
1 File(s) 8223846 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\Christian Music\Chuckwagon Gang
11-12-10 18:10 3641472 Amazing Grace.mp3
11-12-10 18:21 2803968 Are You Washed In The Blood.mp3
11-12-10 18:14 3416256 Come Unto Me.mp3
11-12-10 18:16 3056256 I Feel Like Traveling On.mp3
11-12-10 18:05 3833856 Just A Closer Walk With Thee.mp3
5 File(s) 16751808 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\Christian Music\Country Inspiration - Just A Closer Walk With Thee
11-12-10 17:58 4306752 If Jesus Came To Your House.mp3
1 File(s) 4306752 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\Christian Music\Elvis Presley
11-12-10 19:00 2307456 Bosom Of Abraham.mp3
11-12-10 18:14 3231360 I, John.mp3
11-12-10 18:03 3849984 Lead Me, Guide Me.mp3
11-12-10 17:55 4697856 Reach Out To Jesus.mp3
4 File(s) 14086656 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\Christian Music\Gary S. Paxton
11-12-10 18:00 4196160 (I'm) Anchored In The Rock Of Ages.mp3
11-12-10 17:37 6353856 Lord, How'd I Get So Old So Fast.mp3
11-12-10 17:10 7008192 Ode To The Outlaw (That Prison Called Freedom).mp3
11-12-10 18:00 4138560 Take Your Turf For God.mp3
4 File(s) 21696768 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\Christian Music\Gene Watson
11-12-22 23:04 9200829 Amazing Grace.mp3
1 File(s) 9200829 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\Christian Music\George Jones
11-12-10 17:39 6190268 Amazing Grace.mp3
11-12-10 18:05 3953018 Kneel At The Feet Of Jesus.mp3
11-12-10 17:42 5651644 Release Me.mp3
11-12-10 17:42 5790908 Well It's Alright.mp3
4 File(s) 21585838 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\Christian Music\Golden Songs Of Inspiration
11-12-10 18:01 4049280 Just A Closer Walk With Thee.mp3
11-12-10 18:06 3852864 When I Lay My Burdens Down.mp3
2 File(s) 7902144 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\Christian Music\Greg Hoover and C.A.C.C
11-12-10 17:19 6759360 Sweet Holy Spirit.mp3
1 File(s) 6759360 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\Christian Music\Hank Williams Jr & Sr
11-12-10 18:11 3545280 Wealth Won't Save Your Soul.mp3
1 File(s) 3545280 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\Christian Music\His Shining Light
11-12-08 20:36 2528064 Heaven's Really Gonna Shine.mp3
11-12-10 17:51 5129856 I'm Waitin For Jesus.mp3
11-12-10 18:03 3975552 Jezebel.mp3
11-12-10 18:12 3500352 Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho.mp3
11-12-10 17:56 4611456 Let Your Light Shine On Me.mp3
11-12-10 18:08 3819456 Nobody Knows De Trouble I've Seen.mp3
6 File(s) 23564736 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\Christian Music\Jake Hess
11-12-10 17:44 5499072 Death Ain't No Big Deal.mp3
11-12-10 18:00 4387968 Faith Unlocks The Door.mp3
11-12-10 18:15 3151872 God Takes Good Care Of Me.mp3
11-12-10 17:54 4856256 You And Me Jesus.mp3
4 File(s) 17895168 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\Christian Music\Jennifer Knapp
11-12-10 17:53 4957056 A Little More.mp3
11-12-21 04:35 5158656 All Consuming Fire.mp3
11-12-10 17:42 5724864 Diamond In The Rough.mp3
11-12-10 17:57 4416768 Into You.mp3
11-12-10 17:44 5484672 Lay It Down.mp3
11-12-10 17:47 5355072 Peace.mp3
11-12-10 17:49 5259456 When Nothing Satisfies.mp3
11-12-10 17:42 5719680 You Answer Me.mp3
8 File(s) 42076224 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\Christian Music\Jerry Jordan
11-12-20 22:53 20681856 Phone Call From God.mp3
1 File(s) 20681856 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\Christian Music\Jim Nabors
11-12-10 17:15 6625152 How Great Thou Art.mp3
11-12-10 17:59 4270464 Just A Closer Walk With Thee.mp3
2 File(s) 10895616 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\Christian Music\Johnny Cash
11-12-08 20:28 3317760 God Will.mp3
11-12-10 18:19 2803968 He'll Be A Friend.mp3
11-12-08 20:36 2566656 I Call Him.mp3
11-12-10 18:10 3615552 I Saw A Man.mp3
11-12-10 18:16 2969856 It Was Jesus.mp3
11-12-10 18:12 3511872 Lead Me Gently Home.mp3
11-12-10 18:12 3457152 The Old Account.mp3
11-12-10 18:14 3245760 These Things Shall Pass.mp3
11-12-10 18:03 3972672 When I've Learned.mp3
9 File(s) 29461248 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\Christian Music\Lewis Family
11-12-10 17:53 4963968 What A Savior, What A Friend.mp3
1 File(s) 4963968 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\Christian Music\Mattie Moss Clark
11-12-10 16:47 8570304 Joy Great Joy.mp3
11-12-10 17:49 5117184 Sing Till The Power.mp3
2 File(s) 13687488 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\Christian Music\Merle & Willie
11-12-10 18:14 3384576 He Walks With Me.mp3
11-12-10 17:49 5093568 In God's Eyes.mp3
11-12-10 17:53 4985856 Tell It To Jesus.mp3
11-12-10 18:09 3706560 What A Friend We Have In Jesus.mp3
4 File(s) 17170560 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\Christian Music\News Boys
11-12-10 18:00 4352256 God Is Not A Secret.mp3
11-12-10 17:47 5316480 Shine.mp3
11-12-10 17:44 5530752 Step Up To The Microphone.mp3
11-12-10 18:00 4253760 Take Me To Your Leader.mp3
4 File(s) 19453248 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\Christian Music\Power Pak Gospel Series
11-12-10 17:54 4889664 Amazing Grace.mp3
11-12-10 18:06 3776256 I'll Fly Away.mp3
2 File(s) 8665920 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\Christian Music\Randy Travis
11-12-10 17:41 6038257 Are You Washed In The Blood.mp3
11-12-10 17:29 6665990 Blessed Assurance.mp3
11-12-10 17:40 6084985 Feet On The Rock.mp3
11-12-10 17:54 4782791 He's My Rock, My Sword, My Shield.mp3
11-12-10 17:05 7672561 Here I Am To Worship.mp3
11-12-10 17:43 5659377 I'm Ready.mp3
11-12-10 17:47 5341937 Oh Death.mp3
11-12-10 17:06 7523893 Open The Eyes Of My Heart.mp3
11-12-10 18:16 2884337 Room At The Cross For You.mp3
11-12-10 17:30 6648561 Through The Fire.mp3
11-12-10 17:33 5697913 Walk With Me.mp3
11-12-10 16:52 8248466 You Are Worthy Of My Praise.mp3
12 File(s) 73249068 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\Christian Music\Red Foley With The Jordanaires
11-12-10 17:56 4644864 Father Along.mp3
11-12-10 18:00 4366656 I Just Can't Keep From Cryin.mp3
11-12-10 18:00 4144896 My Soul Walked Through The Darkness.mp3
11-12-10 18:08 3759552 No Tears In Heaven.mp3
11-12-10 18:12 3492864 Stand By Me.mp3
11-12-10 18:03 4013568 This World Is Not My Home.mp3
11-12-10 17:57 4421952 Were You There.mp3
7 File(s) 28844352 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\Christian Music\Reno & Smiley
11-12-10 18:09 3646656 I'm Using My Bible For A Roadmap.mp3
11-12-10 17:08 3629952 Jesus Is Waiting.mp3
11-12-10 17:59 4272768 The Old Rugged Cross.mp3
11-12-10 18:06 3895488 Tree Of Life.mp3
4 File(s) 15444864 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\Christian Music\Southern Gospel You Better Believe It
11-12-10 18:08 3761856 Can He, Could He, Would He.mp3
11-12-10 17:47 5304384 Don't Be Caught Dead Without Jesus.mp3
2 File(s) 9066240 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\Christian Music\Spencers
11-12-10 18:00 4269888 Hallelujah Morning.mp3
11-12-10 18:12 3533760 I Won't Let The Valley Get Me Down.mp3
2 File(s) 7803648 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\Christian Music\Stanley Brothers
11-12-10 18:03 3852864 Drinking From The Fountain.mp3
11-12-10 18:12 3641472 Going Up Home.mp3
11-12-10 18:16 2928960 Jordan.mp3
11-12-10 18:14 3293568 Paul And Silas.mp3
11-12-10 17:57 4424256 Rank Strangers.mp3
11-12-10 17:51 5124672 Thy Burdens Are Greater Than Mine.mp3
6 File(s) 23265792 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\Christian Music\Statler Brothers
11-12-10 17:59 4167360 There's A Man In Here.mp3
1 File(s) 4167360 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\Christian Music\Straightway Kids
11-12-08 20:39 2443968 All Day Song.mp3
11-12-10 18:15 3140352 Down In My Heart.mp3
11-12-10 18:23 2722752 He's Got The Whole World In His Hands.mp3
11-12-10 19:08 1721664 If Your Happy And You Know It.mp3
11-12-08 20:34 1958976 Let The Sunshine In.mp3
11-12-08 20:45 2120256 O Be Careful Little Eyes.mp3
6 File(s) 14107968 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\Christian Music\The Best Of Black Gospel Vol 6
11-12-10 18:11 3578688 Count Your Many Blessings.mp3
11-12-10 18:08 3761280 Every Time I Feel The Spirit.mp3
11-12-10 18:03 4025664 Go Down Moses.mp3
11-12-10 18:09 3723264 Lay Down My Heavy Burdens.mp3
11-12-10 18:05 3946752 One Of These Days.mp3
5 File(s) 19035648 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\Christian Music\The Greatest Country Gospel Vol 4
11-12-10 18:09 3682368 Bugle Call From Heaven.mp3
11-12-10 18:14 3396672 I'm Going Home To Jesus.mp3
11-12-10 18:10 3610368 Swing Down Sweet Chariot.mp3
11-12-10 17:58 4274496 When God Comes And Gathers His Jewels.mp3
4 File(s) 14963904 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\Christian Music\Willie Nelson
11-12-10 17:13 6911164 Stand By Me.mp3
1 File(s) 6911164 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\Christian Music\Winans
11-12-17 23:40 8137152 Don't Leave Me.mp3
11-12-10 17:05 7654464 It's Time.mp3
2 File(s) 15791616 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\Christian Music Video
11-12-19 23:24 75404776 Don Francisco - He's Alive.wmv
1 File(s) 75404776 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\Daily Bible Reading
11-12-14 14:49 1374 Daily Bible Reading Readme.txt
11-12-21 02:03 1001755756 Daily Bible Reading.exe
2 File(s) 1001757130 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\eSword Bible Study
12-12-13 14:09 Addons
11-12-19 04:27 17490127 eSword.exe
12-12-13 14:09 Help
28 File(s) 108417025 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\eSword Bible Study\Addons
11-12-14 14:49 184 Addons Readme.txt
12-12-13 14:09 Bible
12-12-13 14:09 Devotional
12-12-13 14:09 Dictionary
12-12-13 14:09 Map
12-12-13 14:09 Topic
17 File(s) 77408440 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\eSword Bible Study\Addons\Bible
11-12-10 17:14 6787072 kjv.bbl
11-12-10 17:34 6610944 nasb.bbl
11-12-19 16:43 6250496 niv.bbl
3 File(s) 19648512 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\eSword Bible Study\Addons\Devotional
11-12-10 19:00 2308096
1 File(s) 2308096 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\eSword Bible Study\Addons\Dictionary
11-12-21 23:55 13430784 kjc.dct
11-12-10 19:12 391168 kjd.dct
11-12-10 17:56 4530176 nave.dct
11-12-10 17:50 5163008 strong.dct
11-12-08 18:28 2510848 torrey.dct
11-12-19 05:09 9949184 webster-al.dct
11-12-23 00:20 8701952 webster-mz.dct
7 File(s) 44677120 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\eSword Bible Study\Addons\Map
11-12-10 18:16 3016704
11-12-19 15:22 6864896
2 File(s) 9881600 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\eSword Bible Study\Addons\Topic
11-12-10 18:49 225280 Bible Translation
11-12-10 18:49 147456 Messianic
11-12-10 19:11 520192 The Screwtape
3 File(s) 892928 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\eSword Bible Study\Help
11-12-10 18:28 2398561 e-Sword Tutorial.pdf
12-12-13 14:09 Tutorial Videos
10 File(s) 13518458 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer - Herb - Diabetes - Herbs - Food - Cure - Natural - Herbal - Cures - Health Collection 2011 [chris_tor]\Spiritual\eSword Bible Study\Help\Tutorial Videos
11-12-10 19:07 1953734 Basics.exe
11-12-10 19:09 1175414 Memory.exe
11-12-10 18:46 1110035 Phrase.exe
11-12-10 19:09 1007749 Prayer.exe
11-12-10 18:46 1104905 Reading.exe
11-12-10 18:45 1173659 Step.exe
11-12-10 19:09 1265992 Strongs.exe
11-12-10 18:45 1126772 Study.exe
11-12-10 19:09 1201637 Topic.exe
9 File(s) 11119897 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Cancer is Curable NOW
11-12-08 19:40 734715855 Cancer is Curable Now (2011).mp4
1 File(s) 734715855 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\CANCER IS CURABLE NOW 2011 DVDRip x264 AAC -MASSiVE
0 File(s) 0 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Da origem ao fim do câncer
10-10-25 22:12 4368694 capa DVD.jpg
10-10-25 21:41 4893427 Etiqueta DVD.jpg
11-07-15 12:01 VIDEO_TS
39 File(s) 4359513479 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Da origem ao fim do câncer\VIDEO_TS
10-10-25 21:41 24576 VIDEO_TS.BUP
10-10-25 21:41 24576 VIDEO_TS.IFO
10-10-25 21:41 80 VIDEO_TS.srm
10-10-25 21:41 8192 VIDEO_TS.VOB
10-10-25 21:41 20480 VTS_01_0.BUP
10-10-25 21:41 20480 VTS_01_0.IFO
10-10-25 21:41 5852 VTS_01_0.srm
10-10-26 09:53 103987200 VTS_01_0.VOB
10-10-25 21:41 548 VTS_01_1.srm
10-10-25 10:44 6139904 VTS_01_1.VOB
10-10-25 21:41 18432 VTS_02_0.BUP
10-10-25 21:41 18432 VTS_02_0.IFO
10-10-25 21:41 8192 VTS_02_0.VOB
10-10-26 08:01 5025792 VTS_02_1.VOB
10-10-25 21:41 18432 VTS_03_0.BUP
10-10-25 21:41 18432 VTS_03_0.IFO
10-10-25 21:41 8192 VTS_03_0.VOB
10-10-26 08:01 3008512 VTS_03_1.VOB
10-10-25 21:41 18432 VTS_04_0.BUP
10-10-25 21:41 18432 VTS_04_0.IFO
10-10-25 21:41 8192 VTS_04_0.VOB
10-10-25 09:14 11558912 VTS_04_1.VOB
10-10-25 21:41 18432 VTS_05_0.BUP
10-10-25 21:41 18432 VTS_05_0.IFO
10-10-25 21:41 8192 VTS_05_0.VOB
10-10-26 10:19 88700928 VTS_05_1.VOB
10-10-25 21:41 55296 VTS_06_0.BUP
10-10-25 21:41 55296 VTS_06_0.IFO
10-10-25 21:41 8192 VTS_06_0.VOB
10-10-26 08:01 170510 VTS_06_1.srm
10-11-07 16:09 1073709056 VTS_06_1.VOB
10-10-26 08:01 173344 VTS_06_2.srm
10-11-07 16:09 1073709056 VTS_06_2.VOB
10-10-25 21:41 168248 VTS_06_3.srm
10-11-07 16:05 1073709056 VTS_06_3.VOB
10-10-25 21:41 128936 VTS_06_4.srm
10-11-07 16:09 909658112 VTS_06_4.VOB
37 File(s) 4350251358 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\Zonaria - The Cancer Empire (2008) mp3
11-12-08 16:15 358 00-zonaria-the_cancer_empire-promo-2008-qtxmp3.m3u
12-12-22 11:03 689 00-zonaria-the_cancer_empire-promo-2008-qtxmp3.nfo
11-12-08 16:15 458 00-zonaria-the_cancer_empire-promo-2008-qtxmp3.sfv
11-12-08 18:03 7121678 01-slaughter_is_passion-qtxmp3.mp3
11-12-08 18:05 6777540 02-praise_the_eradication-qtxmp3.mp3
11-12-08 18:05 9369173 03-crowning_king_cancer-qtxmp3.mp3
11-12-08 17:56 7555635 04-contra_mundum-qtxmp3.mp3
11-12-08 18:00 6202307 05-termination_process-qtxmp3.mp3
11-12-08 18:05 5629292 06-at_war_with_the_inferior-qtxmp3.mp3
11-12-08 18:02 9585798 07-from_the_abysmal_womb-qtxmp3.mp3
11-12-08 18:05 6931838 08-damnation_dressed_in_flesh-qtxmp3.mp3
11-12-08 18:05 7197167 09-humanity_vs_sanity-qtxmp3.mp3
11-12-08 18:04 9894573 10-the_icon_and_the_faceless-qtxmp3.mp3
13 File(s) 76266506 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\_AudioBooks
12-12-13 14:12 Cancer-Step Outside the Box
12-12-22 16:10 China Study, The
12-02-17 13:14 Coast To Coast Am - 08-23-10 - Cancer Cures
12-02-17 13:14 Dr. Ernst T. Krebs Jr - A Control For Cancer - 1972
12-02-17 13:16 Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill
10-06-15 05:27 Healing Cancer Naturally - Dr. Richard Schulze
12-12-22 16:10 Louise Hay - Creating Your Own Health
10-06-15 05:43 The Kentroversy Tapes - The Gerson Anti-Cancer Therapy (2007-07-29)
142 File(s) 968582744 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\_AudioBooks\Cancer-Step Outside the Box
12-11-22 01:38 4021231 0.0 - Introduction, Acknowledgements, Dedication.mp3
12-11-22 01:39 7441651 0.1 - Foreword by R. Webster Kehr.mp3
12-11-22 01:36 5825016 0.2 - My father, Charles Graham Bollinger.mp3
12-11-22 01:37 7570420 0.3 - My mother, Jerry Jean Bollinger Taylor.mp3
12-11-22 01:39 13075798 1.0 - Part 1, Chapter 1-THE CANCER INDUSTRY.mp3
12-11-22 01:39 28663168 1.1 - Chapter 2-LIES, PROPAGANDA, AND GREED.mp3
12-11-22 01:37 17730192 1.2 - Chapter 3-PERSECUTION AND SUPPRESSION.mp3
12-11-22 01:38 16851411 1.3 - Chapter 4-TOXIC TREATMENTS.mp3
12-11-22 01:37 21870063 2.0 - Part 2, Chapter 5-BIOLOGY 101 & CANCER.mp3
12-11-22 01:39 68288402 2.1 - Chapter 6-NON-TOXIC TREATMENTS.mp3
12-11-22 01:36 15691394 2.2 - Chapter 7-TWO COMMON CANCERS & DR. CLARK.mp3
12-11-22 01:38 12732002 2.3 - Chapter 8-SPOILED ROTTEN.mp3
12-11-22 01:38 11990570 3.0 - Part 3, Chapter 9-NUTRITION & CACHEXIA.mp3
12-11-22 01:38 19692501 3.1 - Chapter 10-HEALTHY HERBS & FOODS.mp3
12-11-22 01:39 26585476 3.2 - Chapter 11-SUPER SUPPLEMENTS.mp3
12-11-22 01:39 24086080 3.3 - Chapter 12-THE DIRTY DOZEN.mp3
12-11-22 01:35 5197046 3.4 - Chapter 13-EXERCISE ESSENTIALS.mp3
12-11-22 01:38 6292513 4.0 - Part 4, Chapter 14-ASPARTAME.mp3
12-11-22 01:37 7314198 4.1 - Chapter 15, FLOURIDE.mp3
12-11-22 01:39 21578944 4.2 - Chapter 16, VACCINATIONS.mp3
12-11-22 01:39 8978955 4.3 - Chapter 17, MERCURY & ALZHEIMERS.mp3
12-11-22 01:35 5459092 4.4 - Chapter 18, ROOT CANALS.mp3
12-11-22 01:38 5131396 4.5 - Chapter 19, SOY.mp3
12-11-22 01:34 6477046 4.6 - Chapter 20, CODEX ALIMENTARIUS.mp3
12-11-22 01:38 15906802 5.0 - Part 5, APPENDICES.mp3
12-11-22 01:37 1351604 6.0 - CONCLUSION by Ty Bollinger.mp3
12-11-22 01:36 7765048 Cancer - Step Outside the Box.pdf
12-11-22 01:37 1071289 Table of Contents.jpg
28 File(s) 394639308 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\_AudioBooks\China Study, The
09-11-23 13:43 430413 China Study, The (01).mp3
09-11-23 14:03 3153382 China Study, The (02).mp3
09-11-23 14:27 5303710 China Study, The (03).mp3
09-11-23 14:04 3900521 China Study, The (04).mp3
09-11-23 14:23 4509588 China Study, The (05).mp3
09-11-23 14:22 5585605 China Study, The (06).mp3
09-11-23 14:22 4213040 China Study, The (07).mp3
09-11-23 14:27 4677219 China Study, The (08).mp3
09-11-23 14:21 3440216 China Study, The (09).mp3
09-11-23 14:27 5743003 China Study, The (10).mp3
09-11-23 14:28 4590926 China Study, The (11).mp3
09-11-23 14:28 3005743 China Study, The (12).mp3
09-11-23 14:16 1703723 China Study, The (13).mp3
09-11-23 14:14 4130212 China Study, The (14).mp3
09-11-23 14:14 5156961 China Study, The (15).mp3
09-11-23 14:26 5101755 China Study, The (16).mp3
09-11-23 14:14 7597465 China Study, The (17).mp3
09-11-23 14:00 4746088 China Study, The (18).mp3
09-11-23 14:24 4834542 China Study, The (19).mp3
09-11-23 13:00 3252748 China Study, The (20).mp3
09-11-23 13:59 2881161 China Study, The (21).mp3
09-11-23 14:26 5565481 China Study, The (22).mp3
09-11-23 14:02 2982362 China Study, The (23).mp3
09-11-23 14:15 1141853 China Study, The (24).mp3
09-11-23 14:21 2978024 China Study, The (25).mp3
09-11-23 14:20 3698528 China Study, The (26).mp3
09-11-23 14:27 6124076 China Study, The (27).mp3
09-11-23 14:05 1667710 China Study, The (28).mp3
09-11-23 14:20 4456958 China Study, The (29).mp3
09-11-23 14:21 5808153 China Study, The (30).mp3
09-11-23 14:25 6877438 China Study, The (31).mp3
09-11-23 14:18 5650491 China Study, The (32).mp3
09-11-23 14:08 4716022 China Study, The (33).mp3
09-11-23 14:08 3479415 China Study, The (34).mp3
09-11-23 14:11 3597563 China Study, The (35).mp3
09-11-23 14:12 5319739 China Study, The (36).mp3
09-11-23 14:28 5540388 China Study, The (37).mp3
09-11-23 14:04 5595781 China Study, The (38).mp3
09-11-23 14:03 5138449 China Study, The (39).mp3
09-11-23 13:55 5670645 China Study, The (40).mp3
09-11-23 13:35 2787688 China Study, The (41).mp3
09-11-23 14:18 3254558 China Study, The (42).mp3
09-11-23 14:26 3767189 China Study, The (43).mp3
09-11-23 14:17 3410951 China Study, The (44).mp3
09-11-23 14:11 3649703 China Study, The (45).mp3
09-11-23 14:07 3331910 China Study, The (46).mp3
09-11-23 13:48 2204186 China Study, The (47).mp3
09-11-23 13:37 2936891 China Study, The (48).mp3
09-11-23 14:25 6039654 China Study, The (49).mp3
09-11-23 14:19 1704261 China Study, The (50).mp3
09-11-23 14:19 6279693 China Study, The (51).mp3
09-11-23 14:28 3438185 China Study, The (52).mp3
09-11-23 14:01 5883797 China Study, The (53).mp3
09-11-23 14:19 5659655 China Study, The (54).mp3
09-11-23 14:23 5250563 China Study, The (55).mp3
09-11-23 14:22 4728871 China Study, The (56).mp3
09-11-23 13:27 2279420 China Study, The (57).mp3
09-11-23 14:06 4472956 China Study, The (58).mp3
09-11-23 14:18 4107743 China Study, The (59).mp3
09-11-23 13:57 6028993 China Study, The (60).mp3
09-11-23 14:26 4887833 China Study, The (61).mp3
09-11-23 14:13 3189271 China Study, The (62).mp3
09-11-23 14:25 5716443 China Study, The (63).mp3
09-11-23 14:11 2518111 China Study, The (64).mp3
09-11-23 14:16 4524105 China Study, The (65).mp3
09-11-23 14:11 4697738 China Study, The (66).mp3
09-11-23 14:18 4539329 China Study, The (67).mp3
09-11-23 14:22 4459556 China Study, The (68).mp3
09-11-23 13:58 4344728 China Study, The (69).mp3
09-11-23 13:56 880867 China Study, The (70).mp3
70 File(s) 294941945 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\_AudioBooks\Coast To Coast Am - 08-23-10 - Cancer Cures
11-12-28 14:49 14091320 Coast to Coast - Aug 23 2010 - Hour 1.mp3
11-12-28 14:49 13888050 Coast to Coast - Aug 23 2010 - Hour 2.mp3
11-12-28 14:53 14238665 Coast to Coast - Aug 23 2010 - Hour 3.mp3
11-12-28 14:49 13638528 Coast to Coast - Aug 23 2010 - Hour 4.mp3
11-12-28 13:19 2042 Info.txt
5 File(s) 55858605 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\_AudioBooks\Dr. Ernst T. Krebs Jr - A Control For Cancer - 1972
11-12-08 16:24 1841 00-krebs-a_control_for_cancer.m3u
11-12-08 16:24 1055 00-krebs-a_control_for_cancer.txt
11-12-08 18:42 339968 01-intro.mp3
11-12-08 18:42 1060864 02-ubiquity.mp3
11-12-08 18:42 237568 03-vitamin_depravation.mp3
11-12-08 18:29 258048 04-cancer_in_pets.mp3
11-12-08 18:41 385024 05-hunzakuts.mp3
11-12-08 18:32 301056 06-b17_comprisal.mp3
11-12-08 18:42 448512 07-rhodanese.mp3
11-12-08 18:41 483328 08-trophoblasts_are_normal.mp3
11-12-08 18:42 405504 09-trophoblasts_and_the_human_fetus.mp3
11-12-08 18:42 915456 10-embryonal_cells.mp3
11-12-08 17:25 165888 11-similarity_under_electron_microscope.mp3
11-12-08 18:41 501760 12-antineoplastic_fact_of_b17.mp3
11-12-08 18:42 512000 13-problems.mp3
11-12-08 17:27 163840 14-do_doctors_accept_the_trophoblastic_thesis_of_cancer.mp3
11-12-08 17:31 174080 15-why_research_opposition.mp3
11-12-08 17:30 186368 16-how_many_kernels.mp3
11-12-08 17:28 202752 17-when_is_it_too_late.mp3
11-12-08 18:41 196608 18-are_there_patents_on_b17.mp3
11-12-08 17:30 75776 19-outro.mp3
21 File(s) 7017296 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\_AudioBooks\Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill
11-12-13 19:10 42363008 Fats_That_Heal,_Fats_That_Kill.mp3
11-12-13 16:08 2645 Fats_that_Heal,_Fats_That_Kill.txt
11-12-13 19:04 117730 Fats_That_Heal,_Fats_That_Kill_front.jpeg
11-12-13 19:04 123246 Fats_That_Heal,_Fats_That_Kill_rear.jpeg
4 File(s) 42606629 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\_AudioBooks\Healing Cancer Naturally - Dr. Richard Schulze
09-12-18 16:32 14695128 Healing_Cancer_Naturally-Dr._Richard_Schulze-1-1.mp3
09-12-18 16:33 14630112 Healing_Cancer_Naturally-Dr._Richard_Schulze-1-2.mp3
09-12-18 16:34 14180688 Healing_Cancer_Naturally-Dr._Richard_Schulze-2-1.mp3
09-12-18 16:33 13752432 Healing_Cancer_Naturally-Dr._Richard_Schulze-2-2.mp3
09-12-18 16:34 14607036 Healing_Cancer_Naturally-Dr._Richard_Schulze-3-1.mp3
09-12-18 16:34 14456448 Healing_Cancer_Naturally-Dr._Richard_Schulze-3-2.mp3
09-12-18 16:33 11884392 Healing_Cancer_Naturally-Dr._Richard_Schulze-4-1.mp3
09-12-18 16:34 11683836 Healing_Cancer_Naturally-Dr._Richard_Schulze-4-2.mp3
8 File(s) 109890072 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\_AudioBooks\Louise Hay - Creating Your Own Health
10-05-14 17:58 8871602 01 - Creating your own Health (1 of 2).mp3
10-05-14 17:58 10427629 02 - Creating your own Health (2 of 2).mp3
2 File(s) 19299231 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\_AudioBooks\The Kentroversy Tapes - The Gerson Anti-Cancer Therapy (2007-07-29)
11-12-08 14:21 2792 Info.txt
10-06-14 15:43 22162037 The Kentroversy Tapes - The Gerson Anti-Cancer Therapy (2007-07-29).mp3
10-06-14 15:14 2792 The Kentroversy Tapes - The Gerson Anti-Cancer Therapy (2007-07-29).txt
11-12-08 15:23 22162037 TKT_ep07_07_29_2007.mp3
4 File(s) 44329658 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\_Burzynski
12-12-13 13:23 Burzynski (The Movie) - Cancer Is Serious Business
12-12-13 13:23 Burzynski - Healing Cancer with Antineoplastons (2010)
6 File(s) 1578480495 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\_Burzynski\Burzynski (The Movie) - Cancer Is Serious Business
11-12-08 14:29 868952430 Burzynski (The Movie) - Cancer Is Serious Business.avi
1 File(s) 868952430 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\_Burzynski\Burzynski - Healing Cancer with Antineoplastons (2010)
11-12-12 15:02 709209113 burzynski.mp4
11-12-10 18:56 2358 burzynski.nfo
11-12-10 18:56 108188 burzynski_1.jpg
11-12-10 18:56 173346 burzynski_2.jpg
11-12-10 18:56 35060 burzynski_3.jpg
5 File(s) 709528065 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\_Cannabis
10-06-14 19:17 Cancer Cure_ Rick Simpson
12-12-13 14:27 The Rick Simpson Story - Cannabis Cure for Cancer (2008)
12-12-22 11:07 What if Cannabis Cured Cancer - by Len Richmond (2010)
34 File(s) 3588281558 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\_Cannabis\Cancer Cure_ Rick Simpson
09-04-12 16:14 7454240 Cancer Cure_ Rick Simpson Pt.01.flv
09-04-12 16:22 7313622 Cancer Cure_ Rick Simpson Pt.02.flv
08-11-07 13:44 7452698 Cancer Cure_ Rick Simpson Pt.03.flv
09-04-12 16:47 5783200 Cancer Cure_ Rick Simpson Pt.03_1.flv
09-04-12 16:47 7313784 Cancer Cure_ Rick Simpson Pt.04.flv
09-04-12 16:47 7313536 Cancer Cure_ Rick Simpson Pt.05.flv
09-04-12 18:31 7313732 Cancer Cure_ Rick Simpson Pt.06.flv
09-04-12 16:56 7313724 Cancer Cure_ Rick Simpson Pt.07.flv
09-04-12 17:08 7313889 Cancer Cure_ Rick Simpson Pt.08.flv
09-04-12 17:09 7313846 Cancer Cure_ Rick Simpson Pt.09.flv
09-04-12 17:56 7313852 Cancer Cure_ Rick Simpson Pt.10.flv
09-04-12 17:56 7313947 Cancer Cure_ Rick Simpson Pt.11.flv
09-04-12 18:02 7313973 Cancer Cure_ Rick Simpson Pt.12.flv
09-04-12 18:19 7314064 Cancer Cure_ Rick Simpson Pt.13.flv
09-04-12 18:21 2469966 Cancer Cure_ Rick Simpson Pt.14.flv
15 File(s) 103612073 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\_Cannabis\The Rick Simpson Story - Cannabis Cure for Cancer (2008)
11-12-09 20:49 868 cannabis.nfo
11-12-11 10:37 497219542 The Rick Simpson Story - Cannabis Cure for Cancer (2008).avi
2 File(s) 497220410 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\_Cannabis\What if Cannabis Cured Cancer - by Len Richmond (2010)
11-12-08 14:55 54711 cannabis.jpg
11-12-08 14:55 1659 cannabis.nfo
12-12-13 14:12 Dvd What if Cannabis cures cancer
12-11-24 13:04 35649 LenCoverFront-b.jpg
11-12-08 15:18 380270508 What if Cannabis Cured Cancer - by Len Richmond (2010).avi
12-11-24 13:04 3028 What if.txt
17 File(s) 2987449075 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\_Cannabis\What if Cannabis Cured Cancer - by Len Richmond (2010)\Dvd What if Cannabis cures cancer
12-12-13 14:14 VIDEO_TS
12 File(s) 2607083520 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\_Cannabis\What if Cannabis Cured Cancer - by Len Richmond (2010)\Dvd What if Cannabis cures cancer\VIDEO_TS
12-11-24 13:04 14336 VIDEO_TS.BUP
12-11-24 13:04 14336 VIDEO_TS.IFO
12-11-24 13:04 237568 VIDEO_TS.VOB
12-11-24 13:04 49152 VTS_01_0.BUP
12-11-24 13:04 49152 VTS_01_0.IFO
12-11-24 13:04 188416 VTS_01_0.VOB
12-11-25 04:31 1048576000 VTS_01_1.VOB
12-11-25 04:31 1048576000 VTS_01_2.VOB
12-11-25 04:31 190275584 VTS_01_3.VOB
12-11-24 20:32 16384 VTS_02_0.BUP
12-11-24 20:32 16384 VTS_02_0.IFO
12-11-25 04:31 319070208 VTS_02_1.VOB
12 File(s) 2607083520 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\_Gerson
08-03-27 14:42 239453904 Cud Terapii Gersona (Polskie Napisy)_NEW.avi
12-01-20 13:51 732653568 Dying to Have Known (Gerson Therapy).avi
11-12-08 21:39 719220865 The Beautiful Truth (2008) Gerson Cancer Therapy.mp4
09-12-04 12:36 734370962 The Beautiful Truth - Gerson Cancer Cure XviD (2008).avi
09-12-04 12:28 2476 The Beautiful Truth - Gerson Cancer Cure XviD (2008).nfo
12-12-13 14:26 The Gerson Miracle (2004) - Cancer Treatment
12-01-20 17:06 910180164 The Gerson Miracle (2004).avi
09-12-20 14:08 705966582 The Gerson Miracle (2004).wmv
11-12-09 21:36 1253652030 The Gerson Miracle - 2004.avi
11-12-09 08:41 1320 The Gerson Miracle - 2004.txt
10-06-20 15:54 _Steve Kroschel (Gerson Diet)
10 File(s) 6028155439 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\_Gerson\The Gerson Miracle (2004) - Cancer Treatment
0 File(s) 0 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\_Gerson\_Steve Kroschel (Gerson Diet)
10-06-17 09:55 732653568 Dying to Have Known.avi
1 File(s) 732653568 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\_Griffin
10-10-21 10:14 122193132 G. Edward Griffin - The Science and Politics of Cancer.avi
10-06-14 15:45 21561 G. Edward Griffin - World Without Cancer (The Story of Vitamin B17) - 1973.jpg
10-06-14 16:33 1480 G. Edward Griffin - World Without Cancer (The Story of Vitamin B17) - 1973.txt
11-12-09 20:17 418000896 G. Edward Griffin - World Without Cancer - 1973.avi
11-12-08 14:26 3366187 G. Edward Griffin - World Without Cancer_The Story of Vitamin B17.pdf
5 File(s) 543583256 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\_Hamer
0 File(s) 0 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\_Iodine
10-06-15 05:36 Iodine
09-12-06 10:10 362741914 Iodine - The Most Misunderstood Nutrient.avi
16 File(s) 9421625498 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\_Iodine\Iodine
10-06-15 05:36 AUDIO_TS
12-03-31 13:01 4529733632 IODINE.ISO
10-06-15 05:43 VIDEO_TS
15 File(s) 9058883584 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\_Iodine\Iodine\AUDIO_TS
0 File(s) 0 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\_Iodine\Iodine\VIDEO_TS
08-11-14 02:31 14336 VIDEO_TS.BUP
08-11-14 02:31 14336 VIDEO_TS.IFO
08-11-14 02:31 116736 VIDEO_TS.VOB
08-11-14 02:31 79872 VTS_01_0.BUP
08-11-14 02:31 79872 VTS_01_0.IFO
08-11-14 02:31 229263360 VTS_01_0.VOB
08-11-14 02:31 1073739776 VTS_01_1.VOB
08-11-14 02:31 1073739776 VTS_01_2.VOB
08-11-14 02:31 1073739776 VTS_01_3.VOB
08-11-14 02:31 1061517312 VTS_01_4.VOB
08-11-14 02:31 18432 VTS_02_0.BUP
08-11-14 02:31 18432 VTS_02_0.IFO
08-11-14 02:31 116736 VTS_02_0.VOB
08-11-14 02:31 16691200 VTS_02_1.VOB
14 File(s) 4529149952 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\_Rife
0 File(s) 0 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud
11-12-08 18:39 1705062 Breast Cancer Awareness
10-06-15 05:26 Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition
12-12-13 14:24 Medical Fraud, Cancer, Chemotherapy & Cure, Rife, Gerson, Hoxsey, Griffin [LitZ~Bundle]
10-06-15 05:43 publish.cancer.oncology.malignancy.080322
393 File(s) 5684155196 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition
10-06-15 05:26 docs
09-12-04 12:48 697036 startme.pdf
231 File(s) 145787536 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs
10-06-15 05:26 index
09-12-04 12:35 448 index.pdx
10-06-15 05:26 plates
10-06-15 05:26 section1
10-06-15 05:26 section10
10-06-15 05:26 section11
10-06-15 05:26 section12
10-06-15 05:26 section13
10-06-15 05:26 section14
10-06-15 05:26 section15
10-06-15 05:26 section16
10-06-15 05:26 section17
10-06-15 05:26 section18
10-06-15 05:26 section19
10-06-15 05:26 section2
10-06-15 05:26 section20
10-06-15 05:26 section21
10-06-15 05:26 section22
10-06-15 05:26 section23
10-06-15 05:26 section24
10-06-15 05:26 section25
10-06-15 05:26 section26
10-06-15 05:26 section27
10-06-15 05:26 section28
10-06-15 05:26 section29
10-06-15 05:26 section3
10-06-15 05:26 section30
10-06-15 05:26 section31
10-06-15 05:26 section32
10-06-15 05:26 section33
10-06-15 05:26 section34
10-06-15 05:26 section35
10-06-15 05:26 section36
10-06-15 05:26 section37
10-06-15 05:26 section38
10-06-15 05:26 section39
10-06-15 05:26 section4
10-06-15 05:26 section40
10-06-15 05:26 section41
10-06-15 05:26 section42
10-06-15 05:26 section43
10-06-15 05:26 section5
10-06-15 05:26 section6
10-06-15 05:26 section7
10-06-15 05:26 section8
10-06-15 05:26 section9
230 File(s) 145090500 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\index
09-12-04 12:06 4848 index.idx
09-12-04 12:57 24849292 index1.idx
2 File(s) 24854140 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\plates
09-12-04 12:50 747457 plate1.pdf
09-12-04 12:43 889532 plate10.pdf
09-12-04 12:57 802261 plate11.pdf
09-12-04 12:54 982368 plate12.pdf
09-12-04 12:45 831703 plate13.pdf
09-12-04 12:43 704296 plate14.pdf
09-12-04 12:41 1781483 plate15.pdf
09-12-04 12:57 913839 plate16.pdf
09-12-04 12:55 1036478 plate17.pdf
09-12-04 12:34 877287 plate18.pdf
09-12-04 12:51 1186106 plate19.pdf
09-12-04 12:46 514717 plate2.pdf
09-12-04 12:47 894549 plate20.pdf
09-12-04 12:47 896856 plate21.pdf
09-12-04 12:57 2447888 Plate22.pdf
09-12-04 12:45 857108 plate23.pdf
09-12-04 12:51 1224837 plate24.pdf
09-12-04 12:43 667708 plate25.pdf
09-12-04 12:40 652998 plate26.pdf
09-12-04 12:43 609600 plate27.pdf
09-12-04 12:54 859288 plate28.pdf
09-12-04 12:56 1351545 plate29.pdf
09-12-04 12:42 527164 plate3.pdf
09-12-04 12:55 1300146 plate30.pdf
09-12-04 12:57 1369622 plate31.pdf
09-12-04 12:55 1491973 plate32.pdf
09-12-04 12:56 1488979 plate33.pdf
09-12-04 12:52 1055217 plate34.pdf
09-12-04 12:34 803787 plate35.pdf
09-12-04 12:55 987581 plate36.pdf
09-12-04 12:57 992541 plate37.pdf
09-12-04 12:34 1197701 plate38.pdf
09-12-04 12:47 841525 plate39.pdf
09-12-04 12:54 419599 plate4.pdf
09-12-04 12:54 788457 plate40.pdf
09-12-04 12:46 845503 plate41.pdf
09-12-04 12:50 937647 plate42.pdf
09-12-04 12:52 942409 plate43.pdf
09-12-04 12:44 1388586 plate44.pdf
09-12-04 12:54 620383 plate45.pdf
09-12-04 12:56 693365 plate46.pdf
09-12-04 12:26 733120 plate47.pdf
09-12-04 12:18 698285 plate48.pdf
09-12-04 12:54 1212234 plate5.pdf
09-12-04 12:52 1355631 plate6.pdf
09-12-04 12:57 1057986 plate7.pdf
09-12-04 12:44 699994 plate8.pdf
09-12-04 12:56 815935 plate9.pdf
48 File(s) 46995274 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section1
09-12-04 12:44 473548 1.pdf
09-12-04 12:31 321190 2.pdf
09-12-04 12:53 543910 3.pdf
09-12-04 12:14 169820 4.pdf
09-12-04 12:55 751498 5.pdf
09-12-04 12:50 575182 6.pdf
09-12-04 12:50 174516 7.pdf
09-12-04 12:52 391417 8.pdf
09-12-04 12:52 464419 9.pdf
9 File(s) 3865500 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section10
09-12-04 12:28 268405 32.pdf
09-12-04 12:28 107438 33.pdf
2 File(s) 375843 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section11
09-12-04 12:52 596274 34.pdf
09-12-04 12:01 128720 35.pdf
09-12-04 12:49 468006 36.pdf
3 File(s) 1193000 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section12
09-12-04 12:27 103571 37.pdf
1 File(s) 103571 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section13
09-12-04 12:56 410999 38.pdf
09-12-04 12:57 258307 39.pdf
09-12-04 12:28 236073 40.pdf
09-12-04 12:28 73032 41.pdf
09-12-04 12:42 419360 42.pdf
09-12-04 12:40 71310 43.pdf
09-12-04 12:43 211930 44.pdf
09-12-04 12:16 118636 45.pdf
8 File(s) 1799647 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section14
09-12-04 12:16 200865 46.pdf
09-12-04 12:54 358307 47.pdf
09-12-04 12:37 352526 48.pdf
09-12-04 12:33 176568 49.pdf
09-12-04 12:23 298057 50.pdf
09-12-04 12:23 111750 51.pdf
6 File(s) 1498073 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section15
09-12-04 12:49 151641 52.pdf
09-12-04 12:49 232604 53.pdf
09-12-04 12:18 213007 54.pdf
09-12-04 12:39 228622 55.pdf
09-12-04 12:54 140421 56.pdf
09-12-04 12:54 76069 57.pdf
09-12-04 12:08 188048 58.pdf
09-12-04 12:08 174520 59.pdf
8 File(s) 1404932 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section16
09-12-04 11:49 134586 60.pdf
09-12-04 12:02 202758 61.pdf
09-12-04 12:23 231235 62.pdf
09-12-04 12:23 133677 63.pdf
09-12-04 12:30 301151 64.pdf
09-12-04 12:27 235003 65.pdf
6 File(s) 1238410 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section17
09-12-04 12:27 271904 66.pdf
1 File(s) 271904 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section18
09-12-04 12:52 338075 67.pdf
09-12-04 12:42 432141 68.pdf
2 File(s) 770216 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section19
09-12-04 12:40 243306 69.pdf
1 File(s) 243306 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section2
09-12-04 12:46 197068 10.pdf
1 File(s) 197068 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section20
09-12-04 12:37 619864 70.pdf
1 File(s) 619864 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section21
09-12-04 12:56 303661 71.pdf
1 File(s) 303661 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section22
09-12-04 12:00 76409 72.pdf
09-12-04 12:00 121743 73.pdf
2 File(s) 198152 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section23
09-12-04 12:51 251504 74.pdf
09-12-04 12:28 110871 75.pdf
09-12-04 12:26 165612 76.pdf
09-12-04 12:29 67271 77.pdf
09-12-04 12:29 112604 78.pdf
09-12-04 12:43 150164 79.pdf
6 File(s) 858026 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section24
09-12-04 12:54 1214479 80.pdf
1 File(s) 1214479 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section25
09-12-04 12:48 501507 81.pdf
1 File(s) 501507 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section26
09-12-04 12:40 379387 82.pdf
09-12-04 12:35 299133 83.pdf
09-12-04 12:46 215000 84.pdf
09-12-04 12:46 1367798 85.pdf
4 File(s) 2261318 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section27
09-12-04 12:46 1212813 86.pdf
09-12-04 12:49 482486 87.pdf
2 File(s) 1695299 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section28
09-12-04 12:57 1427837 88.pdf
09-12-04 12:56 379929 89.pdf
09-12-04 12:56 139519 90.pdf
09-12-04 12:56 72595 91.pdf
09-12-04 12:56 97965 92.pdf
09-12-04 12:44 503237 93.pdf
6 File(s) 2621082 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section29
09-12-04 12:46 425048 100.pdf
09-12-04 12:46 900169 101.pdf
09-12-04 12:29 101654 102.pdf
09-12-04 12:46 962149 103.pdf
09-12-04 12:43 124069 104.pdf
09-12-04 12:43 476092 94.pdf
09-12-04 12:55 818330 95.pdf
09-12-04 12:07 232167 96.pdf
09-12-04 12:47 375465 97.pdf
09-12-04 12:42 466831 98.pdf
09-12-04 12:42 747926 99.pdf
11 File(s) 5629900 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section3
09-12-04 12:41 264505 11.pdf
09-12-04 12:14 224524 12.pdf
09-12-04 12:49 362984 13.pdf
09-12-04 12:49 309224 14.pdf
09-12-04 12:15 221725 15.pdf
09-12-04 12:45 802796 16.pdf
09-12-04 12:16 52608 17.pdf
09-12-04 12:38 357650 18.pdf
09-12-04 12:38 135450 19.pdf
09-12-04 12:34 545882 20.pdf
09-12-04 12:09 150081 21.pdf
09-12-04 12:54 104730 22.pdf
12 File(s) 3532159 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section30
09-12-04 12:54 129601 105.pdf
09-12-04 12:06 78760 106.pdf
09-12-04 12:40 310002 107.pdf
09-12-04 12:49 1425149 108.pdf
09-12-04 12:00 165718 109.pdf
09-12-04 12:36 295397 110.pdf
6 File(s) 2404627 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section31
09-12-04 12:38 441669 111.pdf
09-12-04 12:54 2860684 112.pdf
09-12-04 12:54 246701 113.pdf
09-12-04 12:57 94555 114.pdf
09-12-04 12:57 628837 115.pdf
09-12-04 11:59 103275 116.pdf
09-12-04 11:43 115254 117.pdf
7 File(s) 4490975 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section32
09-12-04 12:39 1501056 118.pdf
1 File(s) 1501056 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section33
09-12-04 12:57 3346012 119.pdf
1 File(s) 3346012 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section34
09-12-04 12:05 524820 120.pdf
1 File(s) 524820 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section35
09-12-04 12:57 3641241 121.pdf
09-12-04 12:19 948043 122.pdf
2 File(s) 4589284 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section36
09-12-04 12:22 355124 123.pdf
09-12-04 12:47 406373 124.pdf
09-12-04 12:44 221745 125.pdf
09-12-04 12:08 164821 126.pdf
09-12-04 12:12 207585 127.pdf
09-12-04 12:12 219750 128.pdf
09-12-04 12:31 454131 129.pdf
09-12-04 12:17 475196 130.pdf
09-12-04 12:37 245504 131.pdf
09-12-04 12:41 483210 132.pdf
09-12-04 12:43 83045 133.pdf
09-12-04 12:43 421180 134.pdf
12 File(s) 3737664 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section37
09-12-04 12:31 206978 135.pdf
1 File(s) 206978 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section38
09-12-04 12:49 133489 136.pdf
1 File(s) 133489 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section39
09-12-04 12:49 53610 137a.pdf
09-12-04 12:49 66369 137b.pdf
09-12-04 12:49 241494 137c.pdf
09-12-04 12:49 111200 137d.pdf
09-12-04 12:49 151520 138a.pdf
09-12-04 12:51 239956 138b.pdf
09-12-04 12:13 87150 138c.pdf
09-12-04 12:04 97879 138d.pdf
09-12-04 12:04 60879 138e.pdf
09-12-04 12:04 60482 139a.pdf
09-12-04 12:04 125446 139b.pdf
09-12-04 12:13 49200 139c.pdf
09-12-04 12:13 198442 139d.pdf
09-12-04 12:52 368509 139e.pdf
14 File(s) 1912136 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section4
09-12-04 12:54 503399 23.pdf
1 File(s) 503399 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section40
09-12-04 12:45 293059 140.pdf
09-12-04 12:33 234333 141.pdf
09-12-04 12:22 114683 142.pdf
09-12-04 12:43 1821255 143.pdf
09-12-04 12:00 111925 144.pdf
09-12-04 12:44 1474947 145.pdf
09-12-04 12:46 362835 146.pdf
09-12-04 12:30 120459 147.pdf
09-12-04 12:23 104310 148.pdf
09-12-04 12:57 1371571 149.pdf
09-12-04 12:24 264317 150.pdf
09-12-04 12:24 179648 151.pdf
09-12-04 12:51 169350 152.pdf
09-12-04 12:14 129083 153.pdf
09-12-04 11:42 147945 154.pdf
09-12-04 12:51 261606 155.pdf
09-12-04 12:51 114441 156.pdf
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Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section41
09-12-04 12:51 550808 157.pdf
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Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section42
09-12-04 12:38 846899 158.pdf
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Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section43
09-12-04 12:16 160374 159.pdf
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Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section5
09-12-04 12:49 332317 24.pdf
1 File(s) 332317 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section6
09-12-04 12:50 184697 25.pdf
09-12-04 12:53 892933 26.pdf
09-12-04 12:31 149704 27.pdf
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Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section7
09-12-04 12:55 265517 28.pdf
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Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section8
09-12-04 12:55 855681 29.pdf
1 File(s) 855681 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section9
09-12-04 11:42 53753 30.pdf
09-12-04 12:02 49567 30a.pdf
09-12-04 12:06 470108 30b.pdf
09-12-04 12:36 881587 30c.pdf
09-12-04 12:35 685015 30d.pdf
09-12-04 12:40 1086811 30e.pdf
09-12-04 12:49 1258287 30f.pdf
09-12-04 12:35 794488 30g.pdf
09-12-04 12:35 190922 30h.pdf
09-12-04 11:45 262333 30i.pdf
09-12-04 12:28 245713 31.pdf
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Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Medical Fraud, Cancer, Chemotherapy & Cure, Rife, Gerson, Hoxsey, Griffin [LitZ~Bundle]
12-01-21 08:48 93319417 1958 Gerson- A Cancer Therapy, Results of Fifty Cases.pdf
12-01-21 20:44 418000896 1973 Griffin- World Without Cancer (Laetrile, B17).avi
12-01-21 18:56 910180164 2004 Kroschel- The Gerson Miracle (Cancer Therapy).avi
12-12-13 14:20 2005 Ausubel- Hoxsey, How Healing Becomes A Crime (Cancer)
12-01-21 19:31 122193132 2005 Griffin- The Science and Politics of Cancer (Laetrile, B17).avi
12-01-21 18:46 734370962 2008 Kroschel- The Beautiful Truth, Gerson Cancer Cure (Teenage Boy Project Theme).avi
12-12-13 14:22 Royal Raymond Rife (Beam Ray Destroys Micro-organisms)
11-12-08 22:39 370443 ~uTorrentPartFile_1498480F7.dat
20 File(s) 5528758228 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Medical Fraud, Cancer, Chemotherapy & Cure, Rife, Gerson, Hoxsey, Griffin [LitZ~Bundle]\2005 Ausubel- Hoxsey, How Healing Becomes A Crime (Cancer)
12-01-21 20:43 733394944 2005 Ausubel- Hoxsey, How Healing Becomes A Crime (Cancer).avi
12-01-21 17:24 73248768 2005 Ausubel- Interview.avi
12-01-20 13:58 915312 Hoxsey Cover.jpg
12-01-20 13:58 351215 Hoxsey Disk.jpg
12-01-20 13:58 1100 Info.txt
5 File(s) 807911339 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Medical Fraud, Cancer, Chemotherapy & Cure, Rife, Gerson, Hoxsey, Griffin [LitZ~Bundle]\Royal Raymond Rife (Beam Ray Destroys Micro-organisms)
12-01-21 20:44 749978934 1996 Bare- The Rife Beam Ray Device, Effects on Microorganisms (raw microscope footage).avi
12-01-21 20:39 481254210 2004- The Royal Rife Story.avi
12-01-21 17:41 224719393 2006 RifeVideos- Royal Rife, In His Own Words.flv
12-01-21 20:39 824560650 2007 Montgomery- The Rise and Fall of A Scientific Genius, The Forgotten Story of Royal Raymond Rife.avi
12-01-21 17:18 148818033 2007 RifeVideos- Dr. Royal Rife's 1936 Lab Film.flv
12-01-21 16:52 12349246 2010 RifeVideos- A History of Rife's Instruments and Frequencies.pdf
12-12-13 14:20 Frequency Charts
9 File(s) 2442411875 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\Medical Fraud, Cancer, Chemotherapy & Cure, Rife, Gerson, Hoxsey, Griffin [LitZ~Bundle]\Royal Raymond Rife (Beam Ray Destroys Micro-organisms)\Frequency Charts
12-01-21 11:33 597097 Hoyland- True Original Frequencies.jpg
12-01-20 22:58 60131 Wrong Frequencies 1.jpg
12-01-20 22:58 74181 Wrong Frequencies 2.jpg
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Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__Medical Fraud\publish.cancer.oncology.malignancy.080322
09-12-18 11:08 39456 aging.html
09-12-18 11:08 74978 aidshiv.html
09-12-18 11:05 71999 alternativecomplementary.html
09-12-18 11:08 58757 anemiaanemias.html
09-12-18 11:08 39549 anesthesiaanesthesiology.html
09-12-18 10:34 66147 associations.html
09-12-18 10:15 40949 bereavementgriefsupport.html
09-12-18 11:07 40223 bonecancer.html
09-12-18 11:07 62732 bonemarrow.html
09-12-18 10:57 62078 braintumors.html
09-12-18 10:57 34412 breast.cancer.htm
09-12-18 11:01 82005 breastcancer.html
09-12-18 11:01 60438 canadianassociations.html
09-12-18 10:30 65329 cancer.oncology.htm
09-12-18 10:30 51121 cancer.oncology.malignancy.lung.respiratory.mesothelioma.asbestos.exposure.htm
09-12-18 10:30 67257 cancerandoncology.html
09-12-18 11:07 81514 cancerassociations.html
09-12-18 11:07 86584 cancerhematologyoncology.html
09-12-18 11:07 53442 cancerinwomen.html
09-12-18 11:07 66262 cancerinwomenfeminine.html
09-12-18 10:59 40985 cancermailinglists.html
09-12-18 10:48 62251 canceroncology.html
09-12-18 10:48 38757 canceroncologyhematology.html
09-12-18 10:47 23339 canceroncologyoncologists.html
09-12-18 11:07 493380 canceroncologytumors.html
09-12-18 10:47 662 CANCERONCOLOGYTUMORS.HTML.torrent
09-12-18 11:00 99566 cancerresearchcenters.html
09-12-18 11:00 85409 cancerresourcedirectory.html
09-12-18 11:01 68719 cancersupportsites.html
09-12-18 11:07 63320 cancersurvivors.html
09-12-18 11:07 41193 carcinogensteratogens.html
09-12-18 11:09 39517 cardiaccardiology.html
09-12-18 11:09 59610 caregiverscaregiving.html
09-12-18 10:59 52921 central.venous.catheters.htm
09-12-18 10:26 39499 cervicalcancer.html
09-12-18 10:26 67280 chemotherapy.html
09-12-18 11:01 68808 childrenwithcancer.html
09-12-18 11:01 39417 chronicillness.html
09-12-18 10:58 65310 clinicaltrialslistings.html
09-12-18 11:07 61262 coloncancer.html
09-12-18 11:09 42435 commercial.infusion.pumps.companies.htm
09-12-18 11:09 58755 continuingeducation.html
09-12-18 11:09 40214 deathanddying.html
09-12-18 11:08 41066 dentaloral.html
09-12-18 11:08 39391 depression.html
09-12-18 11:08 57727 dietnutrition.html
09-12-18 11:05 39420 doctorsandphysicians.html
09-12-18 10:46 39361 drugabuse.html
09-12-18 11:07 40266 drugsandmedications.html
09-12-18 11:07 39473 emergencymedicine.html
09-12-18 11:00 60185 endocrineendocrinology.html
09-12-18 10:22 39465 epidemiology.html
09-12-18 11:00 41100 eyecancer.html
09-12-18 11:00 56330 feminineconcerns.html
09-12-18 10:52 60457 fertilityinfertility.html
09-12-18 10:39 40967 gastrointestinal.html
09-12-18 11:07 39549 gastrointestinaloncology.html
09-12-18 11:07 66624 generalhealthportals.html
09-12-18 10:57 70946 geneticsandcancer.html
09-12-18 10:54 40255 genitourinary.html
09-12-18 10:48 39420 geriatricseniors.html
09-12-18 11:08 62113 gynecologiconcology.html
09-12-18 11:08 39410 hairloss.html
09-12-18 10:34 39451 headachemigraine.html
09-12-18 11:07 41023 healthcarenews.html
09-12-18 11:07 40185 healthinsurance.html
09-12-18 11:07 61080 hematologyhematologists.html
09-12-18 11:07 38676 hodgkinslymphoma.html
09-12-18 11:04 39630 homecarehomeheatlh.html
09-12-18 11:02 117984
09-12-18 11:09 125215 hospiceendoflifecare.html
09-12-18 11:09 122997 hospitals.html
09-12-18 11:08 41065 immunosupression.html
09-12-18 11:08 40138 index.htm
09-12-18 11:08 39472 infectiousdiseases.html
09-12-18 10:50 58629 infertility.html
09-12-18 11:08 65404 international.html
09-12-18 11:08 49915 intravenous.fluids.htm
09-12-18 10:44 35141 intravenous.infusions.htm
09-12-18 10:44 40278 kidneysrenal.html
09-12-18 10:26 71744 laboratorypathology.html
09-12-18 10:31 58719 leukemia.html
09-12-18 11:09 64961 lungcancer.html
09-12-18 11:09 58787 lymphedema.html
09-12-18 10:25 41068 lymphoma.html
09-12-18 11:04 39439 lymphomahodgkins.html
09-12-18 11:04 31730 mammograms.mammography.htm
09-12-18 11:04 39494 mastectomies.html
09-12-18 10:28 60213 medicalassociations.html
09-12-18 11:06 63062 medicaljournals.html
09-12-18 11:06 69862 medicaljournalspublications.html
09-12-18 11:03 40213 medicallibraries.html
09-12-18 10:29 57944 medicalresources.html
09-12-18 11:08 62804 medicalschools.html
09-12-18 11:08 39464 medicalsoftware.html
09-12-18 11:00 41001 melanoma.html
09-12-18 10:58 39479 menshealth.html
09-12-18 10:58 40801 mentalhealth.html
09-12-18 10:22 228 mesothelioma.html
09-12-18 10:47 72781 miscellaneous.html
09-12-18 11:01 59607 myeloma.html
09-12-18 11:01 39467 neurofibromatosis.html
09-12-18 10:37 62817 neurological.html
09-12-18 10:55 38406 nursing.consultants.htm
09-12-18 10:55 61233 nursing.html
09-12-18 10:31 60295 oncologyconferences.html
09-12-18 10:31 75271 oncologyjournals.html
09-12-18 10:42 62933 oncologynursing.html
09-12-18 11:03 41031 oncologyphysicians.html
09-12-18 11:03 39488 organtransplantation.html
09-12-18 11:03 39387 orthopedics.html
09-12-18 11:03 39449 ostomycolostomies.html
09-12-18 11:03 62589 ovariancancer.html
09-12-18 10:39 82453
09-12-18 10:58 63522 painmanagement.html
09-12-18 10:58 60109 palliativecare.html
09-12-18 10:38 40321 pancreaticcancer.html
09-12-18 10:38 73454 patientsupportservices.html
09-12-18 11:09 59189 pediatricschildren.html
09-12-18 11:09 48992 peripherally.inserted.central.catheters.picc.lines.htm
09-12-18 11:07 41994 personalhomepages.html
09-12-18 10:27 41030 pharmaceuticalnew.html
09-12-18 11:07 61350 pharmaceuticalsbiotechnologycompanies.html
09-12-18 11:07 77837 prostatecancer.html
09-12-18 11:08 39456 publichealth.html
09-12-18 11:08 64892 radiationradiotherapy.html
09-12-18 10:27 28652 radical.mastectomy.htm
09-12-18 10:53 40908 radiologyinterventional.html
09-12-18 10:56 45928 rectal.cancer.colorectal.oncology.htm
09-12-18 10:56 41215 sarcomaconnectivetissue.html
09-12-18 11:08 45565 self.examinations.htm
09-12-18 11:08 59478 skincancermelanoma.html
09-12-18 11:07 39417 software.html
09-12-18 11:07 44234
09-12-18 11:07 60283 statespecificcancer.html
09-12-18 11:08 63786 surgery.html
09-12-18 11:08 12034 themeindex.html
09-12-18 11:08 63341 thyroidcancer.html
09-12-18 11:08 39424 wilmstumor.html
09-12-18 11:02 65264 womenshealth.html
09-12-18 11:02 16826 ~temp00.html
141 File(s) 7904370 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF
11-12-08 19:33 4329915 01CANCER-IS-CURABLE.pdf
11-12-08 19:33 3679590 02Food_Matters_Detox_and_Rejuvenation_Guide.pdf
11-12-08 17:05 668843 03Cancer-Breakthrough-USA.pdf
11-12-10 19:35 1042452 ABC of colorectal cancer (Kerr, Young, Hobbs - 2001 - BMJ).pdf
12-11-22 01:45 3290950 Aggressive Breast Cancer - R. deFrina (Nova, 2010) BBS.pdf
12-12-17 01:20 Alternative Cancer Therapies
11-12-08 14:41 3110297 Alternative Treatment for Cancer - (Malestrom).pdf
12-11-24 17:29 1960349 Anni's Cancer Companion - An A-Z of Trtmts, Therapies, Healing - A. Matthews (2011) BBS.pdf
11-12-08 17:48 866090 Binzel - Alive and Well - One Doctor's Experience With Nutrition in the Treatment of Cancer Patients (1994).pdf
11-12-08 17:58 5189363 Boik - Natural Compounds in Cancer Therapy - Promising Nontoxic Antitumor Agents from Plants & other Natural Sources (2001).pdf
12-12-22 16:08 Bollinger
12-11-25 01:43 3005242 Breast Cancer Risk Reduction and Early Detection - E. Sauter, M. Daly (Springer, 2011) WW.pdf
12-12-22 16:08 Browning
12-12-22 16:08 Brunetti
12-12-22 16:08 Budwig
12-12-16 23:37 Budwig Programme
12-11-24 17:35 13125833 Cancer and Sexual Health - J. Mulhall, et. al., (Humana, 2011) BBS.pdf
12-02-17 13:21 Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition
11-12-08 17:27 250128 Cancer Patients Handbook.pdf
12-02-17 13:20 Cure Cancer e-books
11-07-15 12:02 DCA - anti cancer molecule
11-05-16 16:02 144 download more ebooks, magazines, & pdfs.url
12-12-22 16:08 Eidem
12-12-22 16:08 Essiac
11-12-08 14:23 4861277 Essiac Tea--Cancer Cure--Medicine,Health,Herbs,Spices,Handbook,Alternative,Food,Cooking.pdf
11-12-08 14:30 5021311 Essiac.Tea--Cancer.Cure--Medicine,Health,Herbs,Spices,handbook,alternative,food,cooking.pdf
11-06-08 19:59 6374820 Gene-Based Therapies for Cancer (2010) (Current Cancer Research).pdf
12-12-22 16:08 Gerson
12-12-13 14:52 Gerson Therapy Books
12-11-22 01:28 577300 Glum - Calling of an Angel - The True Story of Rene Caisse and an Indian Herbal Medicine called Essiac - Nature's Cure for Cancer (1988).pdf
12-12-22 16:08 Hoxsey
12-12-22 11:40 Human StemCell Theraphy Cancer Reasearch
09-11-23 10:35 100135 Hydrogen Peroxide Uses.pdf
12-12-22 16:08 Jarvis
11-12-08 23:20 74724790 Management of Cancer with Chinese Medicine.pdf
12-11-25 04:10 74724790 Management of CancerwithChineseMedicine.pdf
12-11-22 00:33 13177746 Nutition, Diet and Cancer - 9400729227.pdf
12-12-13 13:21 publish.cancer.oncology.malignancy.080322
12-12-22 16:08 Schulze
12-12-13 13:21 Scientific American - Cancer Articles
11-12-08 23:25 16280013 Skin Cancer - A World-Wide Perspective.pdf
11-12-08 21:24 92635 Sudarshan Kriya - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar -CANCER TREATMENT.pdf
12-12-13 13:22 The Biology Of Cancer (2007) - Robert A. Weinberg
12-11-22 03:03 24992854 The Cancer Handbook.pdf
12-12-22 16:08 Tobacco
12-11-22 00:31 97628 Treatments For Cancer - Dr Max Gerson - Rectal Cancer - Survive Treatments For Cancer.pdf
11-12-08 17:02 97628 Treatments For Cancer_Dr Max Gerson _Rectal Cancer - Survive Treatments For Cancer.pdf
12-12-22 16:08 UC San Diego
12-11-22 04:33 6346137 Vascular Disruptive Agents for the Treatment of Cancer .pdf
12-11-22 00:53 2028413 Vegetables, Whole Grains, and Their Derivatives in Cancer Prevention.pdf
12-12-22 16:08 World Without Cancer
11-06-13 03:30 2314568 [2002] Targets for Cancer Chemotherapy (Cancer Drug Discovery and Development).pdf
11-05-17 16:55 1609738 [2003] Micrometastasis (Cancer Metastasis - Biology and Treatment).pdf
11-05-18 16:42 5398901 [2004] Checkpoint Controls and Cancer, Volume 1 + 2 Reviews and Mo.pdf
11-05-16 16:01 4409003 [2009] Lung Cancer Metastasis, Novel Biological Mechanisms and Impact on Clinical Practice.pdf
11-06-08 19:59 6374820 [2010] Gene-Based Therapies for Cancer (Current Cancer Research).pdf
11-05-17 16:55 1609738 [PDF] [2003] Micrometastasis (Cancer Metastasis - Biology and Treatment).pdf
11-05-16 15:01 4409003 [PDF] [2009] Lung Cancer Metastasis, Novel Biological Mechanisms and Impact on Clinical Practice.pdf
520 File(s) 2687064084 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Alternative Cancer Therapies
12-11-22 01:20 635233 pg1.pdf
12-11-22 01:20 610836 pg2.pdf
12-11-22 01:21 788452 pg3.pdf
3 File(s) 2034521 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Bollinger
12-12-11 23:58 23898 Cancer - Step Outside the Box Cover.jpg
12-12-11 23:58 1902 Cancer - Step Outside the Box Readme.txt
12-12-13 02:05 7765048 Cancer - Step Outside the Box.pdf
3 File(s) 7790848 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Browning
12-12-12 05:33 332361 For Successful Healing, Cancer Must Be Treated as a Multi-System Disease.pdf
1 File(s) 332361 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Brunetti
12-12-12 05:33 2593317 Food As Medicine 2007.PDF
1 File(s) 2593317 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Budwig
12-12-12 04:21 1643145 Budwig Center Cancer Guide.pdf
12-12-10 01:51 1763592 Budwig Center Wellness Cancer Guide.PDF
12-11-22 02:40 1293599 Budwig Center Wellness Cancer Report.pdf
12-11-22 02:40 217287 Budwig Recipes.pdf
12-11-22 02:40 13778 Cottage Cheese & Flaxseed Oil Diet.pdf
12-11-22 02:40 2784800 The Oil Protein Diet Cook Book.pdf
6 File(s) 7716201 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Budwig Programme
12-01-11 01:57 403434 Budwig_Compilation_2_in_English.pdf
12-01-11 06:29 329602 Budwig_Compilation_3_in_English.pdf
12-01-11 02:00 257460 Budwig_Compilation_in_English.pdf
12-01-11 01:09 2784800 Oil-Protein Cook Book by Dr. Budwig.pdf
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Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition
12-02-17 13:21 docs
11-12-09 17:27 697036 startme.pdf
231 File(s) 145787536 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs
12-02-17 13:21 index
11-12-09 16:49 448 index.pdx
12-02-17 13:21 plates
12-02-17 13:21 section1
12-02-17 13:21 section10
12-02-17 13:21 section11
12-02-17 13:21 section12
12-02-17 13:21 section13
12-02-17 13:21 section14
12-02-17 13:21 section15
12-02-17 13:21 section16
12-02-17 13:21 section17
12-02-17 13:21 section18
12-02-17 13:21 section19
12-02-17 13:21 section2
12-02-17 13:21 section20
12-02-17 13:21 section21
12-02-17 13:21 section22
12-02-17 13:21 section23
12-02-17 13:21 section24
12-02-17 13:21 section25
12-02-17 13:21 section26
12-02-17 13:21 section27
12-02-17 13:21 section28
12-02-17 13:21 section29
12-02-17 13:21 section3
12-02-17 13:21 section30
12-02-17 13:21 section31
12-02-17 13:21 section32
12-02-17 13:21 section33
12-02-17 13:21 section34
12-02-17 13:21 section35
12-02-17 13:21 section36
12-02-17 13:21 section37
12-02-17 13:21 section38
12-02-17 13:21 section39
12-02-17 13:21 section4
12-02-17 13:21 section40
12-02-17 13:21 section41
12-02-17 13:21 section42
12-02-17 13:21 section43
12-02-17 13:21 section5
12-02-17 13:21 section6
12-02-17 13:21 section7
12-02-17 13:21 section8
12-02-17 13:21 section9
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Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\index
11-12-08 21:27 4848 index.idx
11-12-09 18:19 24849292 index1.idx
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Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\plates
11-12-09 17:17 747457 plate1.pdf
11-12-09 18:15 889532 plate10.pdf
11-12-09 17:36 802261 plate11.pdf
11-12-09 17:07 982368 plate12.pdf
11-12-09 17:39 831703 plate13.pdf
11-12-09 14:23 704296 plate14.pdf
11-12-09 18:18 1781483 plate15.pdf
11-12-09 18:18 913839 plate16.pdf
11-12-09 18:15 1036478 plate17.pdf
11-12-09 17:30 877287 plate18.pdf
11-12-09 18:17 1186106 plate19.pdf
11-12-09 17:17 514717 plate2.pdf
11-12-09 16:36 894549 plate20.pdf
11-12-09 17:24 896856 plate21.pdf
11-12-09 17:10 2447888 Plate22.pdf
11-12-09 17:42 857108 plate23.pdf
11-12-09 18:11 1224837 plate24.pdf
11-12-09 17:00 667708 plate25.pdf
11-12-09 17:00 652998 plate26.pdf
11-12-09 16:29 609600 plate27.pdf
11-12-09 16:44 859288 plate28.pdf
11-12-09 18:19 1351545 plate29.pdf
11-12-09 18:19 527164 plate3.pdf
11-12-09 18:18 1300146 plate30.pdf
11-12-09 18:17 1369622 plate31.pdf
11-12-09 18:19 1491973 plate32.pdf
11-12-09 18:04 1488979 plate33.pdf
11-12-09 18:15 1055217 plate34.pdf
11-12-09 17:25 803787 plate35.pdf
11-12-09 17:26 987581 plate36.pdf
11-12-09 17:26 992541 plate37.pdf
11-12-09 18:17 1197701 plate38.pdf
11-12-09 17:41 841525 plate39.pdf
11-12-09 17:27 419599 plate4.pdf
11-12-09 17:23 788457 plate40.pdf
11-12-09 17:39 845503 plate41.pdf
11-12-09 17:32 937647 plate42.pdf
11-12-09 17:25 942409 plate43.pdf
11-12-09 17:35 1388586 plate44.pdf
11-12-09 17:09 620383 plate45.pdf
11-12-09 17:25 693365 plate46.pdf
11-12-09 17:39 733120 plate47.pdf
11-12-09 18:17 698285 plate48.pdf
11-12-09 18:14 1212234 plate5.pdf
11-12-09 17:17 1355631 plate6.pdf
11-12-09 17:10 1057986 plate7.pdf
11-12-09 18:16 699994 plate8.pdf
11-12-09 18:16 815935 plate9.pdf
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Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section1
11-12-09 13:55 473548 1.pdf
11-12-09 15:12 321190 2.pdf
11-12-09 17:08 543910 3.pdf
11-12-09 15:51 169820 4.pdf
11-12-09 17:08 751498 5.pdf
11-12-09 17:08 575182 6.pdf
11-12-09 14:20 174516 7.pdf
11-12-09 18:17 391417 8.pdf
11-12-09 17:11 464419 9.pdf
9 File(s) 3865500 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section10
11-12-09 15:11 268405 32.pdf
11-12-09 14:07 107438 33.pdf
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Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section11
11-12-09 18:15 596274 34.pdf
11-12-09 16:27 128720 35.pdf
11-12-09 17:00 468006 36.pdf
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Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section12
11-12-09 18:15 103571 37.pdf
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Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section13
11-12-09 18:15 410999 38.pdf
11-12-09 18:14 258307 39.pdf
11-12-08 20:03 236073 40.pdf
11-12-08 19:52 73032 41.pdf
11-12-09 18:15 419360 42.pdf
11-12-09 14:23 71310 43.pdf
11-12-09 18:18 211930 44.pdf
11-12-09 14:43 118636 45.pdf
8 File(s) 1799647 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section14
11-12-09 14:51 200865 46.pdf
11-12-09 15:28 358307 47.pdf
11-12-09 14:43 352526 48.pdf
11-12-09 14:43 176568 49.pdf
11-12-09 16:00 298057 50.pdf
11-12-09 16:00 111750 51.pdf
6 File(s) 1498073 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section15
11-12-08 19:56 151641 52.pdf
11-12-08 21:27 232604 53.pdf
11-12-08 21:28 213007 54.pdf
11-12-09 14:42 228622 55.pdf
11-12-09 14:42 140421 56.pdf
11-12-09 17:10 76069 57.pdf
11-12-09 17:10 188048 58.pdf
11-12-09 17:35 174520 59.pdf
8 File(s) 1404932 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section16
11-12-09 15:28 134586 60.pdf
11-12-09 18:15 202758 61.pdf
11-12-09 18:15 231235 62.pdf
11-12-09 16:20 133677 63.pdf
11-12-09 18:12 301151 64.pdf
11-12-09 18:12 235003 65.pdf
6 File(s) 1238410 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section17
11-12-08 19:59 271904 66.pdf
1 File(s) 271904 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section18
11-12-09 18:17 338075 67.pdf
11-12-09 18:19 432141 68.pdf
2 File(s) 770216 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section19
11-12-09 17:18 243306 69.pdf
1 File(s) 243306 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section2
11-12-08 21:45 197068 10.pdf
1 File(s) 197068 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section20
11-12-09 14:24 619864 70.pdf
1 File(s) 619864 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section21
11-12-09 16:33 303661 71.pdf
1 File(s) 303661 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section22
11-12-09 16:33 76409 72.pdf
11-12-09 16:59 121743 73.pdf
2 File(s) 198152 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section23
11-12-09 16:59 251504 74.pdf
11-12-08 20:53 110871 75.pdf
11-12-08 20:02 165612 76.pdf
11-12-09 14:42 67271 77.pdf
11-12-09 17:18 112604 78.pdf
11-12-09 17:18 150164 79.pdf
6 File(s) 858026 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section24
11-12-09 18:04 1214479 80.pdf
1 File(s) 1214479 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section25
11-12-09 18:16 501507 81.pdf
1 File(s) 501507 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section26
11-12-09 17:36 379387 82.pdf
11-12-09 17:11 299133 83.pdf
11-12-09 17:11 215000 84.pdf
11-12-09 18:19 1367798 85.pdf
4 File(s) 2261318 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section27
11-12-09 18:15 1212813 86.pdf
11-12-09 15:33 482486 87.pdf
2 File(s) 1695299 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section28
11-12-09 17:18 1427837 88.pdf
11-12-09 16:20 379929 89.pdf
11-12-09 14:26 139519 90.pdf
11-12-08 21:43 72595 91.pdf
11-12-09 17:10 97965 92.pdf
11-12-09 18:11 503237 93.pdf
6 File(s) 2621082 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section29
11-12-09 18:11 425048 100.pdf
11-12-09 17:34 900169 101.pdf
11-12-09 14:04 101654 102.pdf
11-12-09 18:18 962149 103.pdf
11-12-09 18:18 124069 104.pdf
11-12-09 15:52 476092 94.pdf
11-12-09 14:22 818330 95.pdf
11-12-08 21:48 232167 96.pdf
11-12-08 21:29 375465 97.pdf
11-12-09 17:18 466831 98.pdf
11-12-09 17:18 747926 99.pdf
11 File(s) 5629900 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section3
11-12-08 20:24 264505 11.pdf
11-12-09 17:42 224524 12.pdf
11-12-09 17:42 362984 13.pdf
11-12-09 17:43 309224 14.pdf
11-12-08 22:54 221725 15.pdf
11-12-09 18:18 802796 16.pdf
11-12-08 20:03 52608 17.pdf
11-12-09 17:00 357650 18.pdf
11-12-09 15:13 135450 19.pdf
11-12-09 17:17 545882 20.pdf
11-12-09 17:08 150081 21.pdf
11-12-09 17:08 104730 22.pdf
12 File(s) 3532159 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section30
11-12-09 16:20 129601 105.pdf
11-12-09 14:38 78760 106.pdf
11-12-09 17:10 310002 107.pdf
11-12-09 18:18 1425149 108.pdf
11-12-09 14:11 165718 109.pdf
11-12-09 14:37 295397 110.pdf
6 File(s) 2404627 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section31
11-12-09 17:25 441669 111.pdf
11-12-09 17:36 2860684 112.pdf
11-12-08 20:24 246701 113.pdf
11-12-08 20:52 94555 114.pdf
11-12-09 18:18 628837 115.pdf
11-12-09 15:46 103275 116.pdf
11-12-09 08:29 115254 117.pdf
7 File(s) 4490975 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section32
11-12-09 17:35 1501056 118.pdf
1 File(s) 1501056 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section33
11-12-09 18:15 3346012 119.pdf
1 File(s) 3346012 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section34
11-12-09 17:35 524820 120.pdf
1 File(s) 524820 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section35
11-12-09 18:17 3641241 121.pdf
11-12-09 18:04 948043 122.pdf
2 File(s) 4589284 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section36
11-12-09 14:12 355124 123.pdf
11-12-09 14:52 406373 124.pdf
11-12-08 20:52 221745 125.pdf
11-12-09 18:16 164821 126.pdf
11-12-09 18:16 207585 127.pdf
11-12-09 17:39 219750 128.pdf
11-12-09 17:39 454131 129.pdf
11-12-09 17:42 475196 130.pdf
11-12-09 14:54 245504 131.pdf
11-12-09 14:25 483210 132.pdf
11-12-09 16:59 83045 133.pdf
11-12-09 16:59 421180 134.pdf
12 File(s) 3737664 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section37
11-12-09 16:20 206978 135.pdf
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Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section38
11-12-09 14:37 133489 136.pdf
1 File(s) 133489 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section39
11-12-09 14:37 53610 137a.pdf
11-12-09 14:37 66369 137b.pdf
11-12-09 14:37 241494 137c.pdf
11-12-08 21:52 111200 137d.pdf
11-12-09 14:36 151520 138a.pdf
11-12-09 14:36 239956 138b.pdf
11-12-09 17:28 87150 138c.pdf
11-12-09 18:15 97879 138d.pdf
11-12-09 18:15 60879 138e.pdf
11-12-09 18:15 60482 139a.pdf
11-12-09 18:15 125446 139b.pdf
11-12-08 21:41 49200 139c.pdf
11-12-08 22:05 198442 139d.pdf
11-12-09 17:18 368509 139e.pdf
14 File(s) 1912136 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section4
11-12-09 16:50 503399 23.pdf
1 File(s) 503399 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section40
11-12-09 17:27 293059 140.pdf
11-12-09 17:27 234333 141.pdf
11-12-09 14:37 114683 142.pdf
11-12-09 18:16 1821255 143.pdf
11-12-09 18:16 111925 144.pdf
11-12-09 15:11 1474947 145.pdf
11-12-09 18:15 362835 146.pdf
11-12-09 16:20 120459 147.pdf
11-12-08 17:50 104310 148.pdf
11-12-09 18:18 1371571 149.pdf
11-12-09 17:00 264317 150.pdf
11-12-08 22:10 179648 151.pdf
11-12-09 17:25 169350 152.pdf
11-12-09 17:25 129083 153.pdf
11-12-09 17:10 147945 154.pdf
11-12-09 08:29 261606 155.pdf
11-12-08 21:28 114441 156.pdf
17 File(s) 7275767 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section41
11-12-09 17:24 550808 157.pdf
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Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section42
11-12-09 16:39 846899 158.pdf
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Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section43
11-12-09 18:18 160374 159.pdf
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Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section5
11-12-09 18:18 332317 24.pdf
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Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section6
11-12-09 18:17 184697 25.pdf
11-12-09 14:42 892933 26.pdf
11-12-08 21:46 149704 27.pdf
3 File(s) 1227334 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section7
11-12-09 14:25 265517 28.pdf
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Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section8
11-12-09 16:43 855681 29.pdf
1 File(s) 855681 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cancer Medicine - 5th Edition\docs\section9
11-12-08 21:26 53753 30.pdf
11-12-08 21:26 49567 30a.pdf
11-12-08 21:21 470108 30b.pdf
11-12-09 16:37 881587 30c.pdf
11-12-09 14:24 685015 30d.pdf
11-12-09 16:42 1086811 30e.pdf
11-12-09 17:35 1258287 30f.pdf
11-12-09 18:18 794488 30g.pdf
11-12-09 17:39 190922 30h.pdf
11-12-09 17:39 262333 30i.pdf
11-12-08 20:50 245713 31.pdf
11 File(s) 5978584 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Cure Cancer e-books
11-12-08 14:06 4329915 01CANCER-IS-CURABLE.pdf
11-12-08 14:04 3679590 02Food_Matters_Detox_and_Rejuvenation_Guide.pdf
11-12-08 14:02 668843 03Cancer-Breakthrough-USA.pdf
3 File(s) 8678348 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\DCA - anti cancer molecule
09-03-21 12:56 336209 DCA - Cancer therapy? When all else fails - health - 28 March 2007 - New Scientist.webarchive
09-03-21 12:56 313418 DCA - Cheap, 'safe' drug kills most cancers - health - 17 January 2007 - New Scientist.webarchive
09-03-21 12:57 104229 DCA - DiChloroAcetate? A cheap and simple cure for cancer?.webarchive
09-03-21 12:54 101268 DCA letter_092407.pdf
09-03-21 11:31 327302 DCA NewScientist article - Cheap, 'safe' drug kills most cancers - health - 17 January 2007 - New Scientist.webarchive
09-03-21 11:29 1888062 DCA Patent - wo06108276.pdf
09-03-21 11:30 1091234 DCA Pharmacology - dca-tox-pharm.pdf
7 File(s) 4161722 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Eidem
12-11-22 02:15 19273 How I Got Rid Of My Stage 4 Cancer.pdf
12-11-22 02:15 18907 The Doctor Who Cures Cancer Cover.jpg
12-11-22 02:15 699 The Doctor Who Cures Cancer Readme.txt
12-12-13 01:21 2343321 The Doctor Who Cures Cancer.pdf
4 File(s) 2382200 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Essiac
12-12-13 01:21 962396 Essiac Tea is a Cancer Cure Big Pharma Does Not Want You to Know About.pdf
12-12-13 01:21 9129 Essiac Tea Notes.pdf
2 File(s) 971525 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Gerson
12-12-13 01:21 97886073 A Cancer Therapy - Results of Fifty Cases.pdf
12-12-12 21:55 47613369 Censured for Curing Cancer.pdf
12-12-13 01:16 165985685 Gerson Therapy Handbook.pdf
12-12-12 05:46 17193897 Healing Colon Liver and Pancreas Cancer.pdf
12-12-12 22:35 107742162 Healing the Hopeless.pdf
12-12-13 01:18 326567038 The Gerson Therapy.pdf
12-12-12 23:06 20474200 The Little Enema Book.pdf
12-12-13 00:42 27398458 The Little Juicing Book.pdf
8 File(s) 810860882 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Gerson Therapy Books
12-01-20 14:27 97886073 A Cancer Therapy - Results of Fifty Cases.pdf
12-01-20 14:27 47613369 Censured for Curing Cancer.pdf
12-01-20 14:27 165985685 Gerson Therapy Handbook.pdf
12-01-20 14:17 17193897 Healing Colon Liver and Pancreas Cancer - The Gerson Way.pdf
12-01-20 14:27 107742162 Healing the Hopeless.pdf
12-01-20 14:27 326567038 The Gerson Therapy.pdf
12-01-20 14:15 20474200 The Little Enema Book.pdf
12-01-20 14:23 27398458 The Little Juicing Book.pdf
8 File(s) 810860882 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Hoxsey
12-12-12 04:33 188170 Constituents of the Hoxsey Formula.pdf
12-12-12 04:33 11420 Hoxsey Formula.pdf
12-12-12 04:33 11101 Hoxsey Notes.pdf
12-12-12 04:33 24945 The Longwood Herbal Task Force - Hoxsey Formula.pdf
12-12-12 04:33 66783 The Story of Harry Hoxsey.pdf
12-12-12 04:33 351873 Unproven Methods Of Cancer Management.PDF
6 File(s) 654292 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Human StemCell Theraphy Cancer Reasearch
11-12-13 06:18 145249 Advances in cell-based therapy for structural heart disease.pdf
11-12-13 06:18 88573 An overview of stem cell research and regulatory issues..pdf
11-12-13 06:13 88573 An overview of stem cell research and regulatory issues.pdf
11-12-13 06:05 223654 Bone marrow derived cells the influence of aging and cellular senescence.pdf
11-12-13 06:18 1388849 Characterization of Mouse Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells.pdf
11-12-13 06:18 59037 Enrichment of NK cells from human blood with the RosetteSep kit from StemCell technologies.pdf
11-12-13 06:18 714574 Isolation of pluripotent embryonic stem cells from reprogrammed adult mouse somatic cell nuclei.pdf
11-12-13 06:18 915504 journal.pone.0008576.pdf
11-12-13 06:18 334853 Large scale transcriptome data integration across multiple tissues to decipher stem cell signatures.pdf
11-12-13 06:18 1878018 Loss of p21 permits carcinogenesis from chronically damaged liver and kidney epithelial cells despite unchecked apoptosis.pdf
11-12-13 06:18 746028 Mineralocorticoid Receptor Overexpression in Embryonic Stem Cell Derived Cardiomyocytes Increases Their Beating Frequency.pdf
11-12-13 06:18 281605 Overview generation of gene knockout mice.pdf
11-12-13 06:18 1350561 Pluripotent stem cells--model of embryonic development, tool for gene targeting, and basis of cell therapy.pdf
11-12-13 06:18 56978 Progress in corticogenesis.pdf
11-12-13 06:11 473067 Reprogramming of human somatic cells by embryonic stem cell cytoplast.pdf
11-12-13 06:18 457177 Stem cells.pdf
11-12-13 05:54 286749 The aging of lympho-hematopoietic stem cells.pdf
11-12-13 06:18 327856 The biology of hematopoietic stem cells.pdf
11-12-13 06:18 3495608 The Glial Nature of Embryonic and Adult Neural Stem Cells.pdf
11-12-13 06:11 220627 The phenotypes of pluripotent human hepatic progenitors.pdf
11-12-13 06:11 1488267 The phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase AKT mammalian target of rapamycin signaling network and the control of normal myelopoiesis.pdf
11-12-13 06:18 126909 World apheresis registry 2003-2007 data.pdf
22 File(s) 15148316 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\Jarvis
12-12-12 04:33 23588 Cancer Cure Secrets Cover.jpg
12-12-12 04:33 144811 Cancer Cure Secrets.pdf
2 File(s) 168399 bytes
Directory of \_Health\_Cancer\__PDF\publish.cancer.oncology.malignancy.080322
12-11-22 00:54 39456 aging.html
12-11-22 00:54 74978 aidshiv.html
12-11-22 00:54 71999 alternativecomplementary.html
12-11-22 00:54 58757 anemiaanemias.html
12-11-22 00:54 39549 anesthesiaanesthesiology.html
12-11-22 00:54 66147 associations.html
12-11-22 00:53 40949 bereavementgriefsupport.html
12-11-22 00:54 40223 bonecancer.html
12-11-22 00:54 62732 bonemarrow.html
12-11-22 00:54 62078 braintumors.html
12-11-22 00:54 34412 breast.cancer.htm
12-11-22 00:54 82005 breastcancer.html
12-11-22 00:54 60438 canadianassociations.html
12-11-22 00:54 65329 cancer.oncology.htm
12-11-22 00:54 51121 cancer.oncology.malignancy.lung.respiratory.mesothelioma.asbestos.exposure.htm
12-11-22 00:54 67257 cancerandoncology.html
12-11-22 00:54 81514 cancerassociations.html
12-11-22 00:54 86584 cancerhematologyoncology.html
12-11-22 00:54 53442 cancerinwomen.html
12-11-22 00:54 66262 cancerinwomenfeminine.html
12-11-22 00:54 40985 cancermailinglists.html
12-11-22 00:53 62251 canceroncology.html
12-11-22 00:53 38757 canceroncologyhematology.html
12-11-22 00:53 23339 canceroncologyoncologists.html
12-11-22 00:54 493380 canceroncologytumors.html
12-11-22 00:53 662 CANCERONCOLOGYTUMORS.HTML.torrent
12-11-22 00:54 99566 cancerresearchcenters.html
12-11-22 00:54 85409 cancerresourcedirectory.html
12-11-22 00:54 68719 cancersupportsites.html
12-11-22 00:54 63320 cancersurvivors.html
12-11-22 00:54 41193 carcinogensteratogens.html
12-11-22 00:54 39517 cardiaccardiology.html
12-11-22 00:54 59610 caregiverscaregiving.html
12-11-22 00:54 52921 central.venous.catheters.htm
12-11-22 00:54 39499 cervicalcancer.html
12-11-22 00:54 67280 chemotherapy.html
12-11-22 00:54 68808 childrenwithcancer.html
12-11-22 00:54 39417 chronicillness.html
12-11-22 00:54 65310 clinicaltrialslistings.html
12-11-22 00:54 61262 coloncancer.html
12-11-22 00:54 42435 commercial.infusion.pumps.companies.htm
12-11-22 00:53 58755 continuingeducation.html
12-11-22 00:54 40214 deathanddying.html
12-11-22 00:54 41066 dentaloral.html
12-11-22 00:54 39391 depression.html
12-11-22 00:54 57727 dietnutrition.html
12-11-22 00:54 39420 doctorsandphysicians.html
12-11-22 00:54 39361 drugabuse.html
12-11-22 00:54 40266 drugsandmedications.html
12-11-22 00:53 39473 emergencymedicine.html
12-11-22 00:53 60185 endocrineendocrinology.html
12-11-22 00:53 39465 epidemiology.html
12-11-22 00:54 41100 eyecancer.html
12-11-22 00:54 56330 feminineconcerns.html
12-11-22 00:54 60457 fertilityinfertility.html
12-11-22 00:53 40967 gastrointestinal.html
12-11-22 00:53 39549 gastrointestinaloncology.html
12-11-22 00:54 66624 generalhealthportals.html
12-11-22 00:54 70946 geneticsandcancer.html
12-11-22 00:54 40255 genitourinary.html
12-11-22 00:54 39420 geriatricseniors.html
12-11-22 00:54 62113 gynecologiconcology.html
12-11-22 00:54 39410 hairloss.html
12-11-22 00:53 39451 headachemigraine.html
12-11-22 00:54 41023 healthcarenews.html
12-11-22 00:54 40185 healthinsurance.html
12-11-22 00:54 61080 hematologyhematologists.html
12-11-22 00:54 38676 hodgkinslymphoma.html
12-11-22 00:54 39630 homecarehomeheatlh.html
12-11-22 00:54 117984
12-11-22 00:54 125215 hospiceendoflifecare.html
12-11-22 00:54 122997 hospitals.html
12-11-22 00:54 41065 immunosupression.html
12-11-22 00:54 40138 index.htm
12-11-22 00:54 39472 infectiousdiseases.html
12-11-22 00:54 58629 infertility.html
12-11-22 00:54 65404 international.html
12-11-22 00:54 49915 intravenous.fluids.htm
12-11-22 00:54 35141 intravenous.infusions.htm
12-11-22 00:54 40278 kidneysrenal.html
12-11-22 00:54 71744 laboratorypathology.html
12-11-22 00:54 58719 leukemia.html
12-11-22 00:54 64961 lungcancer.html
12-11-22 00:54 58787 lymphedema.html
12-11-22 00:53 41068 lymphoma.html
12-11-22 00:54 39439 lymphomahodgkins.html
12-11-22 00:54 31730 mammograms.mammography.htm
12-11-22 00:54 39494 mastectomies.html
12-11-22 00:54 60213 medicalassociations.html
12-11-22 00:54 63062 medicaljournals.html
12-11-22 00:54 69862 medicaljournalspublications.html
12-11-22 00:54 40213 medicallibraries.html
12-11-22 00:54 57944 medicalresources.html
12-11-22 00:54 62804 medicalschools.html
12-11-22 00:54 39464 medicalsoftware.html
12-11-22 00:54 41001 melanoma.html
12-11-22 00:54 39479 menshealth.html
12-11-22 00:54 40801 mentalhealth.html
12-11-22 00:54 228 mesothelioma.html
12-11-22 00:54 72781 miscellaneous.html
12-11-22 00:54 59607 myeloma.html
12-11-22 00:54 39467 neurofibromatosis.html
12-11-22 00:54 62817 neurological.html
12-11-22 00:54 38406 nursing.consultants.htm
12-11-22 00:54 61233 nursing.html
12-11-22 00:54 60295 oncologyconferences.html
12-11-22 00:54 75271 oncologyjournals.html
12-11-22 00:54 62933 oncologynursing.html
12-11-22 00:54 41031 oncologyphysicians.html
12-11-22 00:54 39488 organtransplantation.html
12-11-22 00:54 39387 orthopedics.html
12-11-22 00:54 39449 ostomycolostomies.html
12-11-22 00:54 62589 ovariancancer.html
12-11-22 00:54 82453
12-11-22 00:54 63522 painmanagement.html
12-11-22 00:54 60109 palliativecare.html
12-11-22 00:53 40321 pancreaticcancer.html
12-11-22 00:54 73454 patientsupportservices.html
12-11-22 00:54 59189 pediatricschildren.html
12-11-22 00:54 48992 peripherally.inserted.central.catheters.picc.lines.htm
12-11-22 00:54 41994 personalhomepages.html
12-11-22 00:54 41030 pharmaceuticalnew.html
12-11-22 00:54 61350 pharmaceuticalsbiotechnologycompanies.html
12-11-22 00:54 77837 prostatecancer.html
12-11-22 00:54 39456 publichealth.html
12-11-22 00:54 64892 radiationradiotherapy.html
12-11-22 00:54 28652 radical.mastectomy.htm
12-11-22 00:54 40908 radiologyinterventional.html
12-11-22 00:54 45928 rectal.cancer.colorectal.oncology.htm
12-11-22 00:54 41215 sarcomaconnectivetissue.html
12-11-22 00:54 45565 self.examinations.htm
12-11-22 00:54 59478 skincancermelanoma.html
12-11-22 00:54 39417 software.html
12-11-22 00:54 44234
12-11-22 00:54 60283 statespecificcancer.html
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''Drinking Cattle Milk causes Cancer''

Breast/prostate cancer is highest in countries where milk forms part of the diet.
Normally naturally humans stop being able to digest lactose after age 4.
Cow milk is not means for human consumptipon, and has incompatible protein and immune factors.
Milk industry feeds milc cattle additives which are unhealthy, for cows ans humans (hormones, antibiotics, ...)
''The China Study - Eating Meat causes Cancer''

The largest study ever on cancer is entitled "The China Study".
Millions of people were interviewed by thousand of researchers.
It describes how eating meat 'turns on' (activates) cancer.
Stopping eating meat inactivates the cancer activity.

{The China Study, Campbell, T}

Other studies showed that eating 'meat' causes residues in the colon.
Especially in combination with starches, proteins are not well digested.
The 'meat' residues in the gut can cause chronic irritation.
These findings were confirmed by colon healing after Ayurvedic colon cleansing.

[[Inescapable Irritation]]
Renée Caisse, nurse in Canada learned an old Native Indian Cancer remedy.
Wikipedia: "it reportedly contains burdock, Indian rhubarb, sheep sorrel, and slippery elm bark. Some formulations may also contain watercress, blessed thistle, red clover, and kelp".
Exercising raises body temperature, and oxygen levels.
It is important that breathing increases ventilation.
The increase of body temperature eradicates cancers.
The increase in oxygen level eradicates cancer.
''Gaston Naessens - Cell/Symbiont regression cycles''

Gaston Naessens used Dark Field microscopy to detect local cell/symbiont changes.
He discovered that there is a symbiotic and biotic sequence of organism development.
When the "local milieu" changes, cells/symbionts will adapt by regress to an earlier phase.
The area of/around cancers in that sense represents a 'pre-historic' cell life/survival phase.

Please study the insightful work of Gaston Naessens yourself; Dark Field Microscope and bionts.
Especially look at his research on somatites, fundamental life forms at at the scale of a virus.
Compare these findings to the research of [[Royal Raymond Rife]], on the role of virus in cancer.
See see the work on [[René Broekhuyse]] on the association of cancers with microbial colonies/clusters.
''Hans von Reckeweg - incompatible experiences cause DNA deformation''

Our life experiences are first filtered by our consciousness.
Next, the experiences are processed ('digested') by our body.
At the next level, the organs need to be able to integrate the experience.
Ultimately the individual body Cells (and DNA) will be affected/afflicted.
Stomach cancer due to too hot food
In the Orient where men eat before the women,
the men get stomack cancer because the food is too hot.
The women, who eat later do not get the stomach cancer.

[[Inescapable Irritation]]
Danish acupunturist doctor Hugo Nilsen uses acupuncture in case of cancer.
Needles are inserted to ensure that the Qi flow is made symmetrical - again.
As a result, the local (asymmetrical) information circulations are resolved.
Thereby cancers, uccuring in the local circulation eddies, are dissolved also. [8]
''Hulda Regehr Clarke - Cancer is a (isopropyl alcohol) Fluke''

Hulda Regehr Clarke States that "cancer is caused by a parasite, Fluke Worms".
But toxins in our food and body care products make it possible that these parasites can prevail.
She wrote her book called "The Cure for all Cancers "after having successfully treated a hundred cases of cancer.
In the book she describes the electronic device which he has used in her research and treatment.

She has a very explicit style of communication and her statements are just as explicit.
"Give me three weeks and your oncologist will cancel your surgery" summarises her approach on the rear cover of the book.
Just as straightforward, or a blunt, is her sequel book entitled the cure for all diseases.
In the traditional American pragmatic approach she advises people to do the research themselves and gives suggestions on how to do it.

Isopropyl alcohol, she writes, is the one cause why fluke worms can nestle in our body.
The alcohol breaks down the 'shield' of one of the larval stages.
As a result the parasite can nestle outside of the gut in (m)any part(s) of our body.
The growth factor which the patrasite produces fior self-growth; also causes bosy cells to divide: cancer is the result.

Black Walnut Husk tincture, Wormwood and Cloves are the treatment of choice to eradicate the parasites and their eggs.
Isopropyl alcohol (in body care producs and household cleaning products) must be avoided and removed.
Because the isopropyl alcohol is the factor by which the parasite (Fluke) can invade the body.
Only then can the fluke start to grow, and produce the growth factor which produces cancer.
Cancer exists in oxygen-deprived environments, only.
Hydrogen peroxide is a carrier of oxygen into the body.
As a result, the oxygen levels in the body are raised.
As a result, the environment in which oxygen can exist disappears.
Cancer Cure - Information resources

Cancer is a disease of loss of identity/will.
This involves the soul; and vegetative system.
Cancer 'patients' who decide to "lead their own life" offer a lesson.
Spontaneous remission of cancer results from deciding for yourself.

Those spontaneous remissions did NOT require lots of studying/reading.
Quite the contrary: it often is a direct clear own individual decisions.
The information listed here simply serves for those who believe in 'others'.
Here you will find many examples of cancer cures, by natural/self healing.

Look beyond the (implied) claims and 'success stories'; the story-telling.
As long as people believe in the superstition of money, this wil happen.
They will tell stories, write books, sell advise for money, to live off/on.
Realise many stories are discoveries of interest, by other people.

Humans together form humanity; one integral organism.
We all lean with each other and from each other; by trial and error.
Together we complement each others in our outlook and findings.
Together we know more than we each do alone; we learn, together.

The Information Resources listed here are intended to inspire you.
Like did the authors: look for yourself and see what you can find.
Like all those authors, discover that you can find many solutions.
Yet realise also a recipe on paper is no cure; what matters is what YOU do.
Integral Health Care combines all forms of healing of humanity:

"Far West", shamanism/spiritual healing, as form of Information health care; for disease prevention.
"Far East", meridian treatment, as form of Regulation Therapy for early detection/correction.
"East", e.g. Ayurveda (Naturopathy) as Physiology Therapy, for body process(ing) healing.
"West", (somatic medicine) for anatomical correction; and symptom treatment ('palliation').

The front page shows how this integrates material, molecular, atomic and phase models of science.
Thereby it unifies classical, relativistic, probabilistic and creationistic models of science.
Physical, chemical, electrodynamic and (phase) informatics are therein all integrated.
We experience it as our Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit (while using Freedom of Choice).

Cancer is a disease like any other; and healed by the same principle.
Every disease represents a ("Verveen") feedforward-Feedback system mismatch.
Every disease is anchored, and healed, in the system boundary/interface/singularity.
Therein all system singularities are interconnected, in 4 dimensions.

Information Integration is needed to restore the light field integrity ('self image').
Electromagnetic calibration is required to restore system boundary ("relational") integrity.
Chemical (free electron) circulation must be balanced for internal/external ("group") viability.
Physical (bound electron) coherence is required for system integrity/integration stability.
[[BIG Busine$$]]
[[The Essence]]
[[The Principle]] <= This is the core of this work
[[The Cure]]

[[The Quest]]
[[The Lesson]]
[['Dear Reader']]

[[Cancer Catanker]]
[[Deadly Diagnosis]]
[[Deadly Treatment]]
[[Deadly Deception]]

[[D I Y]]
[[Integral Health Care]]

[[Book Outline]]
If that's what this Essay proposes is correct, we would already have a solution to cancer.
In fact, as the Essay suggests, we will have hundreds of cures for cancer.
But these are not the cures that Medical Doctors ("MD's") propose.
In fact, '__the legal' medical 'cures for cancer', all cause cancer__.

Doctors know this (if they studied beyond what they were taught)
Doctors know that the 'legal' system creates a constraint.
Doctors know that the 'legal' system is created by (lobbying) Industry.
The (American, Corporate) 'Legal System' is set up 'to //allow// this'.

Your Doctors cannot help you.
Your Politicians are not helping you.
The Industry is helping itself ('to your money').
What will you do, to help yourself?!

As this Essay will show, this Financial/Political system itself is //cancerous//.
The profiteering off (cancer) disease itself is //cancerous//.
In Fact (separately described) the Money Bank System is //cancerous//.
Because cancer is not a Physical Disease, but a disease of loss of Identity Integrity.

This Essay is intended to provide e proper //''description''//.
A good description may give a proper //''understanding''//.
Proper understanding does not yet give the proper //''experience''//.
What we need however is an //effective ''practice''//.

Research on tumors, cells, genes, DNA, does not show //why// cancer arises in the body.
It is becoming increasingly clear that cancer is//in part a disease// but mainly //a business//.
This Essay, "Cures for Cancer" must not only resolve the Disease, but also the Business.
That means that ''Cancer is not only physical, but also psychological, sociological and ecological''.

'Cancerous DNA' is a //consequence// of the disease of Cancer; not the //cause// of 'cancer'
''Cancer is due to a loss of cell synchronisation, due to an affliction of cell communication''.
The Integrity of cell communication - within our body - is known as our Identity and Integrity.
The Integrity of Identity is based on our "Soul": the integrity in the life choices that we make.

Cancer in our body is but a reflection and manifestation of a disturbed systemic communication.
The communication between cells, between organs, between living beings, on Earth, are all interrelated.
Cell/Organ/Human communication is an electromagnetic information communication phenomenon.
The origin of 'cancer' lies at that level: disturbed information communication withing the environment.

Information Communication is both physically and psychologically: our being is by definition 'psychosomatic'.
Information Communication is by definition //between// cells/organs/systems/entities.
Each of the 'elements'/beings involved in the communication adjusts/adapts in the communication.
Communication is by definition interactive - even if one being strives/tries to dominate the communication.

Cancer results from a disbalance in the mutuality/reciprocity of the information communication.
When one being tries to dominate the communication, the freedom of Choice of the other is suppressed.
In severe cases, this leads to a repression of the identity, free will and free choice in the other.
This abuse of Freedom of Choice is known as Slavery; the act of doing it is called Enslavement.

Cancer is but a symptom, of a loss of integrity of Identity by a 'rape'/'domination' by an Other.
This can be a living being, but it can also be a mechanical, chemical, or electromagnetic 'invasion'.
All are forms of Electromagnetic/Information/Coherence/Structural fields, of different kinds.
Watever the influence: the effect, in the body, is always at the level of Electromagnetic disturbance.

Yes, inescapable physical pressure on the body can cause stress on cells, leading to loss of synchronisation.
Yes, chemicals can interfere with cellular interactions and can thus cause loss of cell synchronistion.
Yes, electro-smog (electromagnetic appliance radiation) can lead to loss of cell synchronisation.
Yes, faulty ideas and loss of self can interfere with cell communication and cause loss of cell synchronisation.

Cell synchronisation, cell communication, flow of ideas and bodily motions are all interrelated.
Due to the mutuality in the processes/processing, causality can 'go either direction'.
Erroneous self image and stressors can cause cancers; but coherent ideas can also cure them.
That is why so many people were able to cure their own cancer, by adjusting their self-image and world-view.

This Essay will present many examples of effective (self) cure of cancer.
Be aware that the Statistical Studies based on Large Numbers do not apply.
Every disease exists within a unique individual being with Freedom of Choice.
By choice, by intent, dysfunctional self/cell communication can be corrected.

Understand that the Medical Industry regards living beings as if dead objects.
Laws of Material Science are applied, 'as if they could apply to living beings'.
This is because the Essence of Life, Freedom of Choice, is ignored, disregarded and denied.
Thereby all remedies/cures/therapies based on Intent are denied/ignored/disregarded also.

For you, cancer in another living being is immaterial; it is beyond your intent (although within your care).
When cancer exists within you, it is within your reach: you cane care for your proper intent.
When another being has cancer, you cannot interact with the cancer itself - it is beyond your reach.
Yet, by coherent communication you may help enhance coherence in their inner self/cell communication.

The material mechanical medical models are therein of NO help.
It does NOT help to study millions of people to 'identify causes for cancer'.
Cancer is a decay/loss of cell synchronisation; any factor which can do that is a possible cause for cancer.
Fut the only determining factor is, that the cell cannot cope with the irritant that interferes with cell synchronisation.

This is the only trigger for cancer: inescapable environmental irritation, that interferes with cell communication/synchronisation.
Radiation, toxins, stress (of any kind) and interference are interchangeable terms for factors that disrupt cell communication>
Because cell communication takes place at 4 levels: physical, chemical, electromagnetic and pure ('light') information.
Actually, in reality, our body is an integral electromagnetic field, operating those four 'densities of materialisation'.

This means that, at the core, cell communication is electromagnetic, whatever the material phase manifestation.
The new scientific model provided by Tetryonics describes this in very convincing detail - which fully applies in our body.
This means that we must stop regarding our body, and disease (treatment) 'as-if' physical; it is electromagnetic.
That is also why we can understand all cures for all cancers fom that level: restoring optimal cell communication/synchronisation.

'Killing cancer cells' NEVER CURES a cacer.
The 'cancer' is not in the cell; the 'cancer' is loss  of cell synchronisation.
Killing cells cannot, ever, cure the factors that caused loss of cell synchronisation.
''Resolving the cell communication resulting in restored cell synchronisation: that will cure cancer''.

Understand that the Government aids and abets the Industry which seeks to profit off disease.
As long as treatment of disease is profitable, there will be a large industry to profiteer off it.
As long as such industies exist, they will coerce Governments to assist them in 'making profit'.
As long as this is the case, diseases will be needed, for profit, and (un)intentionally 'created'.

Governments know that radio masts can induce cause cancer; but radio is profitable.
Governments know that chemicals can be toxit and thereby cause cancer; but chemistry is profitable.
Governments know that medical 'cancer cures' actually cause cancer; but medical industry is profitable.
People need to learn to cure their own cancers; but also to create their own Government...

It is true: Military radar installations, high tension electrical wires, and radio masts  and electrical appliances can induce cancer.
It is true: genetic manipulation, herbicides, pesticides, industrial cleansers and man-made-materials can cause cancers.
It is true, vaccinations, surgery, chemo-therapy and radio-therapy can cause cancer.
It is true: TV, Radio, Computer and all forms of false information can create or contribute to cancer.

Because cancer is no more than loss of cell synchronisation.
All it takes is interference with cell communication.
In part that is environmental: in how others afflict the environment that we live in.
In part it is also autogenic, self-made- by your loss of integrity of identity - with loss of Freedom of Choice.

Cancer is the Opposite of what a systems engineer would call an "Escape Mechanism".
Rather, it is quite the same: the cell seeks to escape an inescapable irritant, but 'has no place yto hide'.
Therefore the cell 'retreats in itself' and plods along as best as it can, 'for shere sole survival'.
As a result, 'blind as a reflex', it keeps on doing what it is doing, blind that it thereby destroys the body.

//That is the tragedy of the cancer.
The cancer cell tries to save itself.
It has to; it has no other way of escape.
And, as a result, it destroys 'everything around it'//.

That is it.
Environmental stress interferes with cell communication.
Cells can no longer synchronise, and activete a 'fall back scenario'.
Due to which they 'stampede', blindly, through the rest of the body.

Also that medical doctors do not see this.
Or, those that see it, are NOT allowed to treat it.
Because 'the industry' creates 'Government Policies' to forbid it.

That, too, fulfills this definition of cancer.
A part of society secreted behind secrecy.
Blocking the integrity of social communication.
Profiteering off all people, at the expense of all people.

Would it help to radiate the cancerous cancer industry?
Would it help to use chemo-therapy to 'kill off'the cancerous medical industry?
Would it help to 'surgically excise' the corporations. directors and politicians?
No, because it would not change their mind set; which is the cause of the disease.

The core of Cancer, and of the Cancer Industry, is the loss of Integrity in Integration.
In the Cancer Cells, loss of communication leads to loss of Syncronisation leading to Isolation and 'unstoppable growth'.
In the Cancer Industry, corporate secrecy and secret policies lead to a profiteering at the expense of all other people.
The cause is the same: see what actually happens, and restore integrity by restoring integration (that, is called "Healing").

The cure for cancetr, must also cure the Cancer Industry.
Paradoxically, the Cancer Industry claims that it seeks to 'eradicate' cancer.
Yet in the way it operates, and by its effect, it itself ... is a cancer.
The cure proposed in this essay, must this be applied to Cancer (industry).

I find that I can not do much with such generalization.
Statistic says nothing about the individual case.
Of these, we see a continuous discussion, accompanied by a lack of reliable statistics on the therapeutic effect of the drugs administered medicine prescribes.
During my medical training was clear to me that the publications are contradictory. For conferences explicitly mentioned - in the corridors - that publications (sponsored) companies can no longer be trusted. March through the media and dramatic lawsuits is occurred if the controlled drug leather is the best address to beat cancer.
The latter we have some say too literal-truly understand. The first publications - doctors - after entering vaccinations, cancer (almost) was only seen in people who were vaccinated.
This suggests that the industry - which deserves to disease - have a strong interest in order to prevent disease is cured. With vaccinations, we see that as a shrill paradox: those are described as to be designed to prevent disease? Donald Rumsfeld is a striking example to see how the fork to the stem. Working from the pharmaceutical industry, he decided through a political sweetener Aspartame approve (see the documentary Sweet Misery). It is a chemical product in our body 3 toxic effects, carcinogenicity is one of them.
With all the research that is done on cancer, might be expected that cures would be found. Finally, there is in the world literature a lot to read about effective treatments for cancer.
In the tobacco industry, the meat industry, the dairy industry, the food industry and elsewhere, there are examples of distinguished advisory groups of doctors who are on the pay slip of large companies. Sometimes they give their supposedly 'impartial advice' from supposedly independent foundations. It is always important to find out which companies the fund advisors and decision makers.
In the film Sicko, Michael Moore, is explicitly to see how many lobbyists there are a decision-taking congressman. He also gives explicitly how many politicians for elections received from medical companies.
In the United States of America - the country is governed by a separate company - is the state of affairs more conspicuous than in this country. That shows how Reagan and Kaiser appointments made to eemn healthcare system to enter waraan much could be earned, including through spending on treatments to save. In that context it is not surprising that for example the tobacco industry has known from the beginning that tobacco was addictive, and cause cancer.
It requires some understanding of this American affairs. Eisenhower did that at the time when the Military Industrial Complex described. In it, the oil industry, explosives industry, fertilizer industry, pharmaceutical industry and gene-technology industry complex enterprises.
Why is it that with all that money which - it is said - in this topic is inserted that other solutions are still not being used? The opposite seems to be happening: there are even staged processes, with extensive media attention, which is done only if the regulated drug doctrine itself may engage in cancer.
Everyone has free choice; everyone is sovereign in its own body, and in your own experience of life and their environment. No person, firm, community or religion can claim a monopoly. Therefore, the same is true for treatments in case of disease.
That is also another aspect of my exploration in this essay: I do not believe in fighting disease
''Cancer = Timeless''; a Disease Outside of Time.

Cancer is a disease which is 'frozen in time'.
Like a Reflex, Cancer exists 'outside of time'.
This makes cancer an "a-Chronous disease".
Like in Shock, or in Hibernation, a Body/Organ/Cell Reset/Restart is needed.


Cancer is said to be a disease of cell division (too fast, or not slowed down).
It means that the cell divisions is no longer synchronised with/in its context.
Cell synchronisation normally takes place in the pause phase of cell division.
It means that there is an error at the level of intra-cellular timing/synchronisation.

Bert Verveen ("System Patho Physiology) described the nature of Health.
Hans Selye (Fight, Flight, Fear, Faint) described the nature of adaptation.
Many other described that cell processes are electrical: "computations".
Diseases are "calculation errors", which can in themselves be corrected.

''Key words'':

Cell division decision, cell cycle, pause phase, cell-division synchronisation, bio-chronology, a-chronous diseases, 'chronic' diseases.


Chronic diseases are those where an area of the body operates 'outside of time'.
This is a very particular aspect of Verveen's concept of System Patho Physiology.
His model demonstrates that all diseases originate from feedforward-feedback failure.
In the case of (a)chronic diseases, this involves a loss of (cell/organ) time-base timing.

Chronic diseases are normal healing processes, lasting by far too long.
Their healing cannot take its natural course because of synchronisation failure.
System Patho Physiology describes the (loss of) natural feedback cycles.
These are based on (intracellular) intracellular process cycle synchronisation.

Atomic electron orbit timing is the basis of all ((in)organic) chemistry.
Cellular molecular production and release of based on AtoMolecular dynamics.
Inter-organ molecular exchanges ("metabolomes") are timed to the environment.
"Chronobiology" describes the entrainment between internal and external cycles.

There are many body processes which are ' astrologically' timed; e.g. menstruation.
The term "circa-dian rhythms" was to created to describe daily cell/body cycle fluctuations.
Traditionally (Chinese/Indian/'Primitive') health care is very aware of these dynamics.
In our body there are many diseases which result only from loss of synchronisation/timing.

__Body Rhythms__

Heart rhythm failures are most well-known; because they are known to (may)be fatal.
Menstrual cycle irregularities are even more known; but even less understood.
'Gall-stones' and 'bladder-stones' are very well-known but often misunderstood.
"Migraines" and "Epilepsis" are likewise commonly known and commonly misunderstood.

Take the example of gall-stones; blockage of bile ducts by gall solidification.
Gall juices are the basis of the invention of LCD - liquid crystal formation.
When de gall juices crystallise, they become solid and block the bile duct.
But the initial solidification is minute; and could still pass through the duct.

It leads to the conclusion that flow was stagnated BEFORE crystallisation.
Crystallisation if a bio-electric bio-chemical material reaction.
The free-electron flow is changed, and electro-bonding accordingly changes.
We are not dealing with chemical physics, but with electromagnetic phase change.

"Phase change" has many meanings; one meaning is wave cycle phase change.
The natural oscillation (periodicity; amplitude/frequency; coupling) is changed.
As a result the cycle cannot repeat itself well; and phase disarray is caused.
This can lead to, e.g. flow reduction/restriction, as in the brain/heart vessels.

__Rhythm Dis'Eases__

Migraine is a disease of arterial circulation restriction/reduction in the brain.
It can be compared to a form of a (slow) muscle 'spasm' of the blood vessels.
Analogous (but very different) is flow-slowing in the blood vessels by arteriosclerosis.
In arteriosclerosis physical obstruction is the case; in migraine: phasical obstruction.

There are many bodily diseases caused by phase disarray; these are time-base diseases.
Higgs Contractions during child birth are known to be 'speeded up' Menstrual contractions.
"Irregular menses", "irregular heart beat", "irregular bowel-movement", are but examples.
There is a category of diseases based on one parameter only: loss of timing/synchronisation.

All body organs operate as part of a Möbius Loop dynamic; 'turning inside out".
Every organ has its own place and phase in the cycle of organ (cell) dynamics.
Each organ (cell) must be tuned to phase in with the other-organ-functions.
This organ cycle is so important that the Indians called them the 'gods'.

"The 'Gods' of antiquity" are descriptions for the organ(ic) interactions.
These were copied as metaphors as "the 12 apostles" and "knights of King Arthur".
Indian medicine makes most explicit that we are dealing with the organ characteristics.
Chinese medicine also makes that explicit; also in the "Meridian Organ Clock".

__Cell Cycle Timing__

Organ function (timing) can be under'stood to be based on cell cycle dynamics.
Those again are based on (derived from) molecular phase/state changes.
Those dynamics are based yet again on atomic cycle/orbit phase changes.
The integrity of our body is based on patterns of coherence of phase; at all levels.

Atomic "half-spin" refers to the dual/double/coupled/Möbius loop phase cycle.
The Möbius Loop is famous for connecting inside and outside (boundary inversion).
This is the basic 'mechanism' for connecting seemingly separate process 'loops'.
It is in this way that in our body all Verveen-/Hannappi-loops are interconnected.

Our body-integrity, within our context, is based on integrations of Möbius Loops.
Therein processes within the body are linked/entrained to those outside of our body.
"Health" is the dynamic of stable phase linking between "inside" and "outside".
This (Möbius (Loop) Linking) takes pace in the system singularities ONLY.

Our whole (living) body i composed of entrained synchronised Möbius (Cell) Cycles.
Every Möbius loop originates with/in/within the dynamic of (ongoing) cell division.
The cell division decisions within our body form one coherent decision tree; a fractal.
This (Vrobel) Time fractal is the essence of system integrity/integration; "the Soul".

__Cell Divisions/Decisions__

Bodily integrity ("Health") is based only on coherence of the Möbius Loop Network.
Every cell division adds a new singularity/interface/circuit to the growing network.
The network of cycles in our body is the equivalent of a circuit-board n a computer.
Every cell division is a cell decision within this circuit'board' of bio-computation.

In our living body every cell division is a (logical/computed) cell decision.
All cell division decisions together form one integral ongoing computation.
These bio-Logical computation decisions take place in the system singularities.
Within every living organism, information is integrated with matter at that level.

Freedom of Choice is the (dimensional) Logical) phase state change at that level.
The photon-leap <=> electron-leap <=> electro-valence <=> electron-bonding.
This is a logical phase state change operating with/in four dimensions ([4D]).
This is the essence of Freedom of Choice (traditionally called "the Quintessence").

Every cell division represents a system singularity where the dimensionality s changed.
Within cell division solid/liquid/(ion)gas/plasma(phase) all interchange/interact.
That is traditionally known as The Four Elements (of Alchemy) of phase change.
It is also known as the dynamic of "Transmutation", on which our physical/phasical integrity is based.

''(Cell) Health''

(Cell) Health is based on the integrity of the Möbius loop circuit network phase coherence.
The attunement of phase operates in phase space; via the "system-singularity system".
Every cell division is a cell decision operating the logic of inverting the system boundary.
It is at that level, in this system, that Freedom of Choice ('creating intent') takes place.

We thus define our integrity (and identity) at that level; as human and as humanity.
The integrity of our body is NOT defined at the cellular level; but IN the Singularity Set.
Biological integrity and psychological identity are based on phase space dynamic coherence.
This also means that phasical/physical integrity can be lost by miscomputations at that level.

Hans Selye has demonstrated that our regulatory system (re)defines our system boundaries.
Bert Verveen has shown that the consequential cell cycle coherence/stability defines health.
More fundamental than the System Regulation is the System Information on which it is based.
Physical integrity and identity is merely consequential to coherence of/between these deeper 3 levels.

This gives a very explicit and detailed understanding of the bio-logical nature of health.
It also explains how Freedom of Choice is integrated within our living/body.
It also makes clear (and explicit) that our Choices can change our boundary/integrity/health.
This is the basis of/for loss of integrity ("disease") in every form; including cancer.

''((Self) curing) Cancer)''

Cancer is a disease in which cell synchronisation/timing has been lost; due to self re)definition.
Evidently cell/self replication is the ongoing process at the level of organ physiology {Verveen}.
Evidently self/cell definition is the ongoing interaction in/of/at the system boundary {Selye}.
Evidently by our (Freedom of) Choice we continuously change our self-image/-definition/health.

EVERY cell division is a self replication thus a cell definition by a division decision.
This is an ongoing process, right from the conception of the Zygote.
Cell division decision timing is the basis of our bio(-)logical existence.
Cell division decision errors are likewise the basis of our learning/development/being/existence.

Cell division decision errors continuously take place; and self-replication is self-correcting.
The mathematics of self-replication has been described by Peter Rowlands and Vanessa Hill.
Peter Rowlands described it at the level of algebra of replication of matter of physics.
Vanessa Hill described it as the geometry of biology of molecular material formation.

To that understanding we need to add the realisation that we operate Freedom of Choice.
As described above, we can see that this take place in the system-singularity system.
But the integrity of the division decisions is based on meta-system-level information.
This meta-level (extra-ordinary) information is most often called para-normal (= normal para).

''Self/Cell Transcendence''

Matti Pitkänen has described that and how this border-transcending information is operated.
The core concept is that of extension of the Planck scale domains; via harmonic concatenation.
The linking process is described in terms of magnetic flux funnels; forming complex patterns.
These linking processed determine the formation of 'matter' on basis of quasi-crystal dynamics.

In our body we see that ALL body material serve the purpose of information propagation/communication.
The materials, secreted by living cells, are piëzo-electric liquid-crystal transistor intelligent-gels.
All of these materials (and our body as a whole) respond to changes in information low.
The bio-logic operates via: photon-leap <=> electron-leap <=> electro-valence <=> electron-bonding.

For the purpose of describing these physical phase changes we cannot use classical deterministic material science.
We need to realise that this form of science was too limited, and has been transcended by modern science.
We experienced the transition from classical => relativistic => probabilistic => integral (phase field) science.
With the transition from physics => chemistry => electromagnetism => informatics: information in formation.

in the life sciences ( [3]) we see that we need to integrate Freedom of Choice in the equations.
We MUST include our subjective involvement in the observation of science - accounting for Freedom of Choice.
At that level of description we see that we must incorporate the act of deciding in the art of observation.
That means: we have to account for our own intent; and the effect it has on conditioning our observation.

''Cell/Self Healing''

Every cell integrates/processes information of its on context with/in/within its own process processing.
The findings of Karl Pribam of holographic information processing in the brain applies to every cell.
The findings of Leonard Susskind on the holographic nature of the uniVerse applies to every cell.
Every cell functions as a brain for integrating information of/from the context for its own functioning.

Every cell is alive/vital/aware/conscious; read the work of Lynn Margulis.
Every cell records its own life experience; read the work of Bruce Lipton.
Every cell operated by electric information dynamics; read the work of Herbert Fröhlich and many others.
Every cell operates on the basis of molecules, which it can heal itself; read the work of Roel van Wijk e.a..

The creative process of the universe can be understood/describe as a dynamic of self-replication {Peter Rowlands}.
Cell replication is the dynamics of synchronised molecular reformation/replication by the same principle {Vanesa Hill}.
The dynamic of self-replication involves phase reorganisation at four levels; in four dimensions (of phase space).
Therein information changes cause energy gradients leading to changes in time base, this of manifestation {CETS}.

CETS is the phase relationship/organisation/dynamic by which the manifestation of the uniVerse takes place.
It is this dynamic which we operate with/in our cells, in conjunction with Freedom of Choice.
"CETS" is an acronym for "Consciousness, Energy, Time, Space"; the 4D Cascade of Phase organisation.
The fundamental principles of CETS and associated ideas can be found on [3].

''Self/Cell Consciousness''

Consciousness, (phase) information integration, is a fundamental principle/property of the uniVerse.
Every cell in our body, and every human in humanity, operates by that principle (as do all life forms).
Cosmology is based on the cyclic transmutation of phase, from light to EM to chemistry to form physics.
The metabolic cell cycle of learning/immunity/development/growth is part of that uniVersal dynamic.

Within the context of this web site we can regard this uniVersal principle in a more limited/restricted manner.
The universal cyclic self-replication of the universe as a whole {Peter Rolands} also operates in our cells {Vanessa Hill}.
The feedforward-feedback cycles {Bert Verveen} all define, and are calibrated in, the system interface {Hans Selye}.
Cosmology, life as w hole, our life and the cell (atomolecular) cycles all operate by Trial & Error.

We learn FROM making mistakes; we learn BY making mistakes.
Our whole physiology, and mind, are based on learning from/by trial and error.
Self-Healing is the normal natural process based on self-healing of our self/cell definition.
This amounts to restoration/recalibration of the cell/body/system boundary/membrane; at all levels.

At the 1st levels we make mistakes of information interpretation/incorporation. Information integration error
At the 2nd level we confuse self and context, and mis-define ourselves (boundary definition). System Regulation Error.
At the 3rd level this leads to computational errors in the (cell) process cycles/circuits. Physiological miscomputation.
At the 4th level this leads to mis-production as te level of manifestation. Anatomical aberrations.


There are two main types of diseases: Sclerotic ('cancers') and inflammatory ('AIDS').
Sclerotic diseases are those in which cell/material density increases; too strong materialisation.
Inflammatory diseases are those in which material/cellular cohesion dissolves; under-materialisation.
Both are the result of loss of balance between the dynamic of information and the process of materialisation.

In our life and body we operate Freedom of Choice in our experience of Participation in Creation.
The experience of life is based on changing involvement - in the interface - between ' inside' and 'outside'.
Thus boundary shift takes place via the Möbius dynamic (see above) at every level: body/organ/cell/atom.

A 4D phase change is the same as a boundary transition/creation; this is the basis of manifestation.
In our body we operate only ONE principle/dynamic/logic: changing phase (boundary) in 4 dimensions.
Disease in the body originates from ONE cause only: miscalculation in this 4D (interfacing) computation.
Cancer (as any dis'ease) is a representation/manifestation/materialisation of such miscomputation.

Cancer arises when cells endure unavoidable stress; they cannot escape, thus they withdraw within ('hibernate').
They fall back on more primary/primitive 'survival' processes to survive as best as they can, ' to live on'.
As a result they lose the normal/natural capacity to synchronise/re-phase in the pause phase of the cellular cycle.
As soon as the stress is resolved/released and their resynchronisation pulse is received, THEY UN-GROW THE CANCER.
Cancer Cures - 3 - What Works?

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 |
| [[1) What IS Cancer?]] | [[2) What CREATES Cancer?]] | [[3) What CURES Cancer?]] | [[4) WHO Cures Cancer?]] |
| Why the Cancer cantanker? | Cancer is (not) a disease | Cancer is curable | Prevent Cancer |


There are over a hundred documented effective treatments for cancer.
There are many more undocumented cases of (self) healing.
In the regulated medical view these are not considered, why not?
In this part of this web site we look at examples of effective cures.

Cancer is about (re)learning to have confidence in yourself, living you own life; THAT cures (y)our cancer.
Regulated medical care calls the isolated cases of (self)healing "anecdotal" (as if merely stories, fictions), or calls it "incorrect diagnosis".
Note the self-righteous bias: "only the doctor can be right"; placing the doctor in the role of the high priest; "what the doctor says is true".
Mass-Adman/manipulator/deceiver Edward Bernays is said to be inventor of the term "Trust me, i am a doctor" ....

By definition the diagnosis of 'cancer' by a medical doctor is a terminal conclusion: an 'incurable disease'.
In Africa this is called "pointing the bone"; if the medicine man curses you, you die.
In 'the West' it is the same; you are 'condemned', by the morality police, the medical profession.
Because the regular regulated cancer treatment is a one way street; a /dead/ end.

Yet, at the same time, you are not allowed, 'not trusted' to care for your own health.
That is because you DID not care for your own health; 'you now have a cancer'.
But also, you COULD not care for your own health; you did not learn how.
State schooling empowers dependency of doctors, by undermining reliance in/on yourself.

As in any disease: FIRST you must know that you are sick - you must know that you do not know.
THEN you can find out where you can find out; what you can find out; with whom; from whom.
ONLY THEN can you start to learn and get to know what you don't know; and start to use it.
Only THEN, by using it again and again, can you be(come) proficient; self reliant; "self care".

Your life is YOUR life, not that of a doctor.
A war veteran had first-hand experience of this.
He came back from Vietnam with a skin cancer, melanoma; cause by "Agent Orange".
Thus caused by the poisons that the U.S. military industry had unleashed on nature.

The doctor told him, "we are losing this war'.
But the war veteran realised that the doctor...

1) still was paid,
2) had no problems,
3) had no melanoma and therefore
4) had no problems.

Just like the generals in the Pentagon who from behind their desk had said "we have much to lose." "We had great losses".

The veteran realised that this cancer was NOT part of the life story of this doctor.
It was however very much part of his OWN life story; he had to live it; his death...
He decided that he had to go elsewhere; where help could be found.
Because it was clear that the doctor could not help: he tried, and failed.

Everything the doctor had done could be recorded as "proven-ineffective".
The therapies of the doctor were reliably not-reliable; they were tried, and failed.
So, he went elsewhere, and found other treatments; he found effective cures.
He was cured; and since he added hundred other effective cures to his list.

I listed some of those cures below.
And ask you to find more, yourself.

For what I see cancer has - just like our body - 4 aspects:

1. psychological - the information integration level
2. electromagnetic - the regulation system
3. nutrition / hygiene - physiology
4. cell growth / distribution - the anatomy

Cancer needs to address each and all of those four levels.
The cell growth (anatomy) results from cell growth (physiology).
Cell growth is regulated by cellular communication (body language).
Deranged cell growth results from incoherent communication/information
Cancer Cures - Part 4 - Introduction

This chapter is about the cure of cancer (and cantanker).
It's about learning to live Freedom of Choice in YOUR life.
It is about restoring your own integrity.
It is all about .. (again (learning)) to live your Soul.

1) Restoration of identity
2) Restoration of the integrity of the Regulatory System
3) Cell self-healing
4) Preventing DNA Damage

''Ad 1) Restoration of individual Identity Integrity''

Of primary concern is to restore your sense of who YOU are.
In our society/culture this is not easy, there is much deception.
The techniques and experiences are yet available: spiritual healing.
These are insights which you (together) develop for yourself.

''Ad 2) Restoring balance with/in the Environment''

In the second place comes the integrity of your own body.
It is the balance of the electromagnetic system, the system boundary.
It is about restoring the system boundary; relating the part and the whole.
This requires a different understanding of life than doctors can give you.

''Ad 3) Restoration of Integrity in connectedness''

The internal food chain is part of the universal food chain.
Food is information; molecules are antennas; structures are frequencies.
Natural coherence is a rhythm of information in formation.
Life is about adjustment and repair of the system boundary.

''Ad 4) Restoration of existence''

Life involves developing the ability to (re)define boundaries.
It involves transcending limits and (re)setting boundary conditions.
This creative potential is based on the use of Freedom of Choice.
Our life experience thereof is stored in OUR DNA.

This is the case
Our existence, and our DNA, is affected by our ((un)intentional) abuse.
Radio-active radiation and active radio beams are used to kill life.
The enormous increase in the incidence of cancer is caused by humans.

It is related to the profiteering off diseases, by companies, by people.
Cancer is merely a symptom; it is not disease, nor a cell-disease.
The 'war on cancer', and 'fighting disease' are artificial fictions.
In our body we see that life is associated with health and self-healing.

Hence cancer as likewise, evidently, can heal easily and quickly.
Many people have, each in their own way, investigated this and demonstrated this.
It is no coincidence that many of these people were persecuted, and were even killed.
As long as people profiteer off disease, disease prevail; that is also the case for cancer.

For curing "cancer", it is necessary to end (heal) the parasitising of people off people.
Cancer-cure follows naturally after restoring the relationship of the part to the whole.
This requires that you understand the relationship between the part and the whole, and live it (in your soul).
But ... life is about learning to live with Freedom of Choice.

But above all: to contribute to the quality of life on Earth.
In this 4th part of this book, the essence of cancer is discussed: self-healing.
In part it amounts to the letting go of cantankerous emotions.

In part it about restoring healthy (electromagnetic) cell communication.
Together it amounts to reviving the cripple cells and starting a new life.
It is all about essential issues: what is will, identity, integration and integrity?
And its counterpart: restoring the full consistency of the bio-electrical system.

The simplistic physical or chemical (pharmaceutical) approach canNOT achieve this.
It CAN be achieved by operating from the core of your own life; your soul.
Healing does NOT come from killing, eradicating, distressed cells (= symptoms).
These cells require help, they need (phase) information.

The model of "fight against disease" is essentially murderous.
And it does not help to restore health.
In this fourth volume, we look at more than just eliminating symptoms.
We will address the importance of integral/information therapy/treatment.

We must introduce a new concept: re-programming cell-programs.
It turns out that it is precisely what traditional therapies understand, and use.
We are dealing with a very different body system: electromagnetic.
We are working with a very level of body awareness: unconsciousness.

We are dealing with the integral body functioning: the regulatory system.
We address the chronic/degenerative diseases: of the system boundary; self-definition.

* System boundary
* System regulation
* Electromagnetic
* Unconscious

On this electromagnetic control level we work (as it were) directly with atomic forces.
Atoms are electromagnetic, and both local and non-local.
The atoms have to do with the basic element of the relationship between part and whole.
Hence we are beyond the reach of our consciousness.

But our body knows yet exactly what is going on.
Hence it suffices to restore the integrity of cell communication.
It's the 'reboot', restart, on the 'blocked' / fixed cells (in electro-stasis).
Hence this medicine with computer programming is like: information medicine.

That is what the spiritual medicine offer: Reprogramming of worldview and self-image.
That is where homeopathy also works with: information / signals transmitted by signal carriers.
The acupuncture works at that level: the relationship between electromagnetic frequencies.
The point is to realize that this plays in the relationship between free choice and / or reflexes.

Cancer occurs when an inappropriate / non-own 'program' your life will determine.
Technically this is to describe the loss of your soul, losing identity; own free choice.
This creates a confusion between part and whole, yourself and your surroundings.
The result is a disturbed function of the system boundary and thus of cell division / celgrens.

With this idea in mind, the solutions are easy to find.
Recovery is due to rediscover their own identity, and the discharge of old emotions.
This requires the ability of "Magical Thinking": accept that you can live differently.
From this perspective, many of the active medicine to understand.

It all starts with the beginning of a new life, a rebirth of yourself, your soul.
It is certainly helpful to the bio-electrical system tempered, suppress, calibration and restart.
It is certainly important to thereby control the acid-base balance (free electrons) to restore.
If that is done, then devel-growing cancer, naturally.

Hence all those so very different cancer cures all help.
From the integral principle, above, they work together better and faster.
The important thing is that it comes to recovery of (electromagnetic) system boundary.
And, above all, that this requires that your own identity, self-will, and own Free Choice experience.

For many people this is a huge learning experience.
Sure, because they are at school that usually (correctly) have not learned, or unlearned.
It is about your own life to go / would / could / dare working life.
With the understanding that you do as part of the universe, like all other forms of life, and people.

In this Part 4 are common examples of healing are discussed.

1) Information Medicine (Program Revision),
2) Infusion Medicine (Filter Calibration).
3) food (acid-base regulation; "chelation") and
4) eco-healing (Environmental health / lifestyle - (of) food)

It is not just to learn how to use this medicine yourself.
It is also about all these medicines together be-leven/beoefenen., And lifestyle.
The problem of cancer is much greater than most people think or believe.
Oddly, its base a belief war, about dealing with free choice.

Many people learn by false education, they must determine each other's lives.
Dar is also currently making systematic many diseases are caused.

Why are antennas for mobile phones as often as retirement homes?
Why is pretended radiation for mobile telephony is harmless?
Why deny that microwave heating the enzymes from breaking?
Why is food (and you) irradiates without you weeet?

Know that many large companies to earn disease; trust you not to trust them.
Understand that governments represent the interests of those companies, not public health.
Inform yourself, and learn your own decisions and to determine your life.
That is exactly the tutoring of cancer: (be) live your own life.
Kombucha (Weed - Tea) is a water-mushroom (fungus).
It feeds on tea-and-sugar- and transforms thereby it.
The liquid is drunk, having i.a. fungicidal effects in our bpdy.
Cancer (living in a fungal fermentation environment) is thereby resolved. [9]
The cancer-org website evidently promotes the medical view, not the self healing approach: [10]
"The culture used in Kombucha tea varies, but consists of several species of yeast and bacteria. It may include Saccharomycodes ludwigii, Schizosaccharomyces pombe, Brettanomyces bruxellensis, Bacterium xylinum, Bacterium gluconicum, Bacterium xylinoides, Bacterium katogenum, Pichia fermentans, Candida stellata, and Torula species, and others."
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[[Cancer Cures]]
[[The Principle]]
[[4 Part Story]]

[[1) What IS Cancer?]]
[[2) What CREATES Cancer?]]
[[3) What CURES Cancer?]]
[[4) WHO Cures Cancer?]]

''Max Gerson - Cell nutrition heals cancers/tuberculosis/diabetes''

Max Gerson discovered that vegetable/fruit diet resolved his migraine headaches.
For others it did the same, plus it cured tuberculosis, diabetes, and cancer.
This can be explained by restoring the proper nutrient basis for the body at the cell level.
This restores cell metabolic/function/communication/symbiosis; and heals organ/body diseases.
"Doctors mean well".
"People trust doctors."
Yet doctors shun effective treatments.
Cancer treatments even cause cancers...

Why do doctors lie; using statistics?
Why do doctors deny effective cures?
Why do doctors still use 'cancer treatments' which actually cause cancer?
Why do medical doctors ignore what their patients (try to) tell them?

Let me present a blunt and simple hypothesis.
Health care is sick and medicine is a cult.
We see that doctors believe in a war on disease.
But they never seem to take interest in health.

I am assuming that health care is sick; a cancer.
Cancer is a growth, invasive on other tissues.
Likewise doctors invade the life of others.
And ignore the feedback that they get.

Study cancer, and note the parallel.
Cancers ignore the rest of the body.
Cancers fall back on past development phases.
Doctors use classical science and ignore what patients want.

1) students must comply with 'exams' to become licensed.
2) doctors must comply with 'protocol' to remain licensed.
3) doctors must comply with 'regulations' to be paid.
4) doctors must comply with 'laws' to maintain 'licence'.

There are thus 4 (CORPORATE) systems of control.

1) University education, controlled by funding thus via money.
2) "The Profession", controlled by a few people writing protocols.
3) "The Insurance Companies" and "Health Plans", via money.
4) "The Government", which is in fact/effect a corporation
''Meditation as Medication''

Meditation and medication complement each other.
Medi__''c''__ation comes from outside; medi__''t''__ation comes from within.
How is it possible combine those two terms in one sentence?
This is because //Medication// is the complement of //Meditation//.

Many people confuse the two, and seek to replace meditation by medication (where often that is not needed).
Medication suggests ('pretends') that healing comes from //outside//.
In fact, any healing is based on self-healing, and thus comes from //within//.
This can be directly experienced in meditation; the deep essential self-experience of your own cell/self..

Meditation is thus the most basic way to restore your self perception. Self-working society, re-set.
Meditation and simple principle: it is the same process as we each night as "sleep cycle" through.
It is the shift from the perception of the outside world (beta brainwaves) to the perception of the body (alpha waves) to the body experience (theta) to cell life experience (delta brain waves).
The sleep cycle has to do directly with the cell cycle, and therefore with the cell division. In (again) four phases of the cell goes through a rhythm of self-recovery. The cell maintains, adjusts and fixes its own borders.

The cell cycle has directly to do with digestion.
There too we see the cell adjusts its borders, states and restores. This is the case in cell-metabolism: Particles which first were outside of the cell become included within the cell body (__pinocytosis__) or, vice versa, secreted to the surroundings (__exocytosis__).
The principle we see that basic principle of digestion / metabolism is seen in the regulatory system of the body (neurons and hormones, meridians and chackras), and in the immune system.

The growth cycle and life cycle, shows the same pattern as seen in the learning phases of the immune system.
There we see how cells foreign particles include, eat and digest and learn from them.
Organisms are set doctored (their boundaries are horrified, stunned, and the teaching materials, the new material is stored in the B-cells and T-cells of our body.
Example teaches our body of any new contact with unknown microbes (bacteria, bacterioïds , fungi, viral). Our body is not an object but an information processor.

In meditation is that, all together.
It is similar to the use of a car: phase 1) go off the motorway E, phase 2) go down the side road, Phase 3) parking in the garage, phase 4) put the car up on the bridge work. Only then can you see what the car itself does after the wind noise is eliminated, the road noise can no longer be heard, the engine is stopped, and the only thing you hear is the ticking of the cooling metal, the dripping of the oil, perhaps the leak of a tape, or whatever else it is to see or hear.

There is good reason why we spend so much time in our lives in sleeping.
In sleep, we 'disconnect' from our 'sensory awareness'; and regress/fall-back/return to our cell=self-awareness.
(Note that this is exactly what cells try to do in trying to avoid [[Inescapable Irritation]].)
In sleep, we regularly withdraw from 'outside' to //return// 'inside'.

We are, as it were, 'caught in a video game'.
For self-recovery, it is necessary that we expand our perception.
This is quite the same as a 'withdrawal' from 'addiction'.
Therein we are no longer determined by our sensory perception

Sleep is a gradually switch in area of involvement:
1) ''sensoricepsis'' (worldview: sense-/context- sensations) to 
2) ''propriocepsis'' (body image) to 
3) ''organocepsis'' (organic body perception; 'emotioning') to 
4) ''autocepsis'' (cell self functional awareness)

Therein we switch from
1) ''consciousness'' to
2) ''subconscious'' to 
3) ''unconscious'' to finally 
4) ''out-of-conscious''.

Mind you, that's the opposite of what actually happens: for the cells the shift is exactly the opposite.
4) our perception of our environment is, for our cells, ''out-of-conscious'' ('beyond them'; it is a perception //outside// the body): ''out-of-conscious''.
3) our perception of our body is, for our living cells, part of something bigger than they can Individually encompass: ''unconscious''.
2) our perception of our organs, is what our living cells experience of the environment that they form part of: ''subconscious''.
1) our perception of our cells is the core of self consciousness for our cells: ''conscious''.

It is possible to become conscious of your cell consciousness.
That can only be experienced in deep meditation.
At that moment you are 'seemingly dead' to your environment
This was described by Satprem in the book "The Memory of the Cell".

In the sleep cycle we thus shift from being immersed in our experience of the environment, to being immersed in our cell experience.
Evidently, our living cells are the foundation of our internal, and this external, sensory experience.
By being overinvolved in the experience of the environment, errors pof judgment (of involvement) can interfere with cell functioning.
That is why it is so important to, each day, 'fall back' on proper cell functioning; to reset/recalibrate/restore proper cell functioning.

If this is not properly done, then 'unresolved issues' accumulate in the ('organic') cell communication and the cell function proper.
The accumulation of 'error' is the foundation of dis-ease, disease and ageing, and ultimately, death.
If the cell can not 'reset' itself, within its environment of living cells, it 'gets lost', 'becomes isolated' and thus... 'cancerous'.
If the cell does not die, but 'lives on', 'waiting for a reset', it just lives on, in isolation, and grows on, in isolation.

That is why sleep is so important, and why, if 'natural sleep' is difficult, 'intentional sleep' (meditation) is required.
In Meditation, all the same steps and stages of the sleep cycle are performed, but now with full conscious intent 'of the body user'.
It becomes evident that each level of consciousness has its own purpose, its own logic and its own awareness (and sensation).
By learning to 'operate at those levels', unconcious 'locked-in' trauma can be dis-covered, re-activated, 'digested' and 'eliminated'.

That, is the process of Self-Healing; which is the basis for all other forms of healing.
That is what is described by [[Ryker Geerd Hamer]] and [[Simonton & Simonton]].
Cancer results from [[Undigested Trauma]] = [[Inescapable Irritation]].
The cells become 'locked in'; Meditation 'seeks them out'.

In meditation, your cell experience is (again) seen to be the basis of your life experience.
The straightforward logic of cell-communication (separate from environmental influences) is calle "Satori", "Bliss", "En;lightenment".
("Enlightenment has a quite literal meaning": free from the influence/load/burden of the experience of the environment.
 In motor technology this is known as the enging running "idle'; without 'load'.)

In deep meditation you become/are aware that 'life is simple'; and 'you are your own'.
You know, without knowing, that the perception of your cells is the basis for your experience.
Then you know you have your own life experience, because the cells can not handle what you live outside.
You thus also know that you always have a choice, if you wish to 'engage' in 'the environment', or not.

As car-drivers know: you must get 'out of gear', to 'change gear'.
Sleep shows the 4 gears that we cycle through in shifting between "inside" and "outside".
Each gear pertains to a different level, and logic: cell, Organ, Body and Environment.
That is the same as the 4 levels of realisation: Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit.

Freedom of Choice is the ability to change gear/involvement/logic/sensation.
But you can only know/feel/realise/sense this, if you know you can 'withdraw in your Self/cell'.
Only then can you know that you exist as-if independent separately from your environment.
And that thus you 'can let go' of environmental influences 'which are not yours to live'.

Buddhism, Zen, and other world philosophies are very well aware how this works, and how you can work with it.
For 'Westeners' this is often difficult to understand or imagine; they do not know 'not-doing' as a form of 'doing'.
That is because 'The West' is essentially still a slave society, where money is used for both punishment and reward.
As a result, money has become a means for totalitarian control; but people are not aware of it because they 'believe'...

Most people live in (total) dependency, of money, and thus on working for others for 'money'.
Money controls their life, life as drug on which (so they are conditioned to believe) they are totally dependent.
That means that their life is conditioned/created by others; which makes them (totally) dependent on others.
This total dependency, and the living in total isolation (without Freedom of Choice) is traditionally called "Hell".

Hell, the state of total isolation, also aptly describes the state of being of a cell which cannot hide; and cannot switch off.
It is condemned to live on, in isolation, in an untenable/unlivable/unbearable/inescapable situation.
Cancer is a tangible form of the sensation of isolation, with loss of Freedom of Choice, as experienced within our body.
''The cure for Cancer is to eliminate the irritation, restore the communication, resolve the isolation, restore the integration''.

Note the parallel between Meditation, The Sleep Cycle, Digestion and Learning/Immunity.
Then observe that Indigestion/insomnia/disease/cancer are all examples of interruption of that cycle.
Any cell that cannot bear the 'unlivable' life experience and is 'distancing itself' from that experience 'takes a step back with regards to the body processes/processing, and this 'separates' it from the body - //while still in the bod//
That, is the essence of cancer: there is a functional rift between the 'locked-in' cancer cells, and the 'healthy' cells around them.

In fact, the cancers cells are just as healthy as other cells; //they are not sick//.
Cancer Cells 'cannot digest an experience'; most often they are the most sensitive cells; or the already more weakened cells.
By withdrawing, isolating themselves, 'switching off from their environment' (yet not dying), they 'live on in isolation.
They (literally) live in a 'separate time zone; and it is the rift between the time zones that causes the 'conflict' called 'cancer'.

Cancer cells cannot digest a life situation; 'killing them' does NOT help; it does not resolve the unlivable situation.
It merely 'takes away the indicator (the 'thermometer') which can identify and indicate the inescapable life-stress.
Without the Indicator, the life stress is still present, and still creates 'rifts' (disease/aging/death) in the living being.
What the cells need is the capacity to discriminate, to digest the experience and eliminate the stress from the body.

''That is what meditation ('as medication') can offer:
'Zoom in' on the level where the indigestible life experience is stored.
Dis-cover the traumatic experience (which is stored in the body in the same manner as a Reflex or 'Indigestion'.)
Then 'turn the sleep cycle around'; digest the experience and eliminate it from the body''.

For those who have experience with meditation, it is clear that our awareness of our environment on our celbewustzijn is based. Our cells are comparable with small CPUs in computers. Our body as a whole is a computer network, with many parallel / serial processors (CPUs). Our bodies can work as a whole, when each of the cells from which it is constructed to operate properly. Cancer symptom is that cells may not be able to deal with our environment perception. That has nothing to do with the cells - which were first really healthy. That has to do with the way we treat our bodies, each other and our environment.
Pressing again learn to deal with our environment perception, we can also the natural health of the cells recover. That is the principle of Medication and Medication. By basing its basic health, the health of the cells, we can make our own autonomy (Free Choice) back focus. In the cells we can see that their capacity to leaarn = self-healing capacity = digestive cycle = cell division cycle. Where ever and ever matters is how the cell part of the whole. Our body is composed of cells. When the cells are disrupted ("cancer"), it is not about the symptom to eliminate ("kill") but to restore health ("self-healing") by understanding to problem of celbeleving (as summarised in the Reckeweg / Oshmann / Lipton / Miasma-cancer mechanism, see above. The basis for self-healing in the Placebo Principle to find: in life is about learning to live by coping with Free Choice, and all consequences. You are not creature but creator.
Cancer Cures - Memory Charge Discharge

The common cause for cancer is "inescapable cell stress".
Physical-, chemical-, radio-electromagnetic- and informational- stress.
Information stress can be in any form of false/erroneous information..
But this includes own erroneous/faulty/deceptive/stressful memories.

Ryker Geerd Hamer and many other found the link between cancer and Life Shock.
Present time shock events can lock in cells in a 'frozen' functional state.
Memories as such already operate in such a 'frozen' state beyond time.
For that reason healing cancer/memories needs to be done at the reflex level.

Realise that most memories are created by actions from a reflex level.
As a result, there is often little conscious awareness in memory creation.
A parent spanking a child is often a child of a parent spanking a child.
Often for many generations, by reflex, thus behaviour was/is passed on.

Understand also that every reflex is coupled to an emotion and aut(omat)ism.
There is an emotional reaction when the reflex projection is NOT fulfilled.
But there is not much emotional response when the expectation IS fulfilled.
This means that discontentment/resentment is the most common emotion.
Oncologists forget This: cells are ALIVE

All cells are conscious
All cells communicate
All cells synergise
All cells form one organism

They 'forget' that anatomy is NOT what matters
Amatomy is the /result/ of physiology, only, always.
Physiology is determined by the regulatory system.
System regulation is determined by Information Integration.

Consciousness is the basis of health (and any dis'ease).
Electromagnetic charge discharges determine our body coherence.
Body chemistry is the process of ongoing body (de)formation.
Anatomy is the tangible form of consciousness operating in our body.

Oncologists need to remember that anatomy results from physiology.
Oncologists need to realise that physiology is carefully orchestated.
Oncologists need to learn that body regulation is electromagnetic.
Oncologists need to realise that consciousness is the essence of life.
''Otto Warburg - acidity, and local lack of oxygen cause cancer''

The 1931 Nobel Prize for medicine was awarded to the discovery of enzymeatic oxygenation.
Otto Warburg found that cancer (and pathogens) cannot live if body pH > 8.5.
For cancer to exist there MUST be a local hypoxia (oxygen lack) AND local body acidity (pH < 5).
The cure for cancer is simply the restoration of natural body alkalinity (reduce free radicals).

Cancer is a normal natural body cell survival capacity; a fallback on more basic metabolism.
In the local hypoxia phase, the cell falls back on (local) sugar fermentation for its survival.
Once the temporary oxygen deprivation is resolved, the cell 'restarts' in oxygen-fuel mode.
These findings explain the conclusions of the research of Tullio Simoncini; see the next article. [4] [5]

(Remarkable is that the ATP produced by fermantation is different from that produced by oxygenation. Because "respiration takes place for the most part in the structure of the grana, the fermentation enzymes are found for a greater part in the fluid protoplasm."
"The adenosine triphosphate energy involves more structure when it is formed by
respiration than when it is formed by fermentation."
This difference is crucial for the dedifferentiation, loss of form, in the cancer cell.)

... "cancer cells require much less energy to keep them alive than they do for growth. In this
they resemble other lower cells, such as yeast cells, which remain alive for a long time in densely packed packets-almost without respiration and fermentation."
..."mutation and carcinogenic agent are ... but empty words, unless metabolically specified. ...
which, by obscuring the underlying phenomena, may hinder necessary preventive measures and thereby become responsible for cancer cases."
''Placebo - Tricked into self-reliance; and self-healing''

"Placebo =  the option to create your own will to re-live".
"Placebo = the restoration of your own choice in your own body".

You do again what you want, just as an architect which he reportedly decided the rest of his life doing what he wanted; sailing.
Placebo is a way that you believe that you are doing well, and that you know that it can help you.

It is the magic pill that makes it possible to realize that what you want.
". .. that what you want to achieve: ...
See how remarkable it is made with our society? A man in a white coat to be useful for you to believe in yourself.
See how crooked the thought? You believe in the other, making you believe in a pill, so you can believe in yourself ...

"What you believe, you must suffer"
The doctor has become the priest of old.
It is healthy to ask the question, to what extent the belief in superstition medicine.
The pill from the doctor replaces the host.

The sacramental wine is now "given by injection.
The confession is conducted by psychiatrists.
But still playing in the background, "that (if) another knows better than you how you have to live."
In the priestly caste was about "faith, guilt, penalty and payment.

In medicine learning involves' trust, life and death, and payment.
"Your money or your life", former model for the bush robbery is the motto of insurance banks?

The principle is no different.
And in providing Placebo get a license to believe in yourself.
Because you believe in another.
See how crooked reasoning is that?

"To believe in yourself, you have to believe in another".
That is sick, that is sick. That dependence, slavery.
That is unhealthy and should be cured.

The point is that you do not go to another must believe in yourself to believe.
It is a maturation process: first you (again) believe in yourself learn, to learn to trust yourself, to yourself can build, and what you want yourself (again) can re-live.

Placebo - order so to say - a pill ('crash course') maturation in disguise. "
"Your will be done".
You want to be healthy? Do it.
But do not wait for a doctor to give you first a fake pill.

Because using the pill says that just - just as psychiatrists nowadays seem to say - "what do you make of it."
What medicine require that the Free Will again respected, and (again) understood.
Your life is your life, it's about you (again) teaches working life.
It is about growing up, awaken to your own sovereignty and autonomy in your own body.

The political system has provided an education in which you do not learn how to make your own health care and repair, that is because there are many people who want to earn disease.
It is healthier to invest in health, which it is necessary for you to know your own body and take care of, and that you learn to take decisions about your own life and body.
PranaYama is a traditional Indian breathing 'technique'.
"Prana" means life/breath, "Yama" means death/reflexes.
Together it is the art of mastering life in matter (incarnation).
The breathing techniques can oxegenyse tussues and eradicate cancer.
''"Cancer - Cantanker"''

I wish to write a rather simplistic foreword for you about ... "Cantanker".
Let me be clear: this story is aimed to resolve the grousing about Cancer.
"Cantanker" s what is done by cantankerous people; moaners, lamenters.
There is too much moaning and lamenting about "the Incurable Cancers".

Cantanker is a useless waste of time; an emotional panace; research is needed.
Cancer itself is NOT a disease, it is a common fact of our bodies and our lives.
Just as it is a common fact/knowledge that we will all at some time ... die.

Cantanker IS in place for the present "established medical perspective".
Doctors are using TREATMENTS WHICH CAUSE CANCER; proven so.
Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation all cause cancer; as does stress.
The medical method of 'flogging a dead horse' is .. lamentable indeed.

IF they DID work, cancer would no longer still be called incurable.
AS THEY DO NOT WORK, other treatments are needed, which DO work.
They do exist; thence this book: let's all bring them all together.
''Cancer ... What is Cancer?''

"What is cancer?"
What is described in books on cancer describe is evidently not the solution.
Below we discuss that cancer is not a disease, but a natural phenomenon.
What is sick, sickly and sickening is how corporations profiteers off 'cancer'.

The disease we're dealing with is making money off dis'ease; this is most unhealthy.
Part 1 shows that the War Industry is the major cause of cancer (Big Agro/Pharma is part of this).
Leuren Moret shows how the American Government "(The Military Industrial Complex") causes cancer.
You Must understand which enormous amounts of money is involved, to understand why this happens.

''Only if disease is no longer profitable, can we expect real cures ...''

This chapter presents some points to ponder:

|* Leuren Moret ||reveals that cancer is caused by active radio-devices and radio-active devices; and which corporations profit from this most.|
|* Estevam Kovacsik ||showed how interference fields of the environment can cause an interference field within our body; usually causing virus to thrive in the heart/spleen region, which can damage the weakest organ if the immune system weakens. Eliminating the interference field eliminates the virus and eliminates the cancer.|
|* Royal Raymond Rife ||discovered the existence of a Virus as the basis of a cancer, using targeted resonant radio emission he eliminated the virus, which resolved the cancer.|
|* Ryke Geerd Hamer ||shows that each organ represents an emotion; the strongest emotions weaken the corresponding organ allowing for cancer. Resolving the emotion resolves the cancer.|
|* Greg Braden ||quotes a Chinese clinic where cancer is cured within seconds by focused intent, with immediate restoration of healthy cell growth.|
|* Charles Rowlatt ||researched cancer and noted that cancer is always a systemic affliction; not a cellular/genetic disease.|
|* Hans von Reckeweg||
|* Bruce Lipton||
|* Thomatis & fils ||
''René Broekhuyse - Cancers or/are Microbial Clusters''

René Broekhuyse, using frequency measurement, noticed that many cancers are ... microbes.
Cells and microbes are micro-organisms; in which their main metabolism is electro-chemical.
Every molecule is a cluster of atoms, composed of electrons, protons and neutrons.
At this level of functioning the electromagnetic field effects determine cell/microbe growth.

Compare this to the findings of [[Rosalyn Bryere]] on viable frequency ranges of microbes and virus.
Compare it to the work (not cited here) of Herbert Fröhlich in cellular electro-physics.
Compare it also to the work of [[Robert Becker]], [[Cyril Smith]] and [[Björn Nordenström]] on electro-biology.
Compare it also to the work of [[Lynn Margulis]] on (the development (history) of) microbe symbiosis.

''René Broekhuyse - DNA Methylation causes cancers''

"Life Shocks" can cause DNA damage (see also Bruce Lipton, Ryker Geerd Hamer, Hans von Reckeweg, James Oshmann and others).
One of the forms of damage is a local/regional inactivation of DNA ('DND Frost bite').
As a result, the DNA is inable to perform specific calculations/activities (called a "Myasma").
Repair of the DNA computation capacity/capability is possible via homeopathic remedies; thus also via electro-information-medication.
Repairing memories can be done by ‘editing the movie for production'.
Start with the (black & White) 'documentary'(memory version.
Then change it into something colourful, dramatic; grotesque.
End up with a colourful memorable comic version of the story.

After all (and before all) it is YOUR life and YOUR story.
You can remember it as it was and suffer again and again.
Or you can remember the memory as a fun learning event.
Because memories are to be digested; to be learned form.

Every time you remember a memory, you have a choice.
Do you remember the past as it was; as failure if that was the case?
Or do you remember what you learned from the past; how you transformed it.
In either case, your memory will be recalled as you last left it behind.

Discharging the charge of the past is by transforming the memory.
Either live through the event, and see what lies hidden behind it.
Or create a memorable different ('happy') ending; to re-member.
When your reflexes draw on memory; give it something useful to work with.
Repairing Reflexes

Reflexes work autonomously; beyond our conscious involvement.
Every action you do is memorised and can be ‘replayed’ from memory.
First your action is a conscious choice; when done again and again it becomes reflex.
The reflex/memory/emotion part of your mind (re)acts for you; “unconsciously”.

Reflexes function autonomously, automatically – ‘by themselves’.
They are triggered by the context/conditions in which they were created.
Is the context present? Then the reflex will (re)activate – indiscriminately.
A reflex ‘knows no right or wrong’; it simply acts, reacts, re-enacts.

That means that this automatic reaction can be (totally) wrong.
It might have worked well in a different time & place; but not now.
But because it operates autonomously; it works ‘invisibly’ (unconsciously).
That means that you will detect that it ‘does not work’ only when it is too late.

The only way to interrupt/change reflex behaviour is by creating new behaviour.
Memories store 1) actions, 2) in context, 3) their effect and 4) your experience.
In replaying reflexes the mind reactivates the memory of the (reflex) action.
To change the reflex, 1) change the action or 2) change the memory.
Information (in books) can best be regarded as merely "Opinion".
A Description is NEVER an actual Experience.
Actually, Experience is [3D], while Description is [2D].
That means that written texts lack a dimension, versus reality.

This makes [2D] Descriptions, essential Unreal (not [3D]).
Some opinions are trivial or useful, valuable or inspiring.
For me they only serve to create my own understanding/ideas.
Like bits of food, they feed me and help me form my own body of knowledge.

The doctor is merely an information broker.
Dokters tell patients what patients tell doctors.
All of the information of doctors, comes from patients.
Why not learn to ask the patients directly, and learn what to trust when?

The documentaries and (audio) books listed below serve as example.
Some of the stories are told by doctors, some by patients.
Many are told by reporters, telling the stories of patients.
Here too, learn whom to trust; learn to trust yourself.

The materials listed below serve as examples only.
It demonstrates that much information can be found.
It shows that the information is often very varied.
The information are like pieces of a larger puzzle.

The invitation is to, yourself, learn to be puzzled; learn to puzzle.
Collect the pieces of information, put them in perspective.
Learn to make up your own mind; learn to integrate information.
That requires that you learn to read beyond what is written; and to 'connect the dots'.

The exaples below show you what kind of informatioon you can collect.
But also that each of the bits of information is still incomplete.
Because we still do not have a simple integrated understanding/cure of/for cancer.
But in collecting the information, YOU can work towards such integrated integral understanding.

Realise that there are people who do not eat, at all.
That suggests that the idea that we need medicine/medication is but part of the story.
Remember also the saying "let food be your medicine, and let medicine be your food".
What we are dealing with here is the understanding of an integral healthy lifestyle.

Rosalyn Bruyere, clairvoyant, researched body light field changes, together with Valerie Hunt.
In her vision, micro organisms feed off loss of coherence of life-light (Cell communication vibrations).
Virus, in her view, can grow when cell communication loses light in the Ultra Violet (UV) Spectrum.
Microbes likewise feed off the lower, infra-red (IR), loss of coherence/light from cell communication.

This means that the presence of Fungus, Virus and Microbes is a CONSEQUENCE of Disease.
''First'', the stability and coherence of cell communication is weakened, and partially lost.
''Then'', the down-shift (IR), up-shift (UV) and instability of the bio-light field occurs.
''Finally'', Microbes, Virus, and Fungi can shift from symbionts to parasites; causing further interference with cell communication
''Royal Raymond Rife - Virus at the core of cancers''

Royal Raymond Rife, doctors-endocrinologist, learned how to make (Leitz) microscopes.
With the microscope he built he used insights in wave interference to amplify a million times.
This made it possible for him to optically see and measure virus in the core of cancer clusters.
Using radio wave matched frequency resonance he could 'explode' the virus; ungrow the cancer.

//See also//: [[Rosalyn Bruyere]], clairvoyant, confirming the possible presence of virus in disease.
''Ryker Geerd Hamer - Life Shock causes cancer''

Ryker Geerd Hamer, MD, had a cancer himself, after a life crisis.
He asked cancer patients, and discovered a consistent link.
The type of cancer corresponded systematically with the type of emotional shock.
He found that the cancer disappeared when the life conflict was resolved.
Cancer uses an ever shifting set of 'explanations' ...

I met a cancer expert, who had worked for the Top English cancer research institute.
He was fired because he could see that cancer was NOT as was consistently claimed.
In fact, the explanation of what cancer was had been consistently shifted, again and again.
Every NEW technology was consistently heralded as The One that would give explanation.

First it had been cell research technique, and cancer was called a cell disease.
Then X-ray and electron microscopy were invented, used and cancer became molecular.
DNA technologies were refined, and cancer immediately was claimed to be genetic.
But how to explain that, considering that four cell proteins together 'write' the DNA?

This cancer researcher had seen the instruments and explanations come and go.
As researcher, he saw, and later recognised, the pattern of 'shifting-sand' 'explanations'.
He realised that with each new level of detail of study of cancer one aspect remained.
Cancer is NOT a genetic/molecular/cellular/chemical disease, but a System affliction.

He was told that his research contribution was no longer needed.
His findings and claims did not help find next-level funding.
Though, when the funding was acquired, the 'expected' findings were not found...
From retirement, he witnessed that the sands had shifted, and cancer again not been 'explained'.
Type the text for 'New Tiddler'
Restoring/Integrating Integrity of Individual Identity
Cancer Cures
''Cervical Cancer due to lack of male penis hygiene''

Nuns are reported not to get cervical cancer.
This means that cervical cancer is related to sexual intercourse.
Cause of the cancer is most likely a genital wart virus.
Most likely smegma is the breeding ground for the virus.
''Spontaneous healing - the disobedient patient''

"I do not understand," said the man on the phone. "It should work".
I quietly patiently tried to explain, again.
"If it turns out that people spontaneously healed of cancer because they have their own lives to live, it also means that they themselves should choose to change; to heal."
The man still could/would not understood.

After all: he did a PhP thesis on the topic op spontaneous remission (self-healing) in cancer; so he was to know; he was to be the expert; right? Not so.

The ("anecdotal"?) story on which he relied was that of a Canadian architect.
A doctor had told him that he had three months to live.
The architect decided he did NOT want to use those 3 months in the hospital dying.
He then bought a boat to do what he always wanted to do: sailing.
More than 10 years later he sailed still, cancer-free; self healed.

So says the story, and so his story came into the world.
The young PhD scholar had apparently just heard the story and had decided that what worked for one should/could work for the other.
He now researching this hypothesis, and told patients that they determined their own life (or death) were.
He thus expected them to heal. Not so.

On average they simply died; and he had no beautiful statistically reliable examples of spontaneous healing.
What killed his thesis ...? What killed them...? What killed his PhD hopes...?

Years before I met a friend who collected paradoxes.
"Can you make a camera that can make a picture of ... making a picture, by that camera?".
Or, more firmly: "Be spontaneous!".
Of course that does not work. It is a paradox. A confusion of subjective and objective being.

Spontaneity is true that you have an unusual decision, that you can not just let another take.
Only after I had done my training as a doctor, I understood why the young researcher had understood datniet: doctors assume that a patient no knowledge, no opinion, no judgment and no (free) choice. Instead they straighten and inform patients, doctors take decisions, on another. It is, in principle, a slave system. And that is precisely where cancer is a symptom: when your life is lived by yourself.
''Cancer due to 'Sun Screens'''

So-called 'sun screen' lotions use artificial substances for unnatural effects.
Frequencies of the sun are transformed into other frequencies; alien to our body.
The body cells cannot cope with those unnatural frequencies, and become cancerous.
Skin cancer is the result
The Cure always has 4 components

|1) |Restoring individual identity integrity | [Spirit] |
|2) |Resolving integrity integration bias due to undigested past experiences | [Soul] |
|3) |Recalibrating acid base balance (free electron flow) | [Mind] |
|4) |Renourishing the cells to restore proper cell synchronisation/communication | [Body] |
''Cell Organisation''

1) Cells are alive
2) Cells Synergise
3) Cells Synchronise
4) Cell Synchronisation failure = 'cancer'

''Causes for cell synchronisation failure''

1) Cell starvation
2) Acidification (noise drowning signal)
3) Old Trauma (regional eddy currents)
4) Systemic Bias (Perceptual Mismatch)

''Cancer = Regression''

1) When cells fail they fall-back on prior development phases
2) This cause a regression to more basic metabolic state.
3) That changes the symbionts into parasites
4) The cell operates in 'survival mode' regardless of the context

''The Cure''

1) Remove false self image
2) Eliminate old Trauma Bias
3) Restore proper Oxygenation
4) Restore proper cell nutrition
Cancer is a lesson in balance.
Cancer cells became 'isolated'.
To survive; they regress, to a more primitive state.
When they information integrity is restored, they heal.

As described: i compile what i have found.
It is all based on the findings of others.
You will find a listing of that information.
Study it for yourself; make up your own mind.

For what i see the solution is simple.
Eliminate the triggers for cancer.
Restore cellular communication.
It then only takes time to heal.

This essay/book brings together the ideas which led me to this conclusion.
I looked at the information which states that cancer cannot be cured.
And i looked more closely at the many proven effective cures for cancer.
Because for me the cures for cancer are more interesting than the business of cancer.
Osho once asked, "what happened?".
"__First__ the cell replicates and __all is all right__".
"__Then__ the cell replicates and __all is all wrong__".
"''What changed the cell (Functioning")?''".

//The physicality, structure and functioning was changed//.
This is typical example of ''the 'chicken and egg question'''.
It is always the egg that comes first; in all animal life forms.
As Lawrence Edwards showed: ''the Egg is a shape of a Vortex''.

A Vortex is a Singularity; a place where something rurns inside out.
The process of cell division operates by 'the principle of a Vortex'.
If the cell was '//all right//' before the change, and '//all wrong//' after; what changed?
The conclusion must be: ''something has changed in/during/by, the Vortex Dynamic''.

A avortex is a principle, in which (part of) the uniVerse inverst in/on itself.
Therein the 3D volume, from the 3D Surface via the 1D Streamline, dis-appears via the 0D Point.
In cell Division, the process inverts on itself and 'bounces back' in that 0D Point.
That means that, somehow, that mirroring in that PD Point, of inversion, was incomplete.

The 0D Point however is always a Gabor Point (a 4 Dimensional Point)
It does not exist on its own; but it is always part of the uniVerse as a whole.
It also means that this 0D Gabor Point is not physical at all; it is phasical.
This 0D Gabor point exists only in phase space; it is meta-physical.

That is precisely what we see in cell division: the link between physics and phasics.
The material/space/structure of the cell initially 'dissolves'.
Then the molecular/process/timing of the cell 'evaporates'.
Then the atomic/electromagnetic/energy/evaporation 'falls apart'.

| Physical |  Material |Structural | Space | Shape |
| Chemical | Molecular | Process | Time | Flow |
| Electromagnetic |  Atomic | Transformation | Energy | Pulse |
| Information | Phase | Integration | Phase | Inversion |

This, is the link/transition between Physical and Phasical.
Therein the Physical is always a result of/from the phasical.
Changes in Form are due to a change in Function.
Changes in Functioning are always due to a change in the Conditions.

That means that 'cancerous chages' within the cell do NOT emerge from the cell.
Instead, (cancerous) changes of the cell are consequential to changes of cell functioning.
But the cell functioning  is always conditional on the cell environment/context.
That means that the change in cell functioning always originates from changes in processing phase.

That, is what the alchemists already realised and described.
All changes in Matter are Molecular thus Atomic changes thus changes of Phase.
Therein the one common element is the change pf phase at all levels; the Quantum.
The Alchemical Quintessence = Quantum = Phase-change = Phase-inversion.

That, what spiritualists call 'spirit', refers to the Quantum information/change fields.
As Tetryonics describes, the photon fields are but an aspect of the Quantum fields.
The Quantum fields are the foundation of the forming, and motion, of Matter.
Modern physics still describes it as Quantum-leap <-> Electron-leap <=> Electron-oscillation <=> Electron-bonding.

That is the vasis for the understanding of the Osho Question.
If the structure of matter changes, it must be that the Phase information changed.
The changes at the level of information in formation must be considered.
Because physical change results from phasical change, always.

1) cancer is a disease loss of cell synchronisation
2) there are 4 factors leading to loss of cell synchronisation
3) 3 of these factors are electrical, 1 is information/nutritional
4) resolving these factors also 'ungrows' the disease cancer'..

__The 4 factors are__:

1) Acidification (free electron 'whote noice' 'heat')
2) Traumatic Memory (Local Interference by Eddy Current)
3) Loss of Self (Failure of Identity Integrity/Immunity)
4) Cell Refression (with fall-back on low-level nutrition)

__The Remedy__:

1) De-acidify the Body
2) Resolve Old Trauma
3) Restore Identity Integrity
4) Nourish the Body Cells

__This Essay__

[[1) What IS Cancer?]]
[[2) What CREATES Cancer?]]
[[3) What CURES Cancer?]]
[[4) WHO Cures Cancer?]]''


1) Surgery __Causes__ Cancer
2) 'Chemo Therapy' __Causes__ Cancer
3) 'Radio Therapy' __Causes__ Cancer
4) Cancer = [[BIG Busine$$]], for Profit
In this book i compile my findings; please join in.
I start with my hypothesis: cancer = information stagnation.
Then i recapitulate my findings in Integral Health Care.
Followed by a collage of what i learned from/about cancer.

The main conclusion: cancer = information stagnation.
Restore information integrity => cancers heal themselves.
There are many causes for cancer; 'cancer cures' included.
The cure lies in eradicating the cause, not the symptom.

There are many different causes for cancer; yet all are the same: inescapable cell stress.
Mechanical. chemical, electromagnetic and psychological.
You can learn to heal your mind to resolve cancer.
But you must also clean up your environment to eliminate other cancer causes.

You need to learn to make up your own mind.
Many cancer patients are 'pleaser types'.
They gladly comply with wishes of other.
Ending up having no life for themselves.
''Cancer due to Tobacco Smoking''

The tobacco industry adds hundreds of toxins to tobacco in the production process.
These artificial additives are more likely to be the cause of cancer than the natural substances.
The cancer stems from the repeated contact with these products/materials:

1) pipe smokers most often have lip cancer (exposure to saps from the pipe stem).
2) cigar smokers most often have tongue cancer (by 'smoking' without inhalation)
3) tobacco chewers most often have mouth cancer (in the mucous membranes)
4) cigarette smokers most often have lung cancer (due to toxin inhalation)

[[Inescapable Irritation]]
''Cancer Cures - What is YOUR experience?''

In this chapter I want to ignore all that is said and written about cancer.
I would ask those, who had cancer, and it does not have, what they have done to cure cancer.

This question has two aspects:
1) what were the change in/for your body, and
2) what was the change in / on your experience?

Every disease, and every death of an (un)known human, lets us see how thin the separation is between life and death.
As long as you do not yourself explore and learn about that frontier, someone else holds your life thread of in their hands: you are dependent, and a puppet.

1. Bio Informatic : Mental: Free Thought - Realisation
2. Bio Electric : Meaningful signals
3. Bio Chemical : Breath/Nutrition
4. Bio Physical : Environment/lifestyle
''Tullio Simoncini - Acidity and fungus cause cancer''

Tullio Simoncini realised that cancers invariably contain white fibrous substance: fungus.
Also he found that the local areas were hyper-acidic; with respect to body context.
He explored if baking soda could reduce the local acidity; and the cancer and fungus.
He found that indeed local injection of bicarbonate of soda resolved the cancer and the fungus.

Compare this to the findings of [[Otto Warburg]] in the previous article; cancer is caused by acidity.
The lack of oxygen causes the body cells, plus their symbionts, to regress to a basic survival mode.
The local symbionts therein also regress; causing the growth of fungus and virus.
See the next article on the work of [[Gaston Naessens]] on cell/Symbion manifestation regression.
Dr .... asked her patients for a family-traditional cure-all.
She was told about two spoons/cubes of sugar with turpentine.
It turns out to be a quick and effective fungus elininator.
The fungus eats the sugar, and dies off the turpensine it is laced with.
Understand this first: ''Qi =/= Energy''
__Energy__ is the consequence of decay of material coherence.
__Qi__ is the basis for the enhancement of cell function coherence.
Qi differs as much energy as a music symphony differs from a steam engine.

Qi is the coherence of information in formation.
Energy is the change/loss of cohesion of matter.
Qi is related to energy, in our body, because body cells respond to Qi (consciousness) by changing the coordination of their actions (Energy)
Many people talk about "energy/energetic medicine".

That is nonsense: healing is NOT about loss of cohesion of matter ("energy").
Instead, healing is about restoring the symbiosis/coherence of living cells ("consciousness").
The cells/vitality is central to biology; loss of form of matter (energy) is NOT bio-logical..
Biology and life involves coordinated negentropy.

Entropy is the loss of coherence.
Negentropy is the opposite.
But more important than that: it is all about compaction/optimising of cohesion.
This is based on the universal/cosmic process of creation.

Cosmology describes the forming of forms in the universe.
It concerns the relationship between information (in formation) and materialisation.
In other words, the difference between a composing a musical symphony and a CD.
The music composition by a composer helps musicians synergise; "play together".

This allows them to use their instruments together in forming coherent waveforms.
This coherent wave field is then converted into a code by a recording device .
This code is then transferred in/to matter, as a CD, DVD or otherwise.
The misunderstanding of Qi as 'energy' is based on its historical discovery.

When Taoist texts were translated from Chines, Qi was realised to be fundamental.
At that time, science here, regarded energy as most fundaments.
As a result the two were thought to be related, the same, identical, thus con'fused.
Qi is NOT energy (''Qi is the information for cell energy regulation!'')

Medical 'treatment' involving 'energy' operates in the principle of decay of matter.
Chinese therapy making use of Qi involves optimising cellular symbiosis/cohesion.
Healing always requires the restoring of cell integrity; NOT the destruction of matter.
Cells are alive and conscious; they need Information (Qi) to optimise Energy use.
Cancers live off fermentation of sugars.
Any food that produces sugars will feed the cancers.
Foods without starches/fats/sugars/alcolhol thus starve cancers.
Vegetablian ("Gerson") diets therefor feed the organs and starve cancers.
| Thomas Corriher | [2] |


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Integral Health Care is a project - participation by sovereigns only. 
This thesis explores the following notions:

|1) Cancer is a normal natural cellular fall-back to underlying primordial functions. |
|2) This occurs when cells cannot synchronise; due to signal interference |
|3) For this there are 4 main reasons/causes. |
|4) Treating the causes, causes the cancers to 'un-grow'. |

The 4 causes of cancer are all related to loss of cell communication:

|1) Body Acidification (too many free electrons = 'too much Noise') | Otto Warburg|
|2) Unresolved traumatic experience | Ryker Geerd Hamer|
|3) World-image vs self-image mismatch |  |
|4) lack/loss of Cell information/communication | Jim Humble|

This Essay presents the following Hypothesis:
01) Cancer is NOT a Bodily/Organic/Cellular/Genetic disease.
02) Cancer is a disturbance in cell communication, leading to loss of cell Synchronisation
03) There are 4 main causes: 1) Acidity, 2) Old Trauma, 3) Identity Deficiency and 4) Weakened Cells.
04) Cancer is a Normal and Natural 'Fall-back Scenario', intended for cell reset-and-survival

05) When cells 'get stuck' in this 'survival mode' they live in virtual isolation.
06) While in Isolation, they cannot restore cell communication/synchronisation.
07) Killing 'Cancerous Cells' does NOT remove the //Cause//; //it only removes the Symptom//.
08) Healing of Cancer requires restoration of Cell Communication/Synchronisation

09) __Body Acidity__ must be physiologically corrected
10) __Old Trauma__ must be identified and resolved in the Mind
11) __Identity Integrity__ must be restored (from within)
12) __Cell nutrition__ must be restored from outside

13) Meditation techniques serve to restore Identity Interity
14) Homeopathic techniques serve to resolve Old Trauma
15) Meridian therapies serve to restore inside-outside balance
16) Nutrition serves to eliminate pathogens and nourish cells
Cancer is in essence an electric information disorganisation; it is NOT a physical disease.
The loss of organisation in cell communication leads to loss of cell co-ordination.
The loss of Cell Co-ordination leads to loss of Cell Synchronisation.
The loss of Cell Synchronisation caused an escape on a 'fall-back survival mode'; awaiting Reset.

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 |
| [[1) What IS Cancer?]] | [[2) What CREATES Cancer?]] | [[3) What CURES Cancer?]] | [[4) WHO Cures Cancer?]] |
| [[Introduction (1)]] | [[Introduction (2)]] | [[Introduction (3)]] | [[Introduction (4)]] |
| Why the Cancer cantanker? | Cancer is (not) a disease | Cancer is curable | Prevent Cancer |
'It is said that' .. that "cancer is a disease in which cells appear to grow uninhibited".
Most attention is given to the uninhibited growth; which is not the disease but its symptom.
The question, evidently, is: "why do (previously normal, healty) cells suddenly 'escape'.
Although, as this thesis shows, it is most probably not an 'escape' from control, but escape, to hide.

It is time to start looking at cancer, not from the perspective of the doctor ("control model") but of the cell.
There seems to exist a relationship with chronic irritation, with which cells are not able to cope ("Fight").
As the cells are 'locked in', in the 'fabric' of the cells that surround them, they can not escape ("Flight").
As a result the cells have to live (Adopt & Adapt; "Fear & Faint) with the unavoidable, and live on as good they can.

"''Faint''', is the equivalent of cell survival mode; akin to a plant in winter, or (for animals) "Hibernation".
"''Fear''", is the mode of internal adaptation, with internal reorganisation (vegetative adaptation or preparation for territorial relocation).
"''Fight''", is the vegetative and animal mode of expression against oppression; clearing a space for growth.
"''Flight''", is the animal mode of relocation for 'a change of scenery' in a quest to find better survival option.

Just as our body 'shuts down' in emergencies, to regress to 'survival mode', cells do the same.
In fact, the body can do it, because the (conscious, living) cells can do it: 'functional regression'.
It is a practical application of systematic inversion of the process of development of evolution.
Evolution is: Cell => Plant => Animal => 'Human'; Regression is: 'Human' => Animal => Vegetative => Cellular".

That means, that __what happens in 'cancer' is the standard normal survival principle__.
The system as a whole, and locally (at cell level) 'falls back' in prior developmental stages.
Those earlier phases were in a sense 'prototypes'; more limited, less demanding, more resistant.
''The "Fall-back Scenario" thus also falls back on 'more primitive' metabolism, and 'more primitive' communication''.

It is 'pre-planned', and 'pre-configured'.
It is the basis of the developed organism.
It is fully compatible - unless humans interfere with the process.

This is the core hypothesis of this Essay:
Cancer is a "Fight/Flight" mechanism; in fact, its (Vegetative) complement: "Fear/Faint".
Thereby cells 'shut down their sensitivity to/for the environment; to 'block out' interference/irritation.
That explains why cancers are merely killed but NOT cured by surgery, toxins or radiation/

By the difference in fundamental Hypothesis, this Essay presents a different than given by 'standard medical text books'.
Remember, that 'Modern Medicine' is based on the tenets of Classical deterministic material/mechanical science.
Remember also that Classical Science is to be regarded as Obsolete, since Relativity and Quantum Theory emerges.
The Schema below shows how different the old theory is from the new theories and why it is inappropriate for Health Care.

| Matter | Molecules | Atoms | EM Fields |
| Bound Electrons | Oscillating Electrons | Electron Leap | Photon Leap |
| Classical Theory | Relativity Theory | Quantum Theory | Field Theory |
| State | Process | Transformation | Integration |

The models of Classical Science are postulated to be valid for 'Dead Matter'.
Core concept, is "repeatable, Verifiable, Predictable" (i.e. invariant).
Core equation is "Action + Reaction = 0" (Thus "Action = - Reaction").
This describes an invariant/inert, thus DEAD system.

Medicine and Biology do NOT deal with Dead Systems.
That means the models of Classical Science canNOT be used.
Instead, it is evident that Cells are able to operate Nuclear Forces (in producing molecules).
What they need, to be able to do so, is (Phase) Information to coordinate molecular transformations.

Cells are able to operate forces at the Quantum Level.
As described by Tetryonics, this is BELOW the material level.
Quanta are electromagnetic forces, forming and moving matter.
Living Cells are able to operate at that level: BEYOND MATTER.

The ability to 'flip a quantum', by a Cell, is called Freedom of Choice.
This changes the charge, and thus inverts the direction of force.
It is by this principle that Cells can invert between attraction and Repulsion.
That is the 'mechanism' by which cells can open and close, make and unmake, boundaries in our body.

Every Cell Division (Decision) creates a new boundary = interface = Filter within our body.
Every new filter function changes the Electromagnetic flow in/to/through our body system.
Changes in wave phase angle result in change of material phase (substance).
Our body as a whole is an electromagnetic field; not Physical, but Phasical.
Medical Doctors are not trained in the understanding of Quantum/Relativity/Field Theory.
As a result, they cannot recognise the principles of those theory, when operating in the body.
It does mean that 'Modern Medicine' is in fact better regarded as ... Obsolete.
The Theory and Practice of Modern Medicine can no longer be called scientific.

| Body | Mind | Soul | Spirit |
| Anatomy | Physiology | Regulation | Integration |
| Surgery | Pharmaceutical | Radiology | ???? |
| Physical | Chemical | Electromagnetic | Informatic |
| Material | Molecular | Quantum | Field |
| Environment | Body | Organ | Cell |
| Out-of-conscious | Unconscious | Subconscious | Conscious |

Note, that in the table above "????" is inserted in the 4th column.
This is the level of therapy pertaining to healing of Consciousness.
Modern Medicine is thoroughly lacking of theories and techniques at that level.
It is the Traditional Medical methods that are needed to operate at this level.

This Thesis shows that the ????=Consciousness level is crucial in healing cancer.
Cells that can no longer synchronise/communicate need (Phase) information.
Our body as a whole is an integral electromagnetic field.
The cells specify the phase state of every part of that EM body field.

Cancer operates at the level of material/molecular/atomic transformations.
This is the phase transition that is activated in the process of cell division.
This involves a 4D phase relationship transformation 'change matrix'.
This is a mathematical operation, which most medical doctors do not know of.

The dynamics of Cell Division is the key to understanding Freedom of Choice.
It is at this level that we identify the principles of Life, and Healing.
But these principles are not known to Medical Doctors.
Thus it is not surprising that they do not understand, and cannot cure, cancer.

Remember that Medical Doctors offer no more than symptomatic treatment.
As they only address the symptom, but not the cause, they only offer Palliation.
Yet they claim that only they can treat cancer (while in fact they cannot).
That is where patients must (re)claim their life and health as their own.

A new approach is needed for Health Care; applied to Cancer Cures.
The model of "Dead Matter Science" MUST be abolished in Health Care.
Instead, it MUST be realised that Cells are all Conscious, and Alive.
Also, that the Integrity of Cell Communication is the basis of Health.

The integrity of our whole bosy is based on the systemic integrity of Cell Communication.
This means that Electromagnetic signals, spectra, frequencies and Phase Changes matter.
Our body is NOT an Object, but a composite of living cells, creating different molecules.
The 'physicality' of our body is based on the changes of phase in the electromagnetic field.

Much of what is presented here differs fundamentally from what is described in medical textbooks.
Modern Medicine is obsolete in basing itself on Classical Science.
Chemistry is invalid whenever it ignores that Living Cells operate Nuclear Forces.
Radio-Therapy, i.e. use of radioactive materials, interferes with electromagnetic cell communication.

It is not just the medical Model that needs to be changed; the Money Market Model must be abolished.
The need for money, leading to overt greed (of the healthy preying on the sick) cripples society.
The idea of "healing for profit" (for money, for survival) needs diseases, and fosters diseases.
Only when healing is not profitable can health care be healed (as is the case for addictive drugs).

Medical Doctors, Hospitals, Medical Industries and 'the Tax man' all 'need disease for income'.
To them, disease=income; and for them: more=better; they will oppose all forms of disease prevention.
This is explicitly seen in the way Pharmaceutical Corporations try to eliminate all cheaper/better alternatives.
This is also why Corporations make use of Monopolies?Secrecy; to sell cheap products for very high prices.

A typical example of this is found in the effective Cancer Cures achieved by [[Royal Raymond Rife]].
He treated more than 100 people with cancer; and cured them all using attuned radio frequencies.
The AMA (American Medical Association) sought to buy his method, to control it to suppress it.
As the AMA is known to have done with very many other known effective remedies for Cancer.

Royal Raymond Rife refused to sell his (by then) known to be effective treatment of cancer.
Like so many others, he was persecuted, and his materials confiscated and destroyed.
As was the case in other such persecutions, the AMA had the Government do this for them.
It showed that - as in the other known cases - the AMA suppresses effective cures for cancer.

That is to be expected as long as people 'need disease' to make a profit (= become rich).
The only way to resolve this (as was done in England) is to 'make health care gratis'.
All health care is the available at cost price - for everybody, at all time.
Inclusion of Self Care in standard education can then add Disease Prevention.

Medical (and other) studies have demonstrated that there are many effective cures for cancer and AIDS.
Profit-interest law cases demonstrate that many practitioners effectively cure/cured cancer.
The arguments that are used to 'convict, the effective therapists as-if criminals, is lack of Explanation.
Evidently this is a fully false argument: as long as Cancer is not (medically) understood; neither will be the cures.

That is why this Essay proposes: stop using false arguments; realise that as yet Cancer is not fully understood.
Therefore accept any treatment that is effective, and thus all effective treatments, as potential 'solutions'.
''The medical model is wrong''. therefore it canNOT be used to 'convict' anybody of any medical crime.
The notion that //'only doctors may practice medicine'// is also wrong: we all have a body.

Eveybody has a body, and must learn to use it and must learn not to abuse it.
This part of 'learning about life' is blatently (intentionally) absent in school education.
EVERYBODY needs to learn to respect, and care for their own body.
Medical doctors do NOT have a monopoly on disease/health care.

Medical Doctors canNOT have a monopoly on health care: they do NOT understand health.
'Their' definition, "Health is the absence is disease" is meaningless.
It postulates that disease is normal, inevitable, and can me used as 'norm for health'.
This is not the vase: disease occurs due to loss of health; ''health is the integrity of cell communication''.

''Cancer is one of many typical diseases due to loss of cell communication.
Cancer is the loss of cell synchronisation, due to excessive ambient noise'.
The cell synchronisation signal pulse, is lost in electric 'disturbance:
Excessive Free Electrons, Local Eddy Currents, and a systemic shift in charge potential''.

The treatments that are known to effectively cure cancer support this 'hypothesis'.
Many illustrate an aspect of the correction of the 4 levels of electric disturbance.
Together, they confirm the implied logic of the 4 electric functional levels.
The stark difference between the methods prove that the level of effect is NOT the same as the level of action.

Just reflect on some of the proven techniques by which cases of cancer were cured:
Crystals, magnetic monopole, chemicals, symbols, a short prayer before going to sleep and other unusual things.
A researcher collected a list of 101+ treatments that ale were shown to be able to cure cancer.
With so many possible solutions; why does 'the problem of cancer' still exist.

It shows, that cancer is not the real problem (to be solved in this Thesis).
It is the irresponsible use of a false claim on 'Medical Monopoly'.
And it is the dependency off disease for (opulent) income.
Which is exemplified amplified in so-called Health Care Corporations.

Know that many of these Corporations created Foundations to (seemingly) 'further health care'.
Know that such Foundation are ((in)directly) staffed, and funded, by/via those Corporations.
Know that such Foundations only serve to further the aims of the Corporation.
Know that such corporations block health care alternative, to promote Corporate profit.

The Corporate Profit Interest blocks the effective cures for cancer.
This is no direct fault of the Medical Industry or Medical Professionals.
It is an indirect fault of the social/cultural dependency on (bank) money.
It is due to the deception that health care is 'promised', but profit is 'demanded'.

Greed motivates corporations to influence politicians ("Lobbying") to 'legislate health care'..
All ensuing laws have only one main aim: more profit, by more (Government regulated) Monopolisation.
Politicians can be swayed to do this, because they interact with voters every 4 years, and with lobbyists ... 'daily'.
The core of the problem is that people do not inform themselves and not decide for / about their own lives.

Observe that there is a pattern of denial of the true needs (health care) to promote false needs (Profit).
Realise that this 'use of secrecy/monopoly' is equivalent to 'cells not being able to hear the symchronisation pulse.
Acidity, Old Trauma, and Loss of Identity are the major causes for the origination of Cancer ('blind' cells 'blocking healthy cells').
Money, Corporatism, and Lobbying create the equivalent: a cancer in society (with the rich living off the sick).

Cells that cannot synchronise 'fall back' on earlier, 'more primitive', levels of development for survival.
People who become sick, likewise 'fall back' on earlier, more basic levels of functioning and survival needs.
Medical Doctors 'cash in' (lavishly) on this normal/natural fall-back on the dependency on care.
As soon as doctors can no longer profit off this, they will at once teach their patients self-care...

As is, at present: Do NOT 'trust your Doctor', is you discover that your body has cancer.
(In fact, "Trust me, i am a Doctor" was the logo of a special indirect AMA Advertising Campaign.)
Trust your doctor NOT to know about, nor understand, cancer.
As all the Cancer Research Rallies, year after year, show: //they do NOT know//.

Trust that your doctor 'will say anything' (as far as legally allowed) to profit off disease.
Any treatment of disease of a patient (even if they die) is income for the 'treating doctor'.
Doctors have twisted laws to led people to believe that they can monopolise health care.
Doctors (financially) benefit from people coming to them, instead of going elsewhere (that includes self-care).

Sometimes it seems as-if //doctors claim that only they can decide 'what is good for the patient'//.
Evidently that is a lie: that would make the patient a slave of the doctor (slavery is forbidden).
The opposite is the case: your life is YOUR life, and you are sole-response-able for your life.
That is why it is necessary for doctors to stop withholding information on self-care, and start to educate patients.

Your life is YOUR life.
You are free to choose and decide for yourself how you want to live and die.
You are free to choose what kind of health care you are willing to pay for.
And it pays to consult a therapist whi can cure your disease; including cancer.

Do not go to a doctor who says and believes that Cancer is Incurable.
Do not pay for Cancer Research which year-after-year does not 'find solutions'.
Instead, realise that Cancer is a symptom of a dis-ease within your body.
Understand and resolve the problem in cell communication/Syncronisation.

There are so many cures that all work... What is the conclusion?

I have trouble believing all stories about cancer cures.
Too many are cantankerous about what others believe.
I do not trust 'the formal story' because they are too often paid for ... by those who want to be paid for cancer 'treatment'.
I do not trust the 'anecdotes' because they lack explicit details; and also: there are too many different cures shown to be effective.


What we need to understand, and use, is that underlying dynamic/process of self-healing.
Hence, I proposed a different approach.
Which is not based on publications by 'doctors' and 'government' policy.
But founded on actual factual experience of people: on what YOU experienced.

It's not about dependence on doctors for treatment, but about restoring self-healing capacity.
That has nothing to do with practicing medicine nor with medical qualifications.
It is quite the opposite: to restore your self-healing power. By you, yourself.
It also requires that you yourself study what you need to know; about everything.

And that you are/become responsible for your own life, and for your own health.
In the outline below you find many different causes for cancer.
They can all be reduced to one simple cause only: cell irritation.
The cells involved cannot escape; therefore they regress to more primitive cell functioning.

As soon as contact with their context is restored, cells 'ungrow' the 'cancer'.
Always, 4 factors play a role, the first of which is consciousness (life event/experience/coping/crisis).
The second factor is always at the level of bio-electromagnetic information processing.
The third level is always that of loss of coherence at the level of physiology.

Then, only then, is the anatomical (cell/organ/body) coherence affected: manifest "cancer".